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The evening of the United States and the United States and the construction of the selection of the

winter in Xining because of the most beautiful buildings and hot feast, winter Xining because of the most beautiful buildings and more attractive.


Wang Yubo recently told the evening news the most beautiful building once again given instructions: activities to achieve the popularity of architectural aesthetics knowledge, strengthen investor awareness, improve the building design approval system to promote the city building more taste, unique, connotation.

was asked: what beauty in summer in Xining?

art experts say the United States is rich in splendid national culture; ecological experts say the United States in the mountains and rivers clever; environmental experts say the United States in the plateau.

but, construction experts say, it’s all right, it’s not right! The beauty of a city should be built in the United States, because each building is a historical book, is a Cultural Palace, is a reflection of the development of the city specimens. In the vicissitudes of history, only the most beautiful buildings can be retained, such as the French Le Louvre Museum, Losangeles Disney Concert Hall, Beijing National Stadium, Dubai, Harry Fatah, and so has become a landmark of the city.

has a history of 2000 years, with the rapid development of Xining should have its own new architectural landmark to carry the family circle of our dreams, but also because of this, sponsored by the Xining municipal government, Xining city housing security and Property Management Bureau, Xining city and Rural Construction Committee, Xining city urban and rural Planning Bureau, Xining evening news agency and Xining municipal government jointly hosted the evening news network the most beautiful building contest started, caused strong concern, to participate in the selection of the building to vote daily fall over each other, the masses continue to rise, Shangri-La, the international village, jinzuo Sankin, new millennium, international commercial lane…… These represent the highest level of Xining construction real estate for the first time to show in front of the world, European fashion, traditional houses, the plateau landscape, many of the most beautiful elements embodied in these projects, let us for the future of Xining have more vision.

is not only the city of Xining, Haidong, Hainan, Huangnan, Yushu, Haixi and Haibei state and county people have sent votes, or call the hotline to participate in the evening the most beautiful building selection activities through the network, the source of Sanjiang’s mobile phone reader Publius waves through the frozen Bayan Har mountains, by participating in Xining the most beautiful building to express love of the capital city of Xining and has not previously mentioned in the same breath: personality, building more and more, let Xining edifice more modern urban atmosphere.

which is the most beautiful building in Xining? You are the most beautiful building judges, evening activities are hot (the first batch of participating buildings is detailed in the December 27, 2012 "Xining Evening News", "http://www.xnwbw.com" href= can log www.xnwbw.com query), welcome readers to participate, recommend the most beautiful building in Xining. (reporter Yang)

Xining evening news the most beautiful building selection can be voted by:

phone call;

Resolution of the thirteenth Congress of the Communist Party of China held in Qinghai

(December 29, 2016, the twelfth plenary session of the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee of the thirteenth plenary session)

, the thirteenth Congress of the Communist Party of China in Qinghai is scheduled to be held in Xining in May 2017.

two, the main agenda of the general assembly.

1. listen and review the work report of the twelfth Committee of the Communist Party of China in Qinghai;

2. review the work report of the twelfth session of the CPC Qinghai Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection;

3. election of the thirteenth Committee of the Communist Party of China Qinghai province;

4. election of the Communist Party of China Qinghai Province thirteenth Discipline Inspection Committee;

5. election in Qinghai to attend the nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of china.

three, the quota of representative, the principle of distribution and the method of production.

China’s Communist Party of China in Qinghai, the thirteenth representative of the number of deputies to the 438.

representation of the distribution, according to the number of Party organizations, the number of Party members and the economic, scientific and technological, cultural and educational development, as well as the need to determine the number of Party organizations. The electoral units shall, in accordance with the quota allocated by the provincial Party committee, the election method and the proportion of the differences, hold the Party Congress or the Party committee election.

people’s Liberation Army, armed police forces on behalf of the election work by the provincial military region, Qinghai armed police corps Party committee to develop specific measures for election.

four, Chinese thirteenth Qinghai provincial Congress of Communist Party, is the implementation of the "13th Five-Year" plan, in the province to thoroughly implement the "four major solid" requirements, the comprehensive well-off society, an important meeting held in the historical process of building rich civilized and harmonious beauty of new Qinghai, is a major event in the political people of all ethnic groups in life. The meeting called on the province at all levels of Party organizations and Party members, to hold high the great banner of socialism with China, Marx Lenin, Mao Zedong thought, Deng Xiaoping’s theory and the important thought of "Three Represents", Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen and eighteen third, fourth, fifth, the six plenary session of comprehensive, in-depth implement the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech and governing the new concept of new ideas and new strategy, unite and lead the people of all ethnic groups to unite more closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, focus on the overall advancement of the "five in one" overall layout and coordination to promote the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, implement innovation and coordination green, open, shared development concept, the "four major solid" requirements of the letter, for Winning a bid to build a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, building a harmonious, beautiful and civilized new Qinghai and striving hard to meet the party’s nineteen victory.


Wang Guosheng stressed that research in Haibei create spiritual highland ecological construction in

7 14, provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng depth Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Gangcha two in Haiyan County, visit the Atomic City Memorial Hall, on the research of ecological civilization construction, industrial development, urban construction etc..

Atomic City Memorial is the national patriotism education demonstration base. Precious historical relics and physical materials, vividly reproduced the arduous course of the development of China’s atomic energy science and technology and brilliant achievements. Wang Guosheng deeply cherish the memory of the older generation of revolutionaries and the brilliant achievements of science and technology workers, he said, saw the exhibition, the soul was shocked, underwent a spiritual baptism. "Two bombs and one satellite" spirit is the most precious spiritual wealth of the Chinese nation, is to promote the "two a" best education textbook, to further organize mining, innovative forms, making it into a powerful driving force to promote the work of the. Wang Guosheng solemnly wrote in the message book by the education, the spirit of the big eight.

in Gangcha County, a small Tibetan buildings patchwork, characteristics of the town has a prototype, showing the beautiful scenery of the town and grassland against each other. Wang Guosheng look at the panel, listen to the introduction, to understand the relocation of poverty alleviation and follow-up industry development. Learned that the concentration of the nomads, in the enjoyment of urban public services, while expanding revenue sources, he nodded approval. Walking into the relocation of herdsmen jump home, learned that the heat is the village of the old party secretary, or provincial model workers, Liu encouraged him to continue to play a vanguard role model, unite and lead the masses out of poverty. Wang Guosheng looked at the college graduates after graduating from the Youth Hostels opened on the entrepreneurial project, said Liu Fengmin.

after the comprehensive management for many years, the Qinghai Lake water continues to expand, Huang fish resources quantity rise year after year, a substantial increase in the number of birds. In Gangcha County Shaliuhe Huang fish home, Wang Guosheng asked while walking along the riverbank, carefully understand the Huangshui fish breeding and protection work, and personally stocking Huang fish fry. In the island, wangguosheng water look, ask the Qinghai Lake and the surrounding environmental protection and construction of scenic spot etc.. He stressed the need to firmly establish the concept of ecological protection priority, to protect the ecology of Qinghai Lake, the development of eco-tourism.

heard in Haiyan County, Haibei Prefecture and Gangcha County, Qinghai Lake scenic area protection and utilization administration work report, Wang Guosheng affirmed the achievements in various undertakings in Haibei Prefecture, greetings and respects to the cadres and the masses of all ethnic groups in haibei. He stressed that the Haibei prefecture has not only rich material resources, is a spiritual heights, at the same time, the ecological construction of the responsibility, is a big article place. To fully implement the major requirements of the general secretary Xi Jinping three solid ", the construction of ecological civilization into conscious action of the cadres and the masses, to achieve green development, to promote the construction of ecological province;" two bombs and one satellite "spirit, to create spiritual heights; to establish brand awareness in cultural tourism, to expand brand influence, enhance the quality of to promote the development of; to seize the opportunities opening up, take the initiative to go out, to strengthen cooperation with the assistance of green cities, to promote the development and opening up; to" market University ", more use of market measures to promote the work, enhance skills, improve the ability to open up the market in.

Zhang Jianmin, Wang Yubo attended the above;

Xining City District 34 for the practical project of the people big head

this year, Xining City, a total investment of 85 million 556 thousand yuan to implement the City District 12 categories of 34 projects for the tangible things are solid and orderly, of which 22 have been completed, near the end of 12, the people’s livelihood projects have accounted for 72% of the region’s fiscal expenditure.

the 12 categories of projects involving agriculture, grassroots organization infrastructure, rural infrastructure, education, social undertakings, urban and rural infrastructure, environmental remediation, community service facilities, sports projects, sanitation, landscaping and other fields. As of now, under the yeniugou two village to resettle in the end, the "Sunshine Home Plan" project has completed the information input of 523 people, is expected to be completed at the end of November; the community electronic reading room for the blind elderly projects have been completed and 1, at the end of November to complete the construction of 1; 2 home for the disabled. Culture Street community site has been completed, is to negotiate the purchase, the community has to pay the full purchase of Xingqing, is currently preparing decoration; community service center project, the South Shandong Community Service Center renovation has been completed, Froude Xiang Nan Community Service Center indoor decoration is bidding; the elderly free medical examination project is expected to be completed at the end of October.


This year, Dahua Reservoir built for Huangyuan solution thirsty

reporter learned from the Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau, Xining plans to start construction this year Huangyuan Dahua Reservoir Project, effectively solve the Huangyuan County as a result of social and economic development brought about by the increase in the water content and the existing problems in water supply is insufficient, the local industrial and agricultural production and the improvement of people’s lives, has obvious social, economic and environmental benefits.

Dahua Reservoir plans to invest up to 190 million yuan, the construction of Huangshui River in Huangyuan County River, a tributary of Lara River, reservoir after the completion of the main water supply for urban and rural residents, mainly meet the residents of water, Dahua Dahua Town Industrial Park water and irrigation water etc.. Dahua town is a town in Huangyuan County Center in recent years, with the development of economy and the construction of Dahua Industrial Park, population gathered to Dahua Town, the present situation of water supply can not meet the increasing demand for water. To this end, Huangyuan county is put forward and the planning and construction of Dahua Reservoir Project, through the construction of Industrial Park, Dahua Dahua Reservoir water supply project, improve the water supply guarantee rate, to meet the Lala River residents living water, rural drinking water, part of the protection of Chengguan town residents of water. After the completion of the project, it will play a role in conserving water, intercepting rainwater, regulating climate, reducing soil erosion and purifying air. The project is currently in the preparatory stage. (author: Xiao Yan)


Xining municipal government held a meeting to deepen the reform of the medical and health system

September 8th, the municipal government organized the city to deepen the work of the medical and health system reform conference. The meeting summed up the progress of the city’s current health care reform, the deployment of the main tasks of medical reform in 2010. City health reform leading group and the District, county government, the city health reform leading group member units signed the 2010 health care reform five key tasks. District, county government, municipal health reform leading group members of the unit attended the meeting. Wang Xuan, deputy mayor of the municipal government made an important speech. Deputy director,

Three counties in our province was included in the national rural industrial integration development

recently, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County, Haiyan County, Henan Mongolian Autonomous County of Zhejiang Province was incorporated into the development of "Wan Cun Xiang Bai 1000 County pilot project of rural industrial convergence state.

for the implementation of the central document of this year and the "Office of the State Council on promoting guidance" integration of the development of the 123 industry, the national development and Reform Commission and other 7 ministries issued the "rural industrial convergence development pilot implementation plan", to be implemented in the national organization for development within the scope of "Wan Cun Xiang Bai 1000 County pilot project of rural industrial convergence. In accordance with the requirements of national pilot demonstration county selection criteria, in the county on the basis of voluntary reporting, the provincial development and Reform Commission jointly with the provincial economic and Information Commission, the Provincial Department of finance, the Provincial Department of land resources, the provincial animal husbandry department, commerce department, the Provincial Tourism Bureau to carry out the screening work, reported to the provincial government agreed to the state after the recommended Datong Haiyan, Henan, as a pilot demonstration county in our province and approved by the state.

according to reports, the province will start the implementation of national pilot demonstration project as an opportunity to fully excavate the regional characteristics, with the guidance of national three county to carry out the pilot work of different types, can be formed as soon as possible mode of replication, promotion, broaden the residents income sources in rural and pastoral areas. One is in Datong County pilot production integration of the city development model, the formation of a number of agricultural products processing, trade logistics, leisure tourism and other professional characteristics of small towns; two in Haiyan County pilot demonstration of "multi state compound" development mode, leading enterprises as the main body to drive, to create a complete industrial chain, enhance the demonstration the leading role; the three is the development mode in Henan County pilot demonstration "industry chain extension", the development of animal husbandry scale management, support and development of cooperatives Herdsman Family pasture livestock product processing and marketing of animal products etc..


The third floor of the elderly who have a circle of fitness dream

location: 71 West Road community office

residents reflect

Many residents of

located in the Yangtze River Road, No. 1 Jiashuyuan hydrological station reflect the hospital living in 82 households, 80% are retired, older, many legs are not good, so particularly eager to install some fitness equipment in their own hospital, one can always exercise, physical fitness, and can take the flower pots, hospital residents randomly placed a small vegetable garden, weeds and other clean environment for appearance. However, the installation of fitness equipment to which department to apply, who will be responsible for solving, what is the procedure, the elderly are not clear, so help the community, I hope the community to help coordinate the solution.

community acceptance

community on the aspirations of the elderly are very important, and soon submitted to the office of the street to submit a report on the application of the installation of outdoor sports facilities of the family members of the hydrological station of the report, the report was submitted to the Municipal Bureau of sports. Through the coordination of reporters and community workers, agreed to the 10 day at 12 noon by the City District Sports Bureau relevant responsible person, community workers, the three parties to the newspaper reporter hydrological station Jiashuyuan view field, to determine whether the hospital meet the installation conditions of fitness equipment and installation time and other related matters.

processing results

because the hospital belongs to the old family home, if the installation of fitness equipment, security considerations must be set in the entrance channel road isolation pile, but the channel has several drainage wells and a septic tank, isolation pile will result in any dredging equipment and removal vehicles can not enter. In addition, the hospital’s floor space is only 20 meters away from the floor of the distance between the requirements of 35 meters far. Overall, the hospital does not meet the installation conditions. But to see old people expecting eyes, community reporter repeated requests style Bureau think way, the responsible person and community members to discuss the decision, the inside channel in the hospital where the lateral for old people is provided with a row of five pieces of fitness equipment, equipment ahead with slipknot iron chain and sidewalk separated, so that not only guarantee the safety of the old people also have a place for outdoor activities. In addition, the hospital has an indoor activity room, after winning the community reporters, the District Sports Bureau decided to give old people donated chess, chest, darts and other supporting equipment indoor activities.

City District Sports Bureau commitment, this project will soon be included in the plan, next spring can be installed. Indoor activities recently served.

reporter visit

yesterday, the reporter came to the family members of the hydrological station, the families of the elderly who heard the reporter’s response to cheer, thanks to the efforts of the community, the media coordination to help them round the dream.

mass satisfaction

assumes * (community and reporter active coordination, Chengzhong District Sports Bureau all reached the old people to fitness in the doorway;

The National People’s Congress, the national recognition of outstanding journalists held in Xining

Recently, the National People’s Congress, the national recognition of excellence in the meeting held in Xining, from all over the country 86 outstanding communications were commended. During the meeting, "people’s Daily" representatives also organized training activities, invited the NPC news bureau responsible comrades held a seminar on the NPC news and propaganda work, the participants in-depth discussion of the NPC news propaganda work.

"people’s newspaper" to promote the people’s Congress system of responsibility, adhering to serving the people and the National People’s Congress service, deputies serve the socialist democratic politics purpose, actively promote the practice of the people’s congresses at all levels to uphold and improve the system of people’s Congress and innovation, vividly reflect the advanced performance at all levels of deputies perform their duties according to law. With its unique market positioning, unique perspective of media, a unique market competitive advantage to win a space for one person in such forest print, get the people’s congresses at all levels and deputies to the people’s Congress and the general reader support and affirmation, distribution network throughout the country 31 provinces and autonomous regions.


" is committed to the people’s Congress of Qinghai province’s foreign propaganda work, at present, the annual map form, to the nation issued Qinghai news hundred, Qinghai has become one of the important foreign media organizations, has achieved remarkable results, by the Qinghai people’s congresses at all levels and the Propaganda Department highly.


Xining halal Industrial Park

From May 16th, the Qing food exhibition broke the news: a foothold in Qinghai, facing the northwest, communication of domestic and international halal food market, Islamic research and design, production and processing, wholesale sales, exhibition Expo, bonded export integration center, Chinese (Xining) International Halal Industrial Park will be located in the East District of the city. Xining will build China’s largest halal Industrial Park has become a focus of attention at home and abroad.

[location] industrial park is located in the mutual level highway along the sand pond river on both sides of things, South to the home town of Yun Fu Road, West to the Western Hills, north to the mutual border with Xining. Planning area control area of 6600 acres, the park can be planned land area of about 4500 acres.[Objective]

[location] development development has become an important part of Xining City, the eastern city of group of wings, the breakthrough point of Qinghai Province, the western economic development demonstration area, experimental area of urban and rural development, the integration of the implementation of the new urbanization.

[industrial layout] Park Industrial Park contains four areas with two, two vertical along the sand pond river waterfront landscape zone and horizontal along the high speed railway ecological protection belt. The four area is halal food and supplies industrial park, small and micro enterprises entrepreneurial park, a new type of rural characteristics test area and land port industrial park.