Shanghai Longfeng joking it is a normal thing.

1.ZF website

Zhu Weikun?

official website, must be more awesome, their website is everything, as I am a member of GC, where I go, can hang the title to do good! At the same time, to do good with the GC party with the title, you can get the support of many people. Of course, this thing, you can refer to the "most beautiful teacher" event to see.

2. by the Shanghai dragon website

the last 628 events, so many of the original offensive Shanghai dragon friends started shelling Shanghai dragon is not a technology, because the Shanghai dragon in China has not been recognized that institutions and as an academic spread. As everyone knows, like what the program technology are to learn in school, but also professional books, teachers in the teaching, so the moment Shanghai dragon are also pushed in the teeth of the storm. read more

Shanghai Longfeng reading website four and five do not ban

product line, and then after the revision will delete these pages on the server, this way is extremely inappropriate. If the data is not required, so not on the website display can be deleted directly on the server, no data on file! If the number is too much, it will appear a lot of problems 404. Of course, some of the page quality is very poor, and there is no ranking pages except the need to evaluate the technology of Shanghai dragon.

three: ban file delete

website simply modify the TITLE Title website, said the complex replacement procedure is also called website, sometimes the revision will not be a problem, but sometimes the revision will cause irreparable loss! read more

Shanghai dragon ER combat must prevent search engine area

, a website title often changed

three, the site code is a mess, the link of


take this love Shanghai optimization tips, love Shanghai is thinking about, it can shield the search engine optimization? Of course, I’m not sure, can’t deny. It is a good thing, then a strong market, there will be loopholes, as long as there is a loophole, then use this loophole profitable industry will continue to increase. So don’t be afraid, very strong network can be absolutely not very perfect. read more

See the magic of Robin station to optimize future path


love has been changed, but we have to be changed, I through the analysis of the Robin site, more on their own road with confidence, but not sitting in front of the computer to complain about it. The final advice: to strengthen their own optimization literacy, constantly adapt to the development of the times, Shanghai dragon road will not break. Please indicate the source: 贵族宝贝dokdom贵族宝贝/ A5 first

meters off

three. The chain of strong

The Writing specifications and keywords

  read more

The essence of the new interpretation of the weights of the website and the common mistakes

new website snapshot does not represent the weight of high site, only that the site updated more frequently and regularly in a certain period of time, love the formation of Shanghai regular update habits. In fact, often encounter such a situation, many love Shanghai a few weeks or months before the site keywords ranking in the first case that this love Shanghai beyond count, snapshots are not the key factors reflect the website weight, but does not exclude the snapshot time with the website weight is very big. read more