New boys Bournemouth to host Aston Villa on opening day of Premier League season

first_img Bournemouth celebrate winning promotion to the Premier League Bournemouth will kick off their maiden Premier League campaign against Aston Villa at the Goldsands Stadium.The Cherries, winners of the Championship last season, will then visit Liverpool at Anfield before another tough trip to West Ham.Eddie Howe’s side face a daunting end to the year, with clashes against Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal in December.Click here to see the full Premier League fixture list for 2015-16 1last_img read more

Tuesday’s Chelsea quiz

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German Early-Man Site Shocks Archaeologists with Improbable Dates

first_img(Visited 69 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Researcher says, “It just goes to show that the easiest way to be wrong in paleoanthropology is to underestimate our ancestors’ abilities.”Back 300,000 years ago in the human evolution timeline, our ancestors were supposed to be too brutish to organize, plan, and hunt with sophisticated tools.  That all changed in 1995 when archaeologists began excavating remains near a lignite mine east of Hanover, Germany, called the Schöningen site.  “I didn’t believe it at first,” one archaeologist said, when he was told spear points dating back 400,000 years were found there.  Although the dates were later revised downward to 300,000 years, that’s still too early for early humans to have exhibited the technology coming to light with ongoing research, Michael Balter reports in Science Magazine.  Feel the power of falling paradigms:When [Hartmut] Thieme first reported the discoveries in Nature in 1997, along with their initial dating—400,000 years old—they electrified the archaeological community. With one swift thrust, the paper pierced the dominant paradigm of the day, which held that hominins at that early time, well before the rise of modern humans, were scavengers rather than hunters, lacking the cognitive skills to make such sophisticated weapons or mount organized hunts for large game. To top it all, Thieme found what appeared to be four hearths, which were then considered the earliest evidence for controlled use of fire. “Schöningen was one of those sites that revolutionized our views about earlier humans,” says John Shea, an archaeologist at Stony Brook University in New York. “It just goes to show that the easiest way to be wrong in paleoanthropology is to underestimate our ancestors’ abilities.”It’s not easy to make a spear.  These spears “continue to astonish,” because they “were skillfully made, with planning and forethought.”In a 2009 paper titled “How to think a simple spear,” Miriam Haidle, an archaeologist at Tübingen, detailed the elongated chain of steps required to make and use them: First, recognize that the group needed food; then procure the wood to make a wooden tool; then use the wooden tool to knap a stone tool; then carve a previously procured tree branch into a spear. Finally, the group had to wield the spears skillfully to kill an animal.Subsequent excavations, especially those led by University of Tübingen archaeologists Christopher Miller and Jordi Serangeli since 2008, have tried to answer questions like who the ancestors were, how they lived, and how long they stayed there.  Was this a habitation of Homo heidelbergensis, “widely believed to be the common ancestor of Neandertals and modern humans”? “A lot of people would be uncomfortable attributing these kinds of behaviors to Homo heidelbergensis,” one said, because previously paleoanthropologists assumed only “modern humans had the smarts to make them.”  Thus, newer interpretations have put the emergence of cognitive ability further back in time, have downsized estimates of how many lived at Schöningen, and have stretched out the habitation to cover centuries or even millennia.Now estimated to be 300,000 years old in the evolutionary timeline, the site contains numerous horse bones that suggest this was a long-term habitation for a group: “the bones and spears are thought to represent multiple, smaller events that took place over years, decades, or even centuries, at a site that was a vibrant crossroads for wildlife and humans.”  The site also shows evidence that fruits, nuts and material for bedding were abundant.  “For daily life you need plants as food, bedding, and so on,” one archaeologist noted; she believes the people had to walk a long distance to get the wood and materials for the spears.Fresh Wood 300,000 Years Old?Another astonishing fact about the Schöningen site is the freshness of the wood:That’s what makes the site so valuable today: Wooden objects that ended up in the muck were preserved by low oxygen levels. Defying decay, broad chunks of oak, alder, and birch trees poke through the wet sediments, the waterlogged wood still fresh after 300,000 years. For archaeology, the harvest has been extraordinary, Conard says: “Ninety percent or more of the wooden artifacts from the Middle Pleistocene”—from about 780,000 to 125,000 years ago—“are at Schöningen.”Balter did not blink an eye at the dates.  He seems to assumed that, given the 300,000 year date, it must be possible for wood to stay fresh that long.  300,000 years seems like an awful long time to keep oxygen away from fresh wood.  A lot of geological change can happen at a given location in far less time than that.All the evolutionists’ puzzles would evaporate if they would jettison the long ages.  Schöningen is just a post-Flood campsite used by intelligent hunter-gatherers migrating westward after Babel, that’s all.  If it weren’t that evolutionists need long ages to fit their Darwin tale, the data in a young-age context would make perfect sense.  Fresh wood; advanced spears; organized hunting; no problem.  But they can’t consider that interpretation, and they won’t, because the word of Darwin is written on their hearts with an iron stylus.  All data must be forced into their master’s tale, no matter how uncooperative, how astonishing, or how uncomfortable it makes them.  The rest of us can see clearly without the Darwin glasses on.  We are not wrong a priori, therefore, because we do not underestimate our ancestors’ abilities.last_img read more

Know Node.js? Looking for a Job? Check Out the New Node.js Job Board

first_imgTags:#hack#Services klint finley 7 Types of Video that will Make a Massive Impac… How to Write a Welcome Email to New Employees? Node.js sponsor company Joyent launched a Node.js job board today.The inaugral listings include jobs from Adservice, TWAR, Voxer and Yammer.The board is powered by SimplyHired. It costs $350 to post a job for 30 days, but as part of the launch promotion you can post jobs for $100.The interest in Node.js is extremely high, and this job board demonstrates that production use is starting to pick up.If you’ve got Node.js skills, but don’t see a job on that board for you, you might also be interested in Node.js Knockout, a 48 hour competition to write the best Node.js app. It’s inspired by Rails Rumble. Node.js Knockout will take place Aug. 27-29 2011.And if you don’t know Node.js yet, check out full-text preview of Up and Running with Node.js.center_img Why You Love Online Quizzes Related Posts Growing Phone Scams: 5 Tips To Avoidlast_img read more

Rovi has signed two Chinese DivX deals that will s

first_imgRovi has signed two Chinese DivX deals that will see the video technology integrated into Changhong digital TVs and Philips-branded TVs set for distribution in the country.The deal with consumer electronics manufacturer Changhong means that Rovi has now signed DivX agreements with each of the top five digital TV manufacturers in China. Changhong TVs will have DivX HD video certification as well as offer support for DivX streaming.The Philips distribution will result from a new deal Rovi has reached with TVP Technology Limited, a display solutions provider that plans to add add DivX Plus HD certification into Philips-branded TVs in China.Rovi, which announced both deals today, hailed the Changhong deal as a “significant milestone” for the company as it continues to gain momentum in the country with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and original design manufacturers (ODMs) – companies that design products that are then branded by another firm.The TVP Technology comes after Rovi in January announced a deal with Mei Ah Digital and China Mobile Hong Kong to use DivX Plus Streaming to deliver premium entertainment services to mobile users.“As a premier ODM, TVP’s support for DivX technology further reinforces Rovi’s momentum in this rapidly growing market and highlights the universal value and appeal of the DivX Certified Program,” Rovi senior VP, sales and marketing, Simon Adams.“Philips TVs will add to the already expansive DivX ecosystem and increase the number of options for consumers who want to access and enjoy a growing catalog of Hollywood entertainment available in the DivX format.”The DivX Certified Programme lets consumer electronics manufacturers differentiate their products and guarantee reliable DivX video playback across all devices that bear the DivX logo. The format can be read on devices including phones, tablets, televisions and other digital media players.DivX Plus Streaming is an end-to-end solution for secure adaptive streaming for over-the-top content service providers on multiple platforms.last_img read more

The Estádio do Dragão Portuguese cable and pay TV

first_imgThe Estádio do DragãoPortuguese cable and pay TV operator Nos has teamed up with Samsung and Sport TV to broadcast a football match in virtual reality.Viewers equipped with Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headsets were able to watch the match between FC Porto and Benfica at the Estádio do Dragão yesterday in the format.Nos claimed a world first for the live broadcast in VR, using five cameras to enable viewers to choose different angles to watch the game, providing a 360-degree experience.The experience was made available to viewers in the Samsung store at the Fórum Almada and at the Nos theatre in the Shopping Colombo centre.Nos transmitted the match over fibre and a 1Gbps 4G network, using 300Mbps of dedicated capacity.“The Portuguese League is immensely proud to associate to these partners and to this revolutionary initiative in watching a football match. The match opposing FC Porto and Benfica will surely be followed by an even greater number of viewers, to add to the thousands of fans that will be at Estádio do Dragão and to the millions that will watch it at home, on the television. Portuguese professional football and all the emotion it offers will now be taken to a never before seen level,” said Pedro Proença, the president of the Portuguese league, ahead of the match.“We are aware that football is a passion point for the Portuguese people, which means that this initiative, the first of its kind worldwide, has all it takes to allow the users access to an experience that promises to change the way we look at live broadcasts,” said Frederico Paiva, business manager of Samsung Portugal.last_img read more

Sign up to LabourLists morning email for everythi

first_imgSign up to LabourList’s morning email for everything Labour, every weekday morning.Another night of Brexit votes, another significant defeat for Theresa May. Last night, Yvette Cooper moved the motion that its main signatory, Tory Caroline Spelman, had unsuccessfully tried to withdraw. The Prime Minister had tabled a ‘no deal’ motion, but it wasn’t the straightforward rejection that the Commons wanted to express, so the Spelman-turned-Cooper amendment passed against the wishes of the government. Chaotic scenes. Cabinet ministers defied the Tory whip to abstain, and their defiance was ignored in the clearest evidence yet of May being ‘in office but not in power’. (If you missed all the action, read this run-through of what happened, with vote results, lists of Labour rebels and Jeremy Corbyn’s response at the despatch box.)After trying to sneak through a ‘no deal’ motion that actually repeated her ‘my deal or no deal’ refrain, May is now attempting a similar trick with the Article 50 extension vote tonight. The Commons was appalled when Speaker Bercow revealed that the motion tabled by the government was not a clear-cut proposal for delaying Brexit, but a barely veiled threat. On the basis of MPs rejecting both May’s deal and no deal, the PM says at least a short extension will be sought, i.e. we’re definitely not leaving on 29th March. The motion goes on to explain that if MPs fail to agree a deal by Wednesday 20th, the extension length would be decided by the EU and possibly much longer. So unfolds what Olly Robbins said at that Parisian bar last month: ‘my deal or no deal’ has become ‘my deal or no Brexit’. That’s how she hopes to drive her deal through, with the votes of Brexiteers, at the third meaningful vote next week.What happens now? The ERG are split: Jacob Rees-Mogg is making positive noises; Steve Baker remained defiant in the chamber. As usual, a lot depends on the DUP. Will Labour Leave seat representatives be pushed into rebelling? How many? Too early to tell, but it’s true that they are highly uncomfortable with a long extension. Most of that group said they would only vote to delay Brexit tonight if it were short and for a specific reason (approving a deal with a different future relationship).The amendments selected are likely to be crucial today, as they were last night. There are the ones already on the order paper, including Labour’s official amendment, which doesn’t explicitly mention another referendum but simply requests “parliamentary time for this House to find a different approach”. Then there are the manuscript proposals being tabled before 10.30am, not yet on the order paper. An ‘indicative votes’ one is expected, as I said in the morning email yesterday, and this would offer MPs the chance to vote on all the possibilities, from a ‘people’s vote’ to Common Market 2.0. This is essentially the same as Labour’s official amendment, but has a good chance of passing when set out under the names of Hilary Benn, Yvette Cooper and Oliver Letwin rather than the leader of the opposition.Voting today starts earlier, from 5pm. Make sure you have and LabourList ready…Sign up to LabourList’s morning email for everything Labour, every weekday morning.Tags:Labour /Brexit /Indicative votes /last_img read more