New Oriental Godfather Yu Minhong entrepreneurial impulse is not brave

entrepreneurial road, covered with thorns, every entrepreneur needs to learn. New Oriental Godfather Yu Minhong, was honored as the godfather of the business class figures, as a win in China, the judges fame, fans countless. Today, Yu Minhong, as a member of the mentor group, joined Ma launched a small business intelligence sharing platform – cloud program".

in the cloud, the fans once again saw the deep wisdom of life and rich Yu Minhong comments on sentiment. Recently, a netizen proposed such confusion: one of his friends is a senior teacher of middle school, wages and benefits are good, the children are 5 years old, but now the teacher decided to quit the job, business, hope to help users get the idea. read more

Huizhou mission to help young entrepreneurs entrepreneurs

is a modern society belongs to the young entrepreneurs in the era, under a background like this, there are a lot of young entrepreneurs, and all are trying to help young people to realize their entrepreneurial dreams, funding and training to help them.

youth are the main force of entrepreneurship and innovation. Good service for the effective youth entrepreneurship and employment, the municipal Party committee to grasp the diverse needs of youth, and actively guide the Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship, to encourage and help more willingness and ability of youth entrepreneurship through the "last one kilometer". read more

Wonderful names do stunts snack difficult for a long time

In order to let the

shop can attract people, now is a lot of shops will have a more wonderful name. However, even with more wonderful name, one may indeed attract customers, but this shop will also want long actually very difficult. Here, Xiaobian to introduce a case.

There is a snack bar on the road

Hangzhou Dengyun, main types of pasta, fast food. Those who see the shop sign people are always frowning: what name is not good, just call this? Snack shop is really shocking, called "bad face". Not only the name of this store is also a signature pasta, also called "bad face". read more

The location of snack bars need to pay attention to what

The first step of

venture is to choose a good project, and then select the store location, different positions can have different operating conditions, business people think, find a good franchise shop, open chain stores have half the success, so people open chain stores are very important location. The snack industry mainly depends on the passenger flow is, more people, bring more money, so food chain stores must find a good franchise store. Snack chain store how to choose? Look at the following is how to analyze it! read more

With a home travel car quietly become a new choice for the people of Shanghai

now young people are very keen on travel, the world is so big, everyone wants to look at. With the development of the times, a new way of travel began to pop up, with the "home" travel, do not have a flavor. A variety of cars to help young people realize their dreams, but also to become a new market for tourism companies.

with the "home" travel, is now a lot of young people’s dream, with the popularity of the car, more and more people like the "sex" tourism. Reporters learned that, at present, the car is driving the car line products quietly popular, a lot of tourism companies aimed at new markets. Industry sources said, RV tourism in the tourism market prospects for development, to meet a fashion, novelty, personality tourism groups. read more

What is the name of the successful store

although the name of the shop is a lot, however, some things are successful, but some of them have a great impact on the development of the store because of failure. In short, the shop name, usually should be able to reflect the characteristics of the operator, or reflect the good quality of the main products, so that customers can easily identify the scope of the business of the shop, and the desire to buy. A good store name can make a customer look after or after the impression will not forget, so that they can increase the chance of repeat purchase, at the same time, they will introduce more customers. read more

Spicy fish mountain to teach you how to get consumers to En Chong Hot pot

food and beverage brands brands jostle colored dragons and fishes jumbled together. In the strength of the minority is not a minority, hot pot is one of them. But take a hot pot, which can only get the favor of consumers is less and less. How to occupy the leading position in the hot pot Market? Spicy fish pot pot to tell you personally operating experience.

spicy fish Hot pot is mountain in thousands of years of ancient clay altar vessels, and natural squalene into marinade ingredients, make marinade three seconds in-depth fish skin, fish and ensure the flavor, fusion of more than and 20 kinds of medicinal materials and health pot, with seasonal organic vegetables and fish Hot pot exclusive development model. read more

Most of the money to earn four small business

as the saying goes: women and children’s money is best earned! So now the market, to sum up, in the end what business can earn the money of the woman? Today the network Xiaobian summed up a few women can earn money of small businesses, for reference only.

women have been the highlight of the clothing market

read more

Returnees entrepreneurial team to create a miracle in Shenzhen to promote economic prosperity in She

Thanks to the policy of reform and opening up, the development of

in Shenzhen has gained a great deal of talent. In recent years, the development of Shenzhen is to get a very good help returnees entrepreneurial team, economic development is getting better and better.

Figure read more

Hu Zhicheng Amoy Shanxi agricultural electricity supplier pioneer

the Internet brought us convenience, it also brings more business opportunities, a lot of people are engaged in business after business success of the rich, in many remote mountainous areas or rural areas, engaged in the business of electricity providers who are constantly expanded, today we bring the story of a Shanxi business the.

7 days, 16 people to help farmers sell a ton of dates, the process is completely public, they did not charge a penny of the cost of 100. And through the release of micro-blog information, many large traders and companies also went to Linxian County for procurement. According to statistics, the micro-blog marketing, in a short period of time to promote the sale of Linxian County jujube 20%. read more

dentify the franchise chain trap layout to avoid the loss of entrepreneurship

stock market turbulent, tragedy happened, people think that the best way to get rich or entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial market venture projects many of which are beyond count, false to join the brand, entrepreneurial novices must know how to distinguish, to avoid unnecessary losses.

1, a bombardment of advertising:

they are costly, spend a lot of money, big advertising in newspapers, magazines, television, network, all over the country to attract the attention of those who get rich;

2, the cheater described himself as a very deep background, like a towering tree! read more

ntegrated ceiling franchise business skills

now the rapid development of home improvement industry market, integrated ceiling as an important part of home improvement, investment in such a project is a good choice. But for incense to do the project of integrated ceiling investors, how to manage their own integrated franchise? Also need to master the business knowledge:

integrated ceiling franchise business skills, to create a store image

store image is the carrier of the brand. Good image can better maintain the grade of the brand, enhance the added value of the brand. Now integrated ceiling industry development time is short, the lack of a mature business atmosphere, so many ceiling shops do not pay much attention to the image of the store, which greatly damaged the brand’s recognition rate and transmission rate. The design idea of NON to the core of Nunn thousands of stores, store decoration style and display must be completed in accordance with the headquarters of professional design. NON close to give new franchisee Nunn decoration subsidy policy, to ensure that the franchisee investment costs but also help shape the franchisee stores in high-end image. read more

Wealth forecast Winter stall selling what the most profitable

now the weather is getting cooler and cooler, and a lot of summer stall stall owners are thinking about how to change the direction of the season to adapt to the changes, cool days, what is the best selling? After a series of investigation and research, for all of you to do a wealth forecast for the winter people want to spread the stall about the winter stall selling what the most profitable.

The temperature is very low

read more

High rate of return of small clothing store

this is a personal attention to fashion of the times, to succeed in the clothing industry, understand the operation of the road is the key to wealth, Chen Yanlin’s success story is continuing, interested friends can learn from you.

clothing so that the number of people to achieve the entrepreneurial dream, the clothing business must not have culture, but must know if you have technical skills, so you can easily close to success. Because there is no chance to go to school, Chen Yanlin dropped out of school to do the clothing business. The clothing features, but also to add a lot of shops business. read more

Teach you venture capital in the 333

just saw this title you must face a fog, venture investment in the "333" in the end what value? Venture capital, investment must be cautious. How to release the risk? How to get a good input-output ratio? Experts from the three levels were proposed to pay attention to three issues.

business conditions

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Small business – Marinated Egg business development experience

in the streets we can always see some small traders pushing the car around, in fact, do not underestimate these small carts business, their income is very impressive. Today we take a look at Sichuan Marinated Egg entrepreneurial wealth of life experience.

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Summary of errors made by salesman

clerk this post threshold is not high, a lot of people can be a salesman, but to be a salesman is not an easy thing. If you are a salesman, do you have any of these common mistakes?

1, do not really understand what is marketing? Do not understand what marketing (do not know what to sell products to customers)?

2, fear of failure, fear of rejection, not to accept the rejection, lack of self-confidence, passion is not enough, there are discouraged (anyway, not to the account, do not matter);

3, hoping to let developments have too much hope of success, without a careful analysis of each customer, to focus on a few customers, the lack of development of new customer awareness, always clinging to a few customers. The ability to judge the customer is relatively poor, too high expectations of customers, too believe that the customer. Some customers are no longer in use, but the business representatives will see you. Call to hear the customer to do the site, a moment of excitement to forget to ask the customer the most basic situation (how to do, how much money to spend, etc.). read more

Fujian, Wuyishan will be built into 5A tourist attractions

the development of local characteristics, can effectively promote the local economic development. Fujian in the process of economic development, make full use of local natural advantages, continue to build cultural tourism and eco-tourism industry, and achieved very good results. This time, Fujian, Wuyishan will be built into a 5A class tourist attractions, below we understand.

Provincial Tourism Bureau news, Wuyishan will be a total investment of about 1 billion 200 million yuan, and strive to use 5-10 years to build a high starting point, high grade, high standards, the internationalization of Wuyishan forest ecological leisure tourism town. read more

Legendary bakery 60 thousand monthly revenue

baking food not only taste good, but also has a high nutritional value, is a lot of chowhound’s choice and if you want to do business, choose a good brand of baking agent should be very good, do not know how to operate? Today, we bring a month to 60 thousand of the revenue of the legendary bakery successful experience, I hope to help. The number of

this store is known as the "Tianjin bakers baking DIY heaven". Because here, only you can not think of the goods, absolutely you can not buy goods". The shop owner of "Seagull" (net), the store of goods is divided into three categories (baking ingredients, tools, accessories), more than 1500 kinds of goods, at home than I can store all types of goods baking shop are numbered. read more

How to choose children’s wear brand

immediately Children’s Day, children’s clothing store business and Hailfire a lot of investment, is also planning a new children’s clothing store to open. In the planning process, they encountered a problem, that is, in the face of a huge number of children’s clothing brand do not know how to choose, this site will be their weapon, about how to choose children’s wear brand.

is the first market trend analysis. Children’s clothing is currently a more potential plate. Dealers in the choice of brands of these trends must understand, although not necessarily in accordance with the trend to choose the brand, but the trend of understanding, in the choice of brands have an overall grasp. read more