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How to join Michelle ice beverage shop

is now the rise of the market compared to the kind of franchise business model, of course, roughly the same form of franchise, and this phenomenon is particularly prominent in the food and beverage industry. The development of food and beverage industry space, especially the characteristics of of food brands, it is easy to start businesses shop choice. Michelle City store join, distinctive brand, with authentic drinks and elegant decoration environment, bring a good place for leisure for people. Here, look at how Michelle joined with the introduction of ice?.

to join Michelle ice drink shop

first, the intention franchisees can by telephone or online consultation, for the project to conduct a comprehensive understanding, of course, only through the one-sided understanding is not enough, the franchisee can make an appointment to visit the headquarters of the company and enhance mutual understanding, fill out the application form of joint venture;

franchisee and the headquarters of the exchange of views, view join the manual and other information to confirm the entry, the headquarters for the franchisee to assess the qualifications, whether to join the conditions. Continue to carry out comprehensive investigation and research for stores, headquarters for the franchisee stores after the audit, both sides have the intention to join, can sign the contract intent, store, store and district audit;

after the signing of the contract, is the official entry of the project. The headquarters of the store planning, the overall design for the franchisee stores, franchisees in the company to provide professional theory, products and equipment training, y ready, will be officially opened later to make money, the headquarters has been to provide a professional business guide.

Michelle City store process as described above, the merchant only in satisfying basis, can through the headquarters and headquarters audit, to establish a good cooperative relationship with its entrepreneurial support and help comprehensive, open their own future success. Do you want to start a business easily?.

Beck joined the fast-food hamburger make money

now, fast-paced lifestyle, always very busy. In order to meet the needs of the development of the market, the advent of Beck burger fast food, is a very popular choice. How about joining Beck burger fast food? Simple way to join the successful venture worthy of trust!

is a fast paced life, so now people like to go to fast food restaurants to eat delicious food. So what’s the choice of burger fast food? Beck burger is a good choice, it is delicious, innovative, nutritious and healthy, very consistent with the current people’s dietary standards. And Beck burger fast food is different from other brands of the project, it is worth your investment and choice.

Beck hamburger fast food package is only 8.8 yuan, cheap super high profit of $8.8 to eat enough to drink, cheap powerful magic who does not love. At the same time, Beck hamburger hamburger and fried chicken made in taste, appearance, nutrition and other aspects of the unique, KFC, McDonald’s, creating a taste of others can not follow the delicious. Consumers can not miss the delicious choice. But also in the holiday season, there are promotional activities, there are gifts to buy, eat good fun.

hamburger fast food to choose which item? Beck burger fast food! Beck is a fast-food hamburger let you eat can have a delicacy, nutrition and health, not your taste, stylish, very suffer people now on the standard of delicacy. And Beck hamburger fast food innovation, new products every month, and constantly develop new products, keep novelty, and strive to catch up with the pace of fashion young people.

Hamburg to join the project, has been very hot, successful venture for Beck hamburger fast food is a good business opportunities. Moreover, to join the Beck hamburger fast food items, open their own fast food restaurants in Hamburg, Beck, shop is earned!

Drama education into primary and secondary schools in Beijing

drama has a long history in China, occupies an important position in the society, but as a national treasure of the drama, with the gradual evolution of the times, has lost its prosperity, however, as the excellent Chinese culture, we will go down. It sounds like a big drama education, now in Beijing’s primary and secondary schools generally open". Drama education combines language, form, music, art in one, to enhance the primary and secondary school students’ sense of power, performance, understanding, creativity and practical ability and team spirit. How to carry out the school drama education, Beijing Morning Post reporter in-depth interview.

middle school attached to Tsinghua University

students boarded the Quju University Hall

in the high school affiliated to Tsinghua University School of drama school courses can be described as a "sign", according to the introduction, from the school of Beijing Quju version "Sishitongtang" has been successfully staged at the Tsinghua University auditorium.

According to the deputy director Ye Chunfang introduced

teaching, to carry forward the traditional culture and local culture, the school will be "Sishitongtang" of the classic repertoire introduction of campus, and takes Beijing Quju form deduction. The school combined with the Beijing Opera Troupe, by the "four generations under one roof," the director to participate in the election and drama, etc.. When the first actor auditions, there have been hundreds of people to participate in the competition, the final 30 stand out, for the individual role of the school also arranged for A, B, C, D group of actors, and strive to let every student has a stage and opportunity to show.

is even more rare is that this drama has become the starting point of school drama education, and make the curriculum. Once a week of rehearsals, once a year to replace the role, making the "four generations" this classic drama, and even the classic culture in the school students in the middle of the spread. Students in the role play, feel the power of the masterpiece, but also to integrate themselves with the characters, a better taste of the characters in the mood and sex. "A lot of students in the run, and even feel that he is the."

Dongcheng District Dengshikou primary school

every child has a chance to show up on stage

high quality education resources in Beijing Dengshikou primary school with principal Teng Yajie introduction, from the beginning of September 2014, a total of more than 3 thousand day drama courses, the children can not only play China children’s traditional repertoire, but also can play the foreign drama, including small musical. In the United States participated in the English drama performances. Chinese textbook drama, the students become the musical arranger, each child has its own position, the stage manager, director, actor, script…… All the students in the class are involved.

is one of the students, playing a walk on the recommended

2012 the most profitable beauty project recommended

beauty market is a huge market, a rich market, so many investors took a fancy to the beauty industry, so in the struggle to find the most profitable cosmetic items, the whole network Xiaobian for you to collect the latest information to join, sorting out the 2012 most beauty items for you to earn money reference, wish you success. Want to know more comprehensive information please visit all join www.shang360.com network, give us a message, we will help you to start a helping hand.


Fashion menswear brand

fashion men’s clothing, whether it is business or leisure, have the corresponding brand to meet the needs of people, men’s clothing industry which is worth investing in the brand recommended? Come together with the small series to see it!


men don’t fancy dress, the most important is to embody the unique taste of their own men. A rat men to create "style business casual men’s first brand" as its mission, to promote a rat brand culture, make the brand become rich connotation and value of the fashion brand.

style has advantages, so that people can choose the most suitable according to their needs, Gill is advocating the timeless and classic atmosphere of the mainstream style GXG brand, in the product process is widely used in some popular fabrics and fashion menswear styles to classic romance. Reflect the atmosphere and not old but not simple.

makes men more attractive clothing, by many agents.

Children’s paradise site selection skills inventory

children’s paradise location problem can be a lot of investment novice, if you want to do a good job in the investment business, in terms of location can not be easily ignored. Small share some successful experience, hope can help businesses successfully find a good shop, quickly learn it.

The ideal

in children’s stores to the selected location, the shopkeepers should not only pay attention to the location methods mentioned above, consideration should also be given to children’s stores near the shopping environment.

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Chongqing lottery send you 20 thousand to help you easily start

"pie in the sky" to send money to you, but also to help you easily start a business, it is true that the uproar? It is said that the Chongqing lottery has launched such an event, and the following Xiaobian together to find out the truth of the matter!

want to venture, but suffer from no entrepreneurial projects, no business skills, no start-up funds? Now, these are not all problems in Chongqing to provide free lottery business projects, skills training and the highest 20 thousand yuan venture capital support, help the majority of people have the entrepreneurial intention of "zero" started to easily achieve the entrepreneurial dream.

"micro lottery business" includes project promotion, business training, and sales promotion, Chongqing lottery will start from the middle of the pre training, business support, and later for three aspects of the sales assistance, provide a full range of "nanny" entrepreneurial support for entrepreneurs!

not only that, "micro lottery business activity has three characteristics: three

is a small investment, big returns, a person can be a shop business, a monthly income of 100 thousand is not a dream;

two is a small risk, big support, to entrepreneurs free of charge to provide operating equipment, skills training, as well as up to 20 thousand yuan of business support funds;

three is a small project, a large public interest, the management of a sports lottery store to create a great cause of life, but also for the country to raise a large number of public welfare funds, make a great contribution to the cause of public welfare.

for less money, do not want to take the risk of a friend, lottery is a good small investment business. Help you easily achieve entrepreneurship, open the road to the wealth of life. Send you 20 thousand, easy to help you when the boss, there will be a friend to seize the time!

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Fujian province’s first college students innovation and entrepreneurship base settled

entrepreneurship for college students to create a good environment for entrepreneurship, Fujian province established the first university student innovation and entrepreneurship base, has been officially settled in the near future, interested people together to understand the details of it!

2015-2016 is a great year of entrepreneurship, more and more policy advantages, more and more attention to social forces, entrepreneurship is more opportunities, better platform, have a dream to hurry up!



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Chinese fast food restaurant staff training these three points is very important

restaurant business how many factors, including how employees are very important factors. Western restaurant to attract customers is a great deal of staff service attitude. People are willing to pay for such services. The rapid rise of Chinese fast food, in order to gain a foothold in the food and beverage market, staff training need to bear in mind the following three points:

joined the Shunwang base of Chinese fast food

a good service attitude

Chinese fast food fast development at the same time, attention should be paid to fast Qiuwen, can not blindly pursue the speed of development, and overall quality of customers employees directly is directly related to the improvement of the quality of employees, pay attention to the operator so, improve the service attitude of the dining staff to maintain a pleasant mood, to the customer answer questions have to tender.

two, pay attention to personal image

Chinese fast food stores in order to achieve rapid development, we need to pay attention to the image of the enterprise, which requires all employees to pay attention to personal image, all employees at work, work clothes to wear neat, clean, Dafan staff to wear masks of food hygiene.

three, high professional level

staff professional level to a certain extent affect the Chinese fast-food fast-food franchise development shop 10 brand, if its professional level is not high, for emergency and accident can not be generated between the customer very well, the table cannot be well placed, not with the name and price of food with specific body, set up is not conducive to the corporate image, thus requiring fast food operators to focus on improving the professional level of employees.

Clothing display as a direct means to enhance the brand image

brand visual marketing system is very important, to meet the needs of the market, to create a more fashionable clothing store, clothing display good work, not only can let customers experience the charm of the brand wholeheartedly, also will make a complete sales, business easier.

Another effective means of

accessories to do visual marketing product image, advertising image, marketing image, designer image and brand spokesperson image, is a clothing brand in order to ensure the good product quality inherent in the key elements of the most important elements of the value added.

clothing brand to attract around to join business, to attract consumers to become well-known brands, to promote the image of professional design, promotion strategy. First, we must do a good job of clothing brand VI vision system, and secondly we have to do a good job in the media image, which is the brand’s long-term profitability, the spread of a wide range of core.

in recent years has been widely used in enterprises and media, fast speed, wide audience, vivid, expressive of newspapers and magazines, television, network, outdoor advertising and other clothing marketing visual media, its flexible, timely and effective, comprehensive promotion of clothing brand, the brand in the main regional sales market coverage rate higher, more likely to be accepted and consumer trust.

so as to enhance the store display design of apparel brand image of the terminal and the most direct means, in recent years become the focus of attention of many domestic brand clothing. The brand in the store location, merchandise display technique, window design, props research pay more attention to the overall image, using the control store store, formed its own unique brand style, to attract customers into a kind of atmosphere, stimulate customer demand, guide the customer.

if you do clothing recommended