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  • 8 trends in web design that are about to be eliminated

    The age of

    has been changing, and we are amazed by the innovations after another. The trend of web design is like a shooting star. It shines brightly, but it comes quickly and goes quickly. Although the trend is not good, there seems to be no design idea, but many design trends really deserve to follow. Like the current responsive design, flat design, and scrolling parallax.

    but, as well as the design trend of many extremely "dross", this paper enumerate one by one, please.

    1., in addition to the old diehard in the era of telephone lines, no one likes the page Jump now,


    "next page", "a", it can show the contents of a page, to jump 20 times to look at the whole, you put the user as a fool? Tedious and time-consuming and inefficient, nobody love too frequent web page jump.

    2. ad



    does have a lot of sites that rely on advertising revenue, but the location of the ads must be reasonable, not to hinder users from browsing information, and the user experience is always on top of the ad. No user visits, no one to advertise for you.

    3. popup window, get out of the web design community


    pop-up window, this rogue thing should have been out of the web design community.

    do you think users will be happy when they waste time on meaningless things,


    4. anti human horizontal scroll


    now web pages are basically vertical scrolling, horizontal scrolling, too disrespectful to user habits, and vertical scrolling, press the wheel, you can, up and down the thumb, you can. Horizontal scrolling drag and drop, users operate very annoying.

    (editor’s note) it is not recommended to use this horizontal scroll unless interactive pages can be made to be concise and efficient.


    5. automatically broadcasts


    , don’t show your music tastes to the user. You don’t want to listen to people who love to listen to you. You may drink coffee at home, design your web pages leisurely and play with music. The user is willing to operate in the office, conference room, web pages, try not to insert automatic music playback in the page. Video also is, want to have degree, the user does not want to see, do not play automatically.

    6. share button


    share button lists several representative, user base is good, do not have too much

    Baidu index (Baidu included) conjecture

    read the article on xxgohst’s Baidu rotation index (see last), I basically agree with his conjecture, and make a supplementary guess.

    according to my observation of the more than 40 stations, some of my stations are often included in fluctuations, occasionally missing a few pages, and answering in a day.

    the following article according to the experience of pure conjecture, not accurate, please Paizhuan, please add


    I feel that Baidu is not just two servers, including the same station, but N servers,

    assumes that the a server includes your 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 pages


    B server includes your 2, 4, 6, and 8 pages

    n server included 12, 13, 1, 2, 4, 6 and other pages

    , your station is likely to show the inclusion of the result is: included 15 pages.

    but when you click "check more", you will display only 11 pages (which I believe everyone has seen),

    further conjecture, not updated before may only display the a server number included, while B and N belong to the internal audit server server, so no display, and after the audit, when will Baidu big update, a, B, n three servers all included page summary to a server.

    at this time, there has been a huge increase in your website.

    why Baidu is always a small weekly update? This cycle when we work, every Thursday / Friday a meeting once a month at the same half a month, Baidu update rules, I guess the period is the audit, which is Baidu SE staff meeting "reporting results of time [May meeting format is this: XX staff report: n server this week new site 1000, the new increase included 1 million 300 thousand, found 100 thousand illegal", found 200 thousand over optimized page, according to the regulations of the company, has removed 300 thousand pages into the black box, through the review 1 million ". Then the supervisor signed the word "well, submit the 1 million pages to the main server", and then, at midnight, gradually release the qualified web pages, and our website is added.

    Baidu is a company, certainly has the company’s workflow, and certainly someone is responsible for the search results. After the data submitted, the server will be submitted according to the total weight of a web page to page ranking, because the number is too large, so the server needs some time to calculate, this is why the general to update after our ranking will be.

    xxghost said the two server algorithm is not exactly the same, I think that is the difference between the main server and auxiliary servers, two servers to save the contents of the number is not the same, the natural ranking is not the same, but the rank will not be too different "

    Integrity of the network needs to improve the integrity of the transaction, honesty is king

    on the afternoon of July 2nd, many webmasters in the forum and QQ group reflect their web site can not open. At first, the webmaster thought it was a normal network fault, or that the site was suspended. Later, a webmaster broke the news that Taizhou primitive people network collapse, and volume missing. Suddenly, the news in the webmaster circle and IDC ring fried pan.

    later confirmed by the parties, the original network is empty, Juankuan missing. Taizhou primitive man company has been empty, the relevant staff and customer service phone is no answer. According to informed sources, the original human network as early as June 20th has been transferred all the servers, Jiangsu Telecom also filed a lawsuit against it in June. Primitive people know that in the case of bankruptcy, still said that the upcoming arrival of the debt 30 million financing and listing, on the one hand to raise prices, on the other hand, inform customers to expand business volume, in order to defraud more funds to escape. This kind of behavior has caused extremely serious loss to the webmaster to the IDC agent. According to incomplete statistics, the incident spread to tens of thousands of websites, involving hundreds of IDC agents, involving tens of thousands of webmasters. Not only to the webmaster and IDC industry caused tens of millions of losses, but also once again put the IDC industry on the "good faith crisis" cusp.

    The original

    people run away incident unfinished, and today there is a webmaster broke the news, Beijing extension wind Weiye Technology Co. Ltd. has been closed. What a wave and a wave. In fact, in recent years, there have been repeated failures IDC operators, the relevant person in charge of the disappearance of the incident occurred on foot. IDC industry has also been tested in the integrity crisis. Again and again the "two landlords" volume missing event, so that we have to think about the future of the IDC industry, but also have to think about how to strengthen the IDC industry integrity system construction. Moreover, the issue of integrity is not only the focus of the IDC industry, now the whole Internet is facing a crisis of integrity. Lack of credit in the Internet service industry has seriously threatened the healthy operation of the entire Internet industry.

    search engines, e-mail, online games, e-commerce, portals, new things that breed in the Internet continue to change people’s views, behaviors, and even habits. We depend on the Internet, and the Internet has even become an integral part of our lives. In 2011, China’s Internet market will reach 137 billion 504 million yuan, while the total number of Internet users in 2011 will reach 600 million of the public, the Internet industry has become a force in China’s economic development can not be ignored. When the Internet companies continue to develop profits, the corresponding social responsibility will be placed in front of. While competing with traditional industries, Internet companies should shoulder a social responsibility and realize that the benefits generated by Internet companies and the formation of network culture will have a profound impact on people. Only by shouldering a responsibility, observing professional ethics, carrying out the basic principle of good faith, and providing the satisfied products and services for the users, can we guide the Internet industry to develop in a more healthy and orderly way. The establishment and perfection of the good faith system is the responsibility and responsibility of all Internet users

    Li Xinrong facing the phoenix nest correctly, facing the problem correctly

    has been busy with work recently and has rarely published articles, but found that many friends still pay close attention to my blog. I feel very happy. Here, Li Xinrong thanked all my friends for their concern and support.

    tips: This article by Li Xinrong original, reproduced please keep.

    Baidu phoenix nest in December 1st finally on-line, many friends are very looking forward to the arrival of this day, but unfortunately should be that sentence "not yet arrived, looking forward to, but not the original thought of Ruyi."". In the evening of November 30th to the morning of December 1st, many of my friends found out that they were out of control, and they were both complaining and insulting to Baidu and qq. Indeed, at that time I also complained, and the heart and mind struggle, after all, still rely on keywords to flow, reducing the flow of N times, regardless of the site itself or income impact is very huge. Meditation, however, was not necessarily a bad thing; at least this incident gave us the opportunity to reflect:

    1, keyword lost, the impact on the site, and that proves the instability of our site. If only rely on Baidu keyword flow to survive, it proves that our website viscosity is not high on the user. What does that mean? The quality of our website is not high. If the traffic is unstable, that is, the quality of our website IP is not high, such a site is indeed worthy of our review. Because if most of the site traffic by Baidu keyword, then our website traffic and income will be very unstable, after all, Baidu stability we all see. So what we should consider is how to solve the problem of the website, not complain.


    website 2, many friends of the ranking drop, what it means? Explain our competitors less, if we can try to update the original content, looking for high quality connection, believe keywords will soon line up, and may be better than the original


    Baidu phoenix nest program has just launched, the impact on us may be very large, in addition to keyword ranking down, today also found that many sites have been K. Baidu phoenix nest system just on the line, will certainly have some impact on the search results, as long as the intention to do their own things, adhere to update, insist on the chain, usually insist on doing things, such as Baidu back, you may get the ranking will be higher, the flow will be more general than those problems, better friends are everywhere complain.

    the same thing, different ways of thinking, will have different effects. From the point of view above, we will try our best to do the website well and have more confidence to do it. But complain like some of the friends in the group or in the forum, believe that your website will eventually give up, because you have lost to yourself. So, not only as a webmaster, as a SEOER, or as a SEMER, we must correct their mentality, when problems occur, change the angle to think about, we will find <

    Garbage 3 years earning five thousand avoid competition is the best competition

    today drink back! Don’t write soft Wen for a long time! Want to see this issue published under the competition today! How to dump a monthly income of five thousand to about ten thousand! The answer is very simple, you go to see the project that no one do you win at the starting point! For example my station! In fact, I have to do is AD! QQ from the garbage station owners, the development of two years did not realize what achievements until this point. Do what others have done the project! Actually others do not have a lot of content, no need to put all the focus on QQ expression, QQ head, QQ signature, QQ net, QQ space around it! I said a few words around almost no way to do what to do, to find the other! The project, the project to avoid the edge! Many webmaster in the project! Say I now http://dnfming.tianyamm.com.cn in the operation of the DNF game name! This project is very few people will go to to establish a domain name to do! In fact there are many, such as the birth of a new game! Or from the Perspective of the industry such as slimming products, accurate to a class of products; women’s clothes, accurate to a certain brand of clothes or bags in precise to a season! So it is good to avoid the competition! Do you know what I mean to say

    !What we need to do

    selected items? The answer is very simple, is to enrich the content and promotion of content link! I want to say is, no need to update every day, why? Because you choose the industry long tail is very thin! Not so much content can go full! So fill relevant content you the selected item is good! It may involve the contents are added, and then filled with some of the surrounding content and not related to the content, pictures, video and other you want to put your title! At least the keywords of the content to fill, this is not difficult! But please pay attention to the original degree the content of the chain! Well! The content like a spider web interspersed, user-friendly, affinity spider! Like my DNF game name, I write the main content is the DNF pet name, trade name DNF, and similar words Dungeons, warriors, names, etc., plus the relevant content, and then add some DNF related video and Raiders! Enough! After next week or even every month plus one or two pieces of high-quality, original content can be high!


    then is the chain! I think this too cautious! Two days to see SEOWHY Master said in the article, the new station will have new! You are a new spell out what appear so much outside the chain? So the chain must increase slowly, station can do! But the right key slowly let’s raise! Don’t worry! The world is not a short duration of time can play down! The day or week with a certain amount of link is safe and stable with the link! I do not want to say, but my favorite is to find the link where rival to YAHOO, the chain query survey there is like me! Write text, to webmaster website, then signature links, raise some Adsense nets, the laggards, china>

    Website value, the user can not count on Baidu

    on the evening of October 27th, many friends appeared on the website of the official website logo, standing in a row of QQ group, everyone is talking about. Many webmaster friends talk about Baidu, grassroots webmaster attention closer. However, on the morning of October 30th, we found that the official website logo was canceled, and immediately there are a lot of friends around asking why. Guardian for the webmaster friends surprised, first thing, see more, naturally also very peaceful attitude to look at the problem. Does our website have any value? Is it really Baidu?


    since this network, find the webmaster friends have been concerned about Baidu’s changes, because everyone’s website is mainly rely on SEO to flow, rely on network optimization to achieve the rank of the website, to achieve their own purposes. However, in this circle the longer walk, found the old webmaster more and more to see Baidu light, what is the reason? The guardian also consulted a lot of old webmaster friends, according to the views of guardian also give novice webmasters some advice.

    1: Baidu is just a basic traffic portal.

    since we do webmaster, we will see the SEO is very heavy, because through the website optimization, can let our website quickly get rankings, naturally also quickly get traffic. However, the flow is unstable, because the search engine algorithm always in advance, we may one day have violated the algorithm and not the ranking, this time where everyone from site traffic? So the guardian suggest webmaster friends, put your site to create a brand, allow the user to remember your site, remember you collect your website URL, and URL, so they do not rely on Baidu to enter the site. Many of the old owners because the site has a certain user groups, so basically do not have the hair of the chain, basically do not focus on the ranking, because this website has a specific user groups, through the word of mouth has been spread down.

    two: looking for a wide range of marketing models.

    search marketing mode in many aspects, although many of my friends have said this, but really doing is still a few, or one or several did not focus on blogs, forums, micro-blog, pictures, video, e-mail, QQ and other marketing promotion, because the novice webmaster or the Baidu SEO as optimization all the basic core websites. So another way of marketing you not to try, or do not see its value, we can increase the site traffic? We cannot and users to communicate, understand the user needs, our website can condense the old users? Believe it is impossible. Just like a row of stations, 28 push are engaged in essay activities, which is a very good interactive marketing. There are only a few who really stick to it, because most webmasters see SEO as a god of omnipotence, and what can be done eventually, and I’m sure everyone will understand.

    three: website value, the user can not count on Baidu.

    what is the standard for a successful website? The website is useful to the user, and the website can

    New website, domain name on-line, half month on the home page secret

    webmaster friends Hello, today I share your own website in less than half a month of time under the condition of reason can on the home page, a new domain name which is registered to me, and do the keyword competitiveness is still relatively large, so why my website can in half a month’s time it included the home page first below to figure




    from the picture we can easily get the site to create only 14 days, and today has four words on the home page, here I share my three reason on the website home page, hoping to help the webmaster.

    1. Buy domain names and spaces. Choose


    I had to buy the domain name to the countless days, choose what kind of domain name? And where to register the domain name? And so on, after my careful consideration I think so, I do free card exchange center, then the domain name must contain mfk these three letters, originally want to register the mfkjl and found to be registered, so I have to settle for the domain name registration. As for the choice of space many articles are said to choose a stable speed, here I do not mind, but there is a point you must pay attention to, especially the new webmaster and do not understand the old webmaster, it is IIS, if IIS is not enough, easy to cause the collapse of the site, so the choice space must be registered to choose a IIS space.

    two. After uploading the website program, remember to enrich the content of the website

    Many webmaster do

    have a habit, that is the domain name and space after the purchase can not wait to upload the program and then submitted to the search engines, actually this is wrong, we do it not to hurry, but should wait for, will upload web application must remember to modify the template, let oneself the site is out of the ordinary, add some of their own original content, it can be considered a comprehensive web site, so webmaster friends must remember: upload the program after the rich content, or submit search engines is a waste of time, the content of the website are not included in your site, who


    three. To avoid fierce new chain

    many webmaster on-line a web site, the first thing to think of is "outside the chain", don’t know this practice is who taught, I don’t agree with, we come to see my website outside the chain situation,



    chain was 89, while the same period of the site outside the chain is estimated to be 8900, this is the site of the gap, we must remember that we are the new sites, not a few days to get search engine trust, we need to spend more time in the conception of website development.

    The 9 impact of well-designed web pages on business

    lead: a well-designed web page can help greatly boost SEO, promote transactions, and increase user stickiness.


    this article comes from the foreign technology blog venturebeat.

    although web design has always been regarded as an art work, its significance and contribution are far from it. A well-designed web page can help greatly boost SEO, promote transactions, and increase user stickiness. Thanks to the development of web design technology, small companies now have more and more opportunities to improve their web design.

    the impact of a well-designed web page on the business includes the following:

    1. average browsing time is longer,

    everyone wants users to stay longer on their web pages. This usually means that the user’s viscosity is higher and the completion of the transaction is better. A good web design allows users to stay longer on the page.

    2. brand

    as a company, if you can attract enthusiastic buyers, then your job is done. A good idea is to highlight your brand image through good web design. Software like Axure and Invision is such a tool.

    3. consistency

    in essence, consumer demand for good products is consistency. Hamburgers in Hongkong and McDonald’s in New York, for example, are basically a taste. Similarly, good web design ensures the consistency of the company’s brand image.

    4. can scale

    your web site is working right now, but what about 3 years from now? Good quality web design will ensure your ability to scale. The rapid development of the business means that the website will keep abreast of it. If the initial attention to these details is not enough, then it is bound to reinvent the wheel.

    5. increases exposure

    if your site design is good enough, it will be added to some designer collections. This will allow you to bring more traffic to your site. Software like Flatsies can make web page integration easier.

    6. cross browser compatible

    everyone has a browser of their own preference. Some people like Google Chrome, some like Safari, and some still use IE. A well-designed web page will allow your web site to be used across browsers.

    7. reduces maintenance costs

    in commercial society, the maintenance of time is the loss of time. As soon as your website hangs up, your exposure rate is bound to be affected. A high quality network >

    Site audience determine one of the five principles better small, not big

    The last time the

    said the first step is to determine the site site management is facing the audience, you want to browse the crowd, there it is here that the website is the website of entrepreneurial general, a strong financial background can be excluded, because the site earnings generally has two road, road is the first think of yourself in the future how to make money, what money, what people earn money, and then began to operate, this is called at the fire again, or could not withdraw eagle; anti road is how to make money regardless of the future, always rely on the website visitors to make money, so start with all the way to attract visitors, pull wait until the traffic flow is large enough, it is natural to want a way to make money, this is called the stones, whether black or white, catch mice is a good cat. In fact, the two way no matter good or bad, there are many examples of success and failure, but the latter, need to have enough strength to support, or you have enough money, otherwise you have enough resources, or to a location is not clear the site you can get a lot registered users, stable browsing is very difficult.

    for general entrepreneurial website, all need to first determine the audience, the last one mentioned the five laws to determine the audience, the first is better than small.

    as a web browser and ultimately rely on the money, as we all know, the better is not so that more people browse? Why choose the audience when still adhere to the peace is small not big in the website business? There are two reasons inside and outside.

    from the website builder side, the start-up period to select a small audience is a big grasp, success may be big, pay little choice.

    on the start of the site, the most difficult is to attract users in the content, function and form, determine a small audience, can accurately grasp the group preferences, can fully meet the needs of this group. The audience is bigger, more obvious individual differences, to accurately grasp the demand, it takes a long time, and more energy to do the investigation and analysis, also need more personnel to meet the needs of large groups, a business website, it is very difficult, and it is very dangerous, because once the grasp no, will lose the audience, the audience more and more people will lose. On the other hand, the audience is bigger, need to establish a team of various resources, demand more, resulting in very large pay, but these pay for an entrepreneurial website may be fatal, because once you have failed to meet the needs of the audience, you only have two paths, one is to go further, to meet the demand, which means greater pay; second is to determine the audience, which means that the former pays the most wasted.

    from the web browser, a smaller audience site is more likely to cause a sense of belonging, because the audience is small, so easy to find common topics, easy to resonate, we stay on the site >

    When new stationmaster does website operation, some of his own original opinion

    as a novice webmaster, although the experience and knowledge of the amount is less than the old webmaster so much, but because it is a novice, compared to do stand thought has solidified the old webmaster, when the operation of the site, will naturally have some of their insights.

    , whether new or old, as a personal webmaster, the only purpose of doing web site, that is to make money. Your website again beautiful, without a user access, not to earn a penny, it is no good. So our website needs to have traffic, only after having the flow, what kind of advertisement such as CPC, CPS, CPA, CPM, CPV and so on will bring us substantial income.

    now site, in the eyes of the old webmaster, the site of the entrance of the flow is almost left one, that is Baidu. The first network entrance now Internet population is the Baidu home page site navigation or the class of 123, recently 360, travel like the third party browser the welcome page also became the first position of Internet users, but Baidu is still occupying the entrance of the 90% Internet users. So it seems Baidu is the only entrance flow is logical, the old webmaster to site in Baidu has a good ranking struggled, the website in Baidu ranking and also affects the webmaster heart, Baidu is a little bit small movement can let a person webmaster exploded.

    and Baidu’s recent launch of Scindapsus aureus algorithm, algorithm is to let the pomegranate people were forced into the cliff is generally at a loss. As a new webmaster I have a different view of their own, whether Baidu will continue later launched what carrot algorithm, Dayali algorithm, even after all of the forums are not allowed to sign, cannot leave the anchor all over the place, we still have the website operation operation, because we are going to eat.

    why don’t you put Baidu in more bearish, website operators on the mind, from the user point of view, to enhance the user experience of the website, increase user stickiness. The network has been developing, and is not a constant, do not always take the previous experience and views to look at now. Now, many web technologies that enhance user experience emerge, such as waterfall streams, a large number of Ajax applications, HTML5, and CSS3. Apply these new technologies that enhance your user experience to your website, retain repeat customers, and let repeat customers make word for you, making websites less dependent on search engines.

    A novel TXT

    download site http://www.txttao.com I do now is to use their own unique ideas to operate, with a small fresh style template in the web site layout, from the user perspective, provided they want most novels for the user, a lot of trial Ajax to reduce the server pressure and enhance the user experience. My idea is to let users stick to your website, how to throw also can not throw away, and through word of mouth publicity for the site to bring more traffic. Here, let me talk about my website