Talking about the operation skills and experience of recruiting websites

as a function of the website operation command has been three years, three years into their industry the most basic environment, contact the most real users and manufacturers, and from contact with them is summarized the meaning of Web site operators. It can be said that although it is based on the network, but the site is even industry, and ultimately to be based on reality, good line and thinking is the key. And nowadays is also the hot spot of network recruitment, everyone is using this opportunity to carry on self promotion. So, in such a critical time, we should be from what aspects of the webmaster?. read more

Several webmaster query tools commonly used web site

this is the first blog of the year, to tell the truth, I don’t know what to write that article, then thought for a moment, take yourself some Adsense commonly used query tool website to share out, to give you a brief introduction. In fact, these sites are familiar to everyone, but everyone’s understanding of these websites and views have some differences.

webmaster helper,

webmaster helper, as a professional webmaster query site, developed some query tools commonly used webmaster and Internet staff, such as website Links inspection tools, website query tool, PR query and so on, some website quality query commonly used in some specialized tools. The tools above are complete and used by many webmasters and Internet practitioners. The author is also one of the users of this station. However, Adsense helper website advertising seems a little more, in use, accidentally click on the website above advertising links, and there are these ads dazzling. The website hangs advertisement to make money understandable, but individual feels in certain position above, still do as little as possible. As shown in Figure: read more

The local station, God of the forehead!

when we meet two women who are very fond of each other, the painful choice begins. It is impossible to choose the one and the other, the two together. Well, choice is the most painful thing at some point.

at present, because of many factors, entrepreneurship has become the topic of everyone at leisure, some friends or students began to network business process, some friends also participated in entrepreneurial activities, all of these entrepreneurs are to create their own piece of the sky. As a webmaster, want to through the website to realize their entrepreneurial ideas, so give yourself in website localization is a difficult process, because we may also have several ideas, several good direction, people are greedy, want what all go, ten finger just wanted to hold down twelve fleas, so the end result is that for a long time, the website is only just built more content, more than a few people, but don’t give yourself to what the sense of achievement, also let yourself feel tired all day. Therefore, we want to achieve our dream of entrepreneurship through the colorful world of this network, we must learn to accept and reject, and learn to accept and reject, so as to succeed in business. read more

The development of tourism websites goes to the fast lane, and the channel brand users are the core

with the improvement of people’s life, tourism has become a hobby for many people, don’t you see "from the" If You Are The One dating show, almost every girl has a travel loving, even with the sea of love "bait", visible tourism is very important in our life, and according to the relevant statistics, only in 2010, tourism websites domestic output value of more than about 30000000000, and almost in front of the first half of this year it completed 80% sales last year, the growth trend this year is still very gratifying, visible, now tourism website has entered the fast track of development read more

Novice webmaster free guidance training lecture notes (three) free to share and download!

Hello everyone, today, Shanghai SEO (SWJ), participated in the plans for Wang ADMIN5 hosted novice Adsense training lectures (three) website promotion skills experience  .

Speaker: ADMIN5 webmaster (Mr. Wang)

I started talking about the practical aspects of promotion.

, we have been doing personal website, in fact, all the website process, is also the process of promotion, the webmaster concerned about the topic, that is, 2 words "promotion."". read more

See how the web of interest is located

as a webmaster, we must ensure that the development of the site needs good positioning, which is the decisive factor in future success!

, I’m a web owner. Tell me how to locate the website:

was the first to have a clear goal, that is why the customer will use your website main interests is to provide free business information, this should be a good direction in the current and future challenges, fee for service that is inevitable! Free in the future development trend is likely to be a


: the development of the market economy is an urgent need to develop the network wide market at the same time, it will produce a large number of B2B, B2C, C2C and other property website, but from their actual situation decision is B2B or the other, because no interest in a lot of manpower and resources to provide only the information service platform, so select the B2B read more

Funny, bizarre, painful site building process (1)

apologizes to everyone for the first time. If there is a bad writing, please forgive me. Ben is a hundred percent newbie,

nonsense, less direct start, I also in A5 stroll for some time, see you webmaster a lot of soft Wen, just know that the original personal website is also profitable. I am secretly happy, not to have to make a website of my own. In the middle of this pain, struggling for a long time, in the end is true or false, in the end do or not do site?. Finally decided to do the website, because I have been dreaming of a movie site webmaster, regardless of earning money or earn money. So on the Internet looking for N long, if not find, Baidu search engine will be my search rotten. Finally found a decent movie program. Well, I’m happy again….. Finally, let me find a program for the movie. The first problem is solved. read more

How to add the chain in English station

many do foreign language station, don’t know how to add English to the chain, here I want to talk about how to add English to the chain.

in Chinese station, we know that the blog has Sina, Hexun, Sohu, NetEase, Baidu space and so on, the forum has A5, a push, you can write articles, leave the link, lead spider, in addition to what the forum, what the website can use Baidu Search, find very convenient, but does not know how to English station looking for.

in fact, this is very simple, is to learn people, take a look at the top ranking of the site, which on the site left traces, we can also do not pull left. I suggest using YAHOO international webmaster statistics, you can clearly see other sites in which blog on the left of the chain, please note that is international, not domestic. read more

‘m the boss. Who am afraid of

boss refers to the supreme leader of an organization or a group, the brothers work should take into account the boss, boss work will also take into account the brothers, a group that will develop more and better. In China’s Internet search industry, Baidu is the boss, although GOOGLE is the oldest in the world, but in China, you can only take the second seat.

as a webmaster of our website, should not only consider the boss of the second, more important is to look at the boss’s face, and the boss from work is whether you 37 twenty-one, did hurt some people never say anything, only victims everywhere complain, curse boss is not fair, such as the. read more

How to build high quality website sites at low cost

with the gradual rise of Internet in China, more and more people have their own sites. The purpose is different, some are purely for hobbies, opened a blog. For example: maybe (has been wall), cattle Bo net (also has been wall), fresh fruit Some want to make money and start a shopping website. There are more websites like this. Google, shopping sites are out of 23 million 300 thousand results. Another is not just to make money on the website, but to make money on the service. No matter what station you build, you want to build a high quality site. Here’s how to build a low cost, high quality site. Very suitable for site novice webmaster use. read more

Girls addicted to network suffering from depression, webmaster should also prevent excessive indulge

today saw the news that girl depression addicted to the Internet to see friends six times away from home, a 21 year old young girl addicted to online dating, a few degrees away from home to meet with friends. This is her sixth disappearance, over indulging in the virtual world, coupled with the experience of running away from home many times, has left her suffering from depression. This not only affects her life and her studies, but also has a bad influence on her future physical and mental development. read more

Ji Shiquan through the website record, difficult to reflect the webmaster problem

website filing difficult

a set of national conditions for the site filing system in the past few years has begun to run, and some people complain about the beginning, now the filing system has been strengthened, and many webmasters are against. Of course, many loopholes in filing system and process unreasonable let too many people refer to, I also have very hate. I personally feel that in order to regulate the Internet, in order to put an end to bad information, the effect of this approach will not be too good. But also, inciting people harass the people and waste money for many webmaster, holding a stomach gas. read more

Amoy zern contest CEEN will be announced the ultimate result of back soon!

is 2 months of the first quarter of CEEN zern · world famous shoes Taobao customers to promote competition and finally came to the end, you will complete the Taobao waiting Keyou also finally in today’s "Halloween" released! I wish everyone a happy holiday ~

below, our lovely curator read out the full list of first season events:

winners, please contact QQ1597389813 at speed to communicate awards,


first season is zern debut in Taobao costumes guest field, got all the enthusiastic support of friends, thank you very much. In addition, we would like to thank A5 webmaster network and a lot of network media support. read more

Google to abandon the Chinese market a long premeditated strategic speculation


just by his country heart attacks, Internet users have not settled down, injury rehabilitation is still healing, according to foreign media reports, Google said recently are assessing their feasibility in China commercial operation, and may completely withdraw from the market Chinese. Google’s official blog said it was considering shutting down Google china". The news came out like a tsunami on the internet.

Google first entered China market, this way is also quite hard, although received some threshold conditions, after all, provide more choices for the walk on the road to the market of the country. read more

A platitude; a pseudo original writing method

before discussing this question, we should have such understanding, what is the purpose of your website, what kind of information can you provide for the visitors?. We all know that web content is king. Then, the core of content should be to provide the most appropriate content to as many people as possible, and that’s what you build your web site for.

well, according to the above, we’ll talk about the pseudo originality of several websites:

one, Title Pseudo original method

1, digital replacement method to achieve pseudo original, such as you see the article title is "how to let the site included in a day", then you can change to "how to let the website in three days included" read more

From the valuation of $1 billion to sell distressed, electricity supplier Nova Fab sudden decline of

2011, Fab in the e-commerce circle quickly red, become a high-profile star enterprise, around its various electricity providers, the Bible is too numerous to mention. However, the latest news from Fab is that it is seeking acquisitions, the company’s core team will switch to another furniture electricity supplier brand Hem. Analysts expect the market value of Fab to be between $1 and $150 million, compared with $1 billion in June when it accepted Tencent and Andreessen Horowitz investments. read more

8 trends in web design that are about to be eliminated

The age of

has been changing, and we are amazed by the innovations after another. The trend of web design is like a shooting star. It shines brightly, but it comes quickly and goes quickly. Although the trend is not good, there seems to be no design idea, but many design trends really deserve to follow. Like the current responsive design, flat design, and scrolling parallax.

but, as well as the design trend of many extremely "dross", this paper enumerate one by one, please.

1., in addition to the old diehard in the era of telephone lines, no one likes the page Jump now, read more

Baidu index (Baidu included) conjecture

read the article on xxgohst’s Baidu rotation index (see last), I basically agree with his conjecture, and make a supplementary guess.

according to my observation of the more than 40 stations, some of my stations are often included in fluctuations, occasionally missing a few pages, and answering in a day.

the following article according to the experience of pure conjecture, not accurate, please Paizhuan, please add


I feel that Baidu is not just two servers, including the same station, but N servers, read more

ntegrity of the network needs to improve the integrity of the transaction, honesty is king

on the afternoon of July 2nd, many webmasters in the forum and QQ group reflect their web site can not open. At first, the webmaster thought it was a normal network fault, or that the site was suspended. Later, a webmaster broke the news that Taizhou primitive people network collapse, and volume missing. Suddenly, the news in the webmaster circle and IDC ring fried pan.

later confirmed by the parties, the original network is empty, Juankuan missing. Taizhou primitive man company has been empty, the relevant staff and customer service phone is no answer. According to informed sources, the original human network as early as June 20th has been transferred all the servers, Jiangsu Telecom also filed a lawsuit against it in June. Primitive people know that in the case of bankruptcy, still said that the upcoming arrival of the debt 30 million financing and listing, on the one hand to raise prices, on the other hand, inform customers to expand business volume, in order to defraud more funds to escape. This kind of behavior has caused extremely serious loss to the webmaster to the IDC agent. According to incomplete statistics, the incident spread to tens of thousands of websites, involving hundreds of IDC agents, involving tens of thousands of webmasters. Not only to the webmaster and IDC industry caused tens of millions of losses, but also once again put the IDC industry on the "good faith crisis" cusp. read more

Li Xinrong facing the phoenix nest correctly, facing the problem correctly

has been busy with work recently and has rarely published articles, but found that many friends still pay close attention to my blog. I feel very happy. Here, Li Xinrong thanked all my friends for their concern and support.

tips: This article by Li Xinrong original, reproduced please keep.

Baidu phoenix nest in December 1st finally on-line, many friends are very looking forward to the arrival of this day, but unfortunately should be that sentence "not yet arrived, looking forward to, but not the original thought of Ruyi."". In the evening of November 30th to the morning of December 1st, many of my friends found out that they were out of control, and they were both complaining and insulting to Baidu and qq. Indeed, at that time I also complained, and the heart and mind struggle, after all, still rely on keywords to flow, reducing the flow of N times, regardless of the site itself or income impact is very huge. Meditation, however, was not necessarily a bad thing; at least this incident gave us the opportunity to reflect: read more