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  • Links how much impact on the site

    but because of a chain implicated off muddleheaded keywords, but realized that looks like a check for Links too many people have the habit of gesanchaiwu. Today, how to give you an analysis of the website Links problems will affect how the website.

    chain is actually outside the chain of a chain, but is actually equivalent to the external evaluation, an example before we took over the helpless. Jordan (high weight website) that you played good basketball (external evaluation, higher authority is the chain of high quality, of course, here we can understand Cheng Youlian), this one evaluation (chain), the value is very high, of course, you may not pushovers, if you are McGrady (assumed, seriously you lose), you also give an evaluation of Jordan: Jordan is a basketball God ah (the chain is also a authoritative). This time, two evaluation (chain) constitute our known Links.

    so Links have what problem?

    second, Links site is down right. Keywords right down may just be right down, of course, there may be a whole station domain was right down. Keywords web site right down the performance, included the site still has a lot of, but the site index keywords ranking all to besides the. The whole station site is down right in the performance of the web site keywords ranking and included all disappeared, leaving only a home page. Links site is down right there is what impact will have on your website? This is like Jordan suddenly became a basketball rookie (probably his ten consecutive game took the duck’s egg, he may be the child can not find the north, but anyway, evaluation of basketball God has been away from him), he thinks of you is far less important (the weight chain to reduce many). If the basketball world (your website industry) had many great God to give you a high evaluation (you have had many friends of the chain high weight link), these people suddenly became basketball rookie (these sites were down right). So this time the issue may be, once lost a keyword all one or two important links, perhaps the keywords ranking only slightly down move, several one-time loss of a keyword more important link, then the keywords ranking decline may be dozens, of course, what is more love Shanghai because of your site keywords ranking dropped too badly, doubt on your website.


    first, the other party withdrew pointing to your site Links (Jordan does not say that you are good at playing basketball.). This time is actually equivalent to the original you good a chain hang, hang up how much, depends on the specific circumstances. You can go to ask why to cancel the links pointing to your site at this time, you can not hesitate to cancel each other’s link.

    third, which is the most important.

    A friend of

    Novice exchange Links reduce the number of individual links to avoid

    of course, if there are other what reason, I myself pondering over the past few days has been routinely updated on the website Web site, and not what the virus, so the most likely reason is the reasons for the decline in ranking. Many people may think that remove the single link on the site’s ranking is not affected, after all is single, I can make your website can not vote, do not vote on your website; have impact on the site should be the website of others give me the link, if the other website snapshot, ranking problems, so I the site will cause problems.

    , thank you! In fact, the effect of single link

    considering those sites I estimate Links will not be added, so I will direct this several individual links to delete all. Some time ago has not see the traffic statistics, I feel it is coming. Time to view the site traffic today, found that only 1/10 of the original, while the flow decline is removed from the single link that day. To view the keywords ranking, all words are dropped to 100, so the tragedy because delete too fast.

    (www.aibue贵族宝贝) by love net webmaster original, reproduced please specify

    this is my real experience, so it is necessary to speak out to share. A few days ago has been in Links platform for the exchange of Links, because long-term online is not much, so a lot of time in exchange for Links are first added on the other side of the site Links, give each other a message. Two or three consecutive days, I add a link on a single 4~5, only a webmaster to add me on Links; although two or three days increased four or five individual links, only one-way link does not affect the site ranking.

    Now look at the search engine

    , not only the quality of the Links very much, also on the stability of Links very much, not only is a two-way link stability, reduce the individual links also note. Fortunately the site snapshot update is still only included no update, ranking zero, the estimated short-term ranking is very hard to come back; I hope this tragic experience have remind more novice webmaster, Links this problem is indeed a problem, slowly will be faster, more anxious temper more easily annoyed love Shanghai.

    In this paper,

    do, you can give each other a single link, can not link to each other, this is your website recommendation on the other site, the ranking of your site without any impact; but if one day a bad mood a lot less single link, which may annoy search engine.

    Lu Guofu how to analyze competitor data

    four website

    snapshot of love

    we can examine the website content, see what is included in the page, and then obtained his citation rate. This is he can judge the weight of the site of what is in a position.

    three is included in the site of

    four websiteWe can view the

    domain name


    ranking on the site before the update frequency and the quality of the article, the article is original? Is not your theme? There is no article in.

    I remember Shanghai Longfeng before a new sites should be how to carry out said, to talk about how to analyze competitor ranking reasons, we can only find these data, so we can achieve the "enemy battle", an excellent Shanghai dragon ER must be a qualified data analysts, we only do these analysis data, then in accordance with the plan to implement, so as to more than our competitors! Now Wuhan Shanghai dragon according to a point of their own experience to discuss how to analyze competitor analysis, we only need us to optimize the industry top three natural site data (the former three Shanghai love does not contain their own products and the inside pages), because the site 80% data is ranked among the top three websites that we! Where to start?

    The structure of

    we have to analyze the ranking structure of the site before the site is not in line with the Shanghai dragon optimization, website has no FLASH, a large number of JS calls, site is TABLE structure and so on, these are not very friendly to the search engine, then we can from this detail over the opponent, we use simple the code, DIV+CSS is very friendly to search engines now, there is a reasonable use of H1.H2.strong tags, we should put the selected keywords on the web page layout, site of the meta label these are we need to consider.

    two Shanghai

    The The quality of the content

    I said here that the domain name, the domain name is the establishment of the time domain, there is no pr (PR can reflect the site of the existing time), domain name easy to remember? I personally think that a good domain name advantage is quite large, a good domain name is to enhance the user’s memory so, convenient for users to directly search our website domain name into the website. Of course, these data is not change, we will have a general understanding of our competitors.

    we can look at their website love Shanghai snapshot date, this can reflect the weight and frequency of the website update. The website updated every day snapshot of love Shanghai site is that site or friendly of spiders, updated every day snapshot to Shanghai friends can refer to this article: six ways to make love in Shanghai every day snapshot update.

    You don’t know about those chain addition and subtraction principle


    Many people love to do

    the role of the chain, I don’t need to give you more explanation or processing, the core is the right opposition. But the construction of the chain now is no longer Shanghai dragon Er can wantonly hair, not good years of effort or the customer’s business is not easy to be destroyed on one day, turn on! Said in a large fish before you have not yet turn into a dried fish by the sun, so the play is the Shanghai dragon "defensive back".

    who have not been to the emergency played drip (explosion hit the teacher once, hey, what is the link of emergency)? Is there something like this, when you some ranking has been stalled, or some web pages not frequently not included, is not where to go outside the chain.? and this movement is actually go to the emergency room available for the performance of drip. Because of a period of time suddenly produced a large number of links, if the search engine can in a short time to detect these links is very easy to be punished right down. Don’t let the chain as the site of the Shanghai dragon booster, straw, this is the wrong approach, will only make you more confused deeper.

    1. meaningful anchor text:

    too many people do the chain what is considered the first factor is the anchor text, actually the search engine punishment the chain is simply too small case. The whole station anchor text more concentrated density (in some of the words or phrases), more representative of these links are high, must be artificially drive some word row up. This is absolutely intolerable, the anchor text must be decentralized, when you ask when the link is not artificial to control each other on what the anchor text, can let the other from definition. Each site for your understanding is not the same, so the text is not the same, so naturally a lot. If you still can’t put the anchor text, you can also use this word to do. For example: optimization, optimization of Shanghai Longfeng access time, people pay attention to do optimization of Shanghai dragon what time Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon burst teacher video optimization courseware. The root for Shanghai Longfeng optimization, optimization of a single Shanghai dragon than anchor text more good. Special reminder: if the anchor text has its own brand + root I feel more like.


    3. station link mode:

    chain also have their own principles and algorithms, the following share 5 points and 5 points plus sub sub reduction (for bare effect please bypass).

    2. link emergency registration:

    chain (external link) is a "revolutionary" old topic, recently we see the theme and narrative in the famous blog, so I drew a PPT picture and talk about the chain of the subtraction of the principles (as long as with good attitude to reading should be help).

    station link (link station) think that spiders can more easily find links to the source or higher weights. I and my little.

    5 minus

    Original and enduring is the guarantee of the success of the website optimization

    know what search engines love, what users really need, the implementation of site optimization on many simple. Since users and search engines have important content, I insist on doing as in the past to the quality to win the trust of the original content, search and content. Often the website construction and website optimization company complained: "who does not know the original King ah, but only so much content, the day to write what?" how not? Since the choice of search engine marketing, we must practice their own beliefs. The original is not difficult, just tell the truth, just say to see the transformation of language can be written. The original is not to write about, almost every industry and every sub industry, have some news every day, every day is around which to interpret it. "

    , the original content is king, the more popular

    the site construction production and site optimization process, seems to be a focus on original unremitting process. After continuous adjustment of the algorithm, the original content has been unprecedented attention of the search engine. The original content rich and constantly updated website related rankings are improved. After relying on age and reasonable win some station optimization website ranking, keyword performance is no longer as in the past so good. Not what can not go beyond, rely on high-quality content and good user experience, ranking the site is not uncommon to catch up from behind. It can be perceived that in the search engine only content is fundamental, which coincided with the user recourse value.

    content is king, the first is the website must have content, followed by the website must have quality content, again is the site of the best original content. The content of the ideal state is of course website with original content, adequate quality, and the content is updated and rich. It is easy to understand, only to pass the value of the existence of fundamental content is website and search engine. A website without content, slowly will be abandoned by the user. Similarly, a search engine for a long time can not find the ideal information, will gradually give up by search engines. In several major search engines, users often hear with Google praise, that is not only the core value of Google’s "no evil" propaganda, but it really has a good user experience.

    actually, what is the website construction and website optimization core secrets? No, as long as the preparation of the site code conform to the basic search engine standard, with the station optimization to highlight the theme of the site (shown as the keyword of the website). Site optimization to the rest of the things, is very simple, is to constantly enrich the content, and then through the construction of the soft link. Although such a simple thing, but only a handful of lasting execution! Just to retrieve a keyword, see website link to see will understand that the real original is how scarce. The scarcity of the only precious, so the search engine is like hunger and thirst to high-quality content, regardless of the content or the construction of link building, the original will be easier.

    What search mode search results APP blue

    Alibaba on 2014 launch of the search brand. According to the CNZZ data center data traffic statistics agency show that in March 2015, what mobile search share reached 13.35%, followed by Shanghai in second followed by love. (hehe)

    According to Ceng Honglei



    addition, in content aggregation, blue mode no longer stay in Box Computing the first result or the first screen optimization, but the search results will make the overall combing. In technical breakthrough, blue mode hope that through machine learning and knowledge map for multi user search intention accurately meet the demand.

    in the data, what hope that through open strategy, the more quality content producers access in, using its own technology and what Ali big data resources, mining the potential value of big data and re processing, amplifying small data value with big data. Such as "the Imperial Palace" in the search results, what access Ctrip, ant cellular, Interactive Encyclopedia and dozens of partners at the same time using their own data, the data processing and spread, so that the user can directly obtain the cross platform quality content show immediately in god.

    What is mobile search

    , the search results and the traditional single shows a simple card type is different, what mode to the blue immersed search results content and pictures together, immediately browse the results page, provides the high yen value of visual and interactive interface for different users.

    For example,

    in the vision behind the upgrade, what is the content of the whole network to achieve high quality polymerization, content organization precision display, allowing users to bid farewell to the link, instant browsing.

    Phoenix Technology News

    through the search results in the "floating layer mode" and "light interaction" and "information flow load" in what NBA, tourism and other search categories on the interactive experience is very close to a separate App.

    news October 13th, Alibaba’s mobile search brand what search announced the launch of a new mobile search interactive products – blue pattern. What search according to general manager Ceng Honglei introduction, Blu ray mode with three large features: high color value, the interaction of APP; the whole polymerization, polymerization of high quality content; the scene, moving scene matching precision.

    Liu son Guerrilla break the monopoly spell bidding

    so to guerrilla, fanned, long front, the battlefield is not fixed, crush one by one to break the siege. Then pull back, grassroots webmaster how to fight guerrilla warfare? Willow following suggestions are given:

    1. guerrilla

    therefore suggest you webmaster more concentrate on the long tail word. Many people may ask, although the long tail word good push, but the search volume is too small to do here? "Thought of a classical formula of long tail theory" in a huge number of (a number of long tail keywords X) a minimal number (searches each long tail keywords) = a huge market. Meaning that, although each a long tail word search quantity is relatively small, but you can do, can do a lot of the long tail, it still can form a massive search traffic.

    love Shanghai search engine market share will rise more crazy, but the head of the grassroots survival is more and more difficult. One is because the pressure of competition, AdSense for "Keywords" ranking as the hungry for "food", too, half starved to death. Two is because the biddingkeywords monopoly, many popular keywords, the light is left for the love of Shanghai is not under ten. Although the love of Shanghai released the phoenix nest system in April 20th of 09, but the current observation seems like just a formalism, only some keywords into the "phoenix nest", the rest is still live in the left half block.

    is doing the long tail, will focus on the promotion of popular word from the diversion of part transferred to the promotion of the long tail word. Many owners have an obsessive feelings for popular keywords, and nearly ninety percent of the energy are put in particular on the popular word. This result is the first, you need to spend a lot of time and energy to do promotion, and the promotion effect may not be as you wish. Second, even if in the rankings, the whole site as long as you throw the helve after the hatchet search engine has changed, and a popular word ranking drop, the website is over.


    and long tail keywords more targeted and commercial value, because the user search behavior will do more detailed segmentation, is a market segment of each long tail keywords represent the set of all small segments of the market is a large market of inestimable. And the long tail keywords >

    in any case, you love or not love, hate or don’t hate, the world is in the hands of Shanghai love, not easy. So complaining about no use, good layout strategy, implementation tactics, dangerous is the best policy. So how to break the monopoly spell bidding? Liu son to a bit of advice, don’t play "designated war", "guerrilla warfare". What is the guerrilla war? For example, we are currently only ten thousand troops on hand, and how to play a big country million troops fight? You can freeze in one place, all the troops waiting for him to play, then Sike? This result although the hero, but certainly die miserable.

    To love Shanghai webmaster message reminder tool is reliable

    yesterday day Shanghai update proportion is not small, there are a lot of friends respond to your own site is down right, one of my small enterprises can not survive, not only be right down, also be deleted Shanghai love home. In the love of Shanghai statistics background saw the news to remind, there are two messages to remind the site server has a problem, love Shanghai spiders can access to this site. Because every day I open this site is normal speed, so it is not every day to check whether the new sites have been grabbing abnormal points ranking, yesterday afternoon after all 100. Initially suspected of server instability caused by K, here is the screenshot capture abnormal:

    chart shows this time love spiders in Shanghai try to connect to this site, there are two small peaks, but the connection number of errors are more, some even one hundred percent, plus the last day of Shanghai big update, it is estimated that the station garbage as this site. Directly to the home page to delete, view several other sites on the hand, are found for this problem, depressed people is the recent love Shanghai statistics always remind robots file a problem at first, many friends like me, doubt the web site’s robots file was wrong. Carefully check a few times that is not the case, but many site is the case, I suggest that simply delete the robots file, the small and medium-sized enterprise station can not set the robots file, basically also won’t have what effect. Because the station is not much content of the page, early this morning I took a look at the log file, display the love of spiders in Shanghai still grab this site, just an article yesterday just included has been deleted, as shown below:


    should be right down the site, even if the love Shanghai spider crawling, included in the page, but eventually it will delete your page. I believe a lot of friends met the two message this reminder, one is that robots file error, another is that love Shanghai spiders cannot access the station. The first warning now basically can be concluded, is the love of Shanghai remind the error, there are second kinds of questions to remind, because we can’t use every day around the IP to test the speed of the open web site. Fortunately, now love Shanghai webmaster tools have a background capture diagnostic tool, after my test, I found a directory page submitted last night still shows "grasping". And now I again submitted this catalogue, results soon showed that the "grasping success", if you have to question whether the server is stable, then at different times of the day to test whether the rapid capture success. You can also use other server site test, compare can find the problem.

    in a day each time the site crawl rate very inconsistent, it was suggested to change the server’s stability, now feel love Shanghai spider on the server more stringent requirements. Or simply buy a separate I>



    The Qixi Festival, do Shanghai dragon with cowboy

    in August 2nd this year just to catch up with China’s traditional festivals – the Qixi Festival. The Qixi Festival in China is a very beautiful legend, every year at the beginning of July seven, the will meet in the bridge. About the legend can be said to be China’s next generation hanging wire catch Pax beautiful story, and the cowherd can be said to be the originator of hanging wire counterattack circles. Dongguan Shanghai dragon -AJ in this paper is not to say what a romantic love story, I want to say is how can we learn the essence of how successful counter attack from the big cowboy hanging wire hanging wire as originator of Shanghai dragon.

    1, go to the forum to learn. For we do Shanghai Longfeng this line of people, the best forum outside Shanghai Dragon: search, A5, a push, push 28, laggards and so on, whether you are posting, replies, check the information, help answer these itself is a learning.

    "to do, first person." This is the motto of many successful people. In human history, where the greatness of all who have good character, the character destiny, the details determine success or failure, bearing the decision pattern, attitude is everything! The cowboy is cattle cattle Tong, the farmer image belongs to the history of ancient China standard. The respectful, humble, sincere service, the pursuit of weaver Weaver was arrested after God unremittingly, and peace of mind. These are all we have to learn what to do for the originator of large hanging wire hanging wire Shanghai dragon. Dongguan Shanghai dragon -AJ believed that big business success is the first to be.

    4, respect yourself. Respect for others is to respect yourself. If you are unfair to others, others will think of a way to fight back. Finally, a life-and-death struggle, why

    two, humble – learn



    2, respect readers. In view of society, the view of reader oriented, not to casually false original article to build website flesh, spell out this is at best a monstrosity.

    1, respect copyright. Don’t steal others’ articles. The article reproduced others to indicate the copyright information to others.

    3, respect the opponent. Handle the relationship between the competitors in the same site, not free to attack opponents, or discredit opponents to rival site trouble, to achieve peace and development.

    to 2, ranking learning website. Whether your competitors website or other industry website, can learn the chain, to analyze people’s Web site in the chain, content, application.

    three, Shanghai dragon

    – sincere sincere service

    , respect for others, respect yourself –

    3, always learning. Shanghai Longfeng for this line, also belongs to the electronic commerce within the scope of. Now, although the development of electronic commerce is very hot, but the development is very fast. Want to do good, should always maintain a humble attitude to learning, can have the opportunity to squeeze in front of the industry.

    The new site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization should pay attention to these five questions

    search engine in the climb up to take the most attention is the content of Web site content is high quality, one might think the search engine is not, how can it be my judge whether the content of high quality, although the search engine is not a person, but it is very intelligent and has its own set of rules for judging your website whether the content of high quality, the proposed site as far as possible to increase the number of original high quality content, and regular release, which is conducive to increase the site, will let the search engine spiders habit in a certain period of time often visit your site.

    with the rapid development of the Internet, will set up a number of websites every day, but because the site keywords lead to some of the station made out of Shanghai Longfeng lack of knowledge of the rankings, included user experience, the effect is not ideal, today Xiaobian and share some matters when the new website has set up the need to pay attention, can to help you avoid some errors.

    2, to ensure that the site of high quality

    , a web site may not be all included, and although there is no clear search engine will give what level of website how many number included, but it will certainly have a general rule, don’t expect your website for each channel, each page is also included, by indexing, get good the rankings, so financial Xiaobian think you can put in the page ranking will focus on key construction.

    1, URL website to have the law and stability of

    some Shanghai dragon optimization staff in order to attract users to click on the title of the party will learn, write a very attractive title, but the title and content is far, this is not desirable. When writing the title must stand in the perspective of the user the user will focus on what kind of content, and then to write, such as users want to know the financial benefits of the project is how much.

    3, written appeal to users of Title

    for just beginning a lot of people do, because of the initial condition of the function and performance of the website are not too clear, will certainly change after, even before the site is understood after may be revised or some other changes in the operation of URL, the search engine spider climb site and record only the identification code is URL, so no matter what the situation is to ensure the stability of URL, 1, if you need revision by love Shanghai Webmaster Platform "revision tool" revision rules tell love Shanghai. 2, if the original page is no longer in use but jump to a new page by 301 redirection to do. 3, if the company is a large topic often held as a new year’s topic, you can put the filing date in previous years has no use plus or special markers, and let the thematic link unchanged, thematic content can be updated to the new, so that can keep the weight of the web page and all the pages before the work, to avoid the annual new links, and then to repeat the work before, so you can avoid a lot of useless.