Where is the highest price in Hefei

Hefei as a second tier city, in the process of economic development, has achieved remarkable results. Its prices have soared, becoming a hot topic of discussion. Then, for the current high prices in Hefei, where the highest? You know what?

according to Hefei media reports, June 21st, the Hefei Municipal Land Management Committee held the fifth meeting of the directors, the Hefei real estate bureau, China Merchants Bureau, Land Bureau, Finance Bureau and other more than and 20 departments attended the meeting, Hefei will not clear the introduction of restriction policy, but will be the introduction of differentiated credit policy, such as raising the threshold Shoufu, the most expensive land for a month in the payment of money. read more

What projects can be considered in rural entrepreneurship gold project sharing

many people have lived in the city for a long time, but they are really tired of the monotonous, heavy life style. Especially those from the countryside to the city of rural people, big city life is very difficult. Many young people want to return home to start a business, then what projects are more appropriate?

now mostly engage in diversified rural areas, farmers also found wide opportunities to get rich. Easy to understand the rich rural science and technology books can provide them with rich information and related knowledge, welcomed by farmers. If local conditions to provide practical technical books for farmers to buy or lease, there will be considerable income. read more

nvestment in automotive beauty industry let you stop Kuangzhuan

with the continuous development of the automotive industry, the number of cars in life is also increasing. With the improvement of people’s living standard, more and more people have their own cars. Want to make their own car to get a comprehensive care, of course, without the help of automotive beauty industry. This industry is a good choice for your business, has a lot of room for development.

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WeChat sells beef noodles to a monthly income of 50 thousand

a monthly income of 50 thousand, or through the WeChat sale, does not feel very unbelievable? However, this is a real case of entrepreneurship, it has achieved a 80 hot mom, but also became the envy of many investors have entrepreneurial objects. So, let Xiaobian to introduce for everybody, look at WeChat selling beef noodles is how a monthly income of 50 thousand.

beef and mutton in Hefei small volume of private beef noodles have been sold for nearly a year, according to his former colleague Chen introduced: first, we are colleagues. But now, she has become my boss." Monthly base net income easily break 50 thousand yuan. read more

Specialty store business know-how

talk about specialty stores, in the current number of countless around the country, after all, is not a daily necessities, it is not the business of the store. Of course, if you can master a certain business skills, so that the development of the shop business is also very easy, the key is that a lot of shopkeepers do not know what the store business know-how. So, what are the special store business know-how?

Yi Zhen source specialty supermarket in Shandong Qingdao District Shaoxing Road, operating for 6 years. Just open a shop, the main Yimeng mountain mountain specialty, in recent years with the change of scale and tourists, they in Yimeng mountain products, and increase the dry cargo and other commodity with regional characteristics, tea. read more

Wuhan Hubei’s first cross-border electricity supplier college students entrepreneurship training bas

this year’s double eleven just ended, according to preliminary statistics, this year the proportion of cross-border electricity providers to occupy the proportion of sales compared to last year, a significant increase in cross-border electricity supplier has become an important branch of the electricity supplier industry. With the gradual integration of the global market integration, cross-border electricity supplier has a bright future.

by the French investment company led the Wuhan opal investment issued by the bonded commodities trading center (hereinafter referred to as "the free"), 12, officially settled in the processing area of Hubei Wuhan economic and Technological Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as "Wuhan export processing zone). This is also the first to carry out cross-border electricity supplier in Hubei college students entrepreneurship training base. read more

Business after the snow

any changes in the weather, are likely to bring us business opportunities, and thus help the owner to create a higher wealth. November 24th, yimenglaoqu — beautiful beautiful Linyi ushered in the first snow of winter. The snowfall let the earth wrapped in a thick layer of snow, but also to the traffic brought unprecedented pressure.

and this continued snow, so that the broom and the like of the goods into a hot item. From day to day nobody cares to sell a dozen hot selling these days, the hot and cold days of the sale of the goods, enough to show that the snow is enough to make people amazing. read more

How to start a small clothing wholesale market

now want to start a lot of people, the amount of investment is also different. When it comes to business, we first thought is the clothing industry, because it joined the threshold is low, is the best to join, but how to join? Do clothing wholesale market prospects?

clothing and textile is a pillar industry to provide more than 9% GDP and more than 25% of foreign exchange earnings for Chinese, Chinese textile and apparel exports accounted for 1/5 of the total world export of textile and clothing. read more

Small open home folk custom jewelry store to make business more popular

jewelry store is everywhere, people are already doing not feel what advantage, not to mention or just to venture investors, so if you really want to start, on the choice of some characteristics of the project. There is no doubt that the folk custom jewelry store is an absolute good choice.

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Maternal and child supplies store business notes inventory

maternal and child supplies store business notes? Many novice is not very proficient in the operation, need to learn more skills. Xiaobian finishing the relevant recommendations, mainly from the popularity and service analysis, hoping to provide you with some suggestions to help you find the right development.

generally speaking, in the process of management of maternal and child supplies stores, popularity is very important, for the specific promotion energy-saving method still has a lot of popularity of the store, which requires the shopkeepers in practice constantly learning and mastering. Maternal and child supplies stores business is centered around a popularity in the development, there will be more popular with consumers, the consumers will have more profit, this is a process of mutual promotion, believe the interlocking function is every maternal and child supplies investors are going to understand. read more

Some basic entrepreneurial experience sharing network

Now the

network business is becoming very popular, more and more young people began when the first venture will look to the whole business network, at the same time in the online business also has a lot of good business experience to share.

More and more information of potential customers

1. you can get their attention, and resources are limited, so you must try to provide free information useful to their life or business, to get their attention resources, and reached the final goal of buying.

2. regularly sends emails to your customers and potential customers via email. read more

How about three seconds pearl milk tea international chain store

you in the eyes of the tea shop is what kind of, we in the eyes of ordinary people, tea shop is nothing more than a small shop, is nothing more than a few tea machine combination of a tea shop, but there is such a tea franchise brand will own tea brand business to the world, it is the "kuaisanmiao tea".

"kuaisanmiao" pearl milk tea international chain stores, has now developed into a global scale type chain stores, nearly a thousand more than pure taste, excellent quality products. The company has three seconds grasp the pulse of the market, guide consumption trends, innovation, committed to the development of the scale of the franchise network at the same time, continue to produce the "three seconds" unique? Formula, pure taste, excellent quality products. read more

These three ways can greatly reduce the risk of entrepreneurship

venture, there are a lot of people know, but there are still many people willing to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, because they believe that they can talk about the venture to minimize the risk. There are three ways to reduce the risk of entrepreneurship.

in the business cost and business risk increasing today, a lot of entrepreneurs, and would-be entrepreneurs faced great pressure. How to reduce business risk? The author and many entrepreneurs in the exchange and consulting found that those who are successful entrepreneurs tend to have the following three ways to reduce the risk of entrepreneurship, access to new growth. read more

What problems will be faced in the process of College Students’ Entrepreneurship

today’s college graduates has become a very troublesome thing, it is difficult to find a satisfying job, so many college students want to achieve wealth, through entrepreneurship today, full network Xiaobian to Zhang entrepreneurial process as an example, talk about creative industry will face the reality the problem.

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How to join the restaurant

restaurant is now doing more popular projects, the advantages of this project is significant, support a lot, it has been a lot of attention of consumers, it is worth looking forward to a good brand. Food and beverage industry is a big industry, want to join the restaurant is also a certain skill, the following small series for you to introduce how to join the restaurant?

open the hotel required documents are:

1, join the restaurant how to do? Business address must be the store room (operating room), non commercial housing as a business site; and lease contract, if its own store room, the original property and the use of free proof of use; read more

How to make the promotion more effective


now in order to improve profits, almost every shop will take related promotional activities, after all, is the most efficient store promotion to enhance the popularity of the most effective methods, but the premise is must know the promotion method, otherwise it may backfire. So, how can we make the promotion more effective? Let Xiaobian analysis and analysis for you.

1, do a good job before the promotion of publicity.

" wine is also afraid of deep alley, " good promotion of consumers do not know, only " " stillborn;. Do a good job of promotional work before the promotion is to achieve the purpose of the premise. read more

Open dessert stores need to pay attention to what

dessert is a favorite food to eat a lot of friends, if you want to open a dessert shop, in the shop before you need to do? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, so as to better shop business.

is the first choice of the brand. Open dessert store to pay attention to what? Since the dessert after the fire there are a variety of imitators, dessert shop to pay attention to what? What should we choose? We must be careful not to be many brands to confuse, we must pay attention to the brand visibility, to which brand more strength, but also pay attention to brand reputation, a good brand reputation, its popularity is more prosperous, the market prospect is broad, can attract more customers. Only choose the right brand, it is possible to get a better income. read more

Open a breakfast shop to make money

a lot of people have thought of to enter our food and beverage market, but what kind of food and beverage brand to do a good job? Open a breakfast shop, we have to do a good job before doing a budget.

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Dessert industry to inject new vitality into the light catering industry

with South Korea and Hong Kong and Macao lifestyle has been accepted and sought after by the mainland, more and more dessert into our lives, become a new wave of light catering industry, as the light catering industry, such as new vitality. How about the dessert industry? May wish to take a look at!

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What are the preparations for the ice cream Stores

is selling ice cream products, whether in any season is very popular, many consumers love to taste the delicious ice cream, driven by the progress of the industry market, entrepreneurs are very concerned about the operational guidance for the ice cream so sure when we open the ice cream store should especially pay attention to some problems, we need to have good the attitude and effective way.

Preparation of

ice cream franchise shop is started the whole basic plan, so to develop the overall progress, the ideal situation is to be filed in the 10 months before the opening, to be finalized in the shop 6 months ago, so the scheme can y prepared and effectively expand. read more