MoroccanBritish Woman Elected To London City Council

Rabat –Aicha Less, a Moroccan-British member of the Labour Party, was elected Councilor for the Church Street Ward in the City of Westminster on May 5.The Moroccan politician, who was born in Larache, a northern Moroccan city, and moved to London as a child in 1983, was elected Councilor in Church Street by-election on May 5, following the resignation of Vincenzo Rampulla.Less won the five-way race with 2,174 votes. Her fellow Moroccan challenger Rachid Boufas, from the Conservative Party, obtained 512 votes, followed by Barr Alistair Graeme, of the Liberal Democrats, with 205, Jill Sarah De Quincey, from the UK Independence Party (UKIP), with 175 and Andreas Habeland, of the Pirate Party UK, with just 26 votes. After nearly 20 years of experience working in local government, Less became the first Moroccan to land a seat in British local elections.Less campaigned on her passion for the area and loyalty to the issues and causes of her community.During her campaign, Less said, “I want to be the people’s advocate and work on their behalf, particularly in raising their concerns about problems with the futures plan for Church Street including the lack of consultation from the Council.”The Moroccan politician gained the trust of the Westminster residents who voted for her, winning the election with 70 percent of the vote.Her Labour colleagues have expressed their faith in her capacities and dedication to serving her community.Ahead of the elections, Labour Group Leader Councilor Adam Hug said, “Westminster Labour group is delighted that local members have selected such a committed and passionate candidate for Church Street. Aicha will be a great voice for local residents if elected as the new councilor for Church Street on May 5th.”The election of the Moroccan woman as Councilor for the Church Street Ward in Westminster comes only a few weeks after Sadiq Khan, also from the Labour Party, was elected London’s first Muslim mayor. read more

NTSB details impact of shutdown on delayed accident probes

WASHINGTON — Federal safety officials are returning to a backlog of accidents, some of them deadly, that investigators did not examine because they occurred during the partial government shutdown.The National Transportation Safety Board said Monday that it didn’t send investigators to 15 aviation accidents in which 21 people died, two highway accidents that killed seven, and two railroad accidents that left two more dead.Work also stopped on more than 1,800 aviation-safety investigations.During the 35-day shutdown, more than 90 per cent of the NTSB’s 367 staffers were furloughed. Four investigators were called back to work without pay on three international aviation accidents.President Donald Trump announced Friday that he agreed to end the shutdown until Feb. 15 without getting money to build a wall on the border with Mexico.The Associated Press read more

Western Sahara Kohler Meets Algeria Mauritania FMs at UN

Rabat – The UN secretary-general’s personal envoy for Western Sahara, has taken advantage of UNGA to meet Algerian and Mauritanian representatives.This week, Horst Kohler met with Algeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdelkader Messahel on the sidelines of the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly, which opened on September 18 in New York.The meetings could be a move from Kohler to convince Algeria to join a potential negotiation table to find an agreed upon and mutually acceptable solution to the Western Sahara conflict. Morocco has repeatedly called on Algeria to shoulder its responsibility in the conflict and agree to join talks. Read Also: UN: El Othmani Addresses Algeria, ‘Tragic’ Sahrawi Situation in TindoufBesides Messahel, Kohler also met Mauritania’s foreign affairs minister, Ismael Ould Al Sheikh.However, Kohler did not meet with Morocco’s foreign minister, Nasser Bourita, creating speculation.Kohler knows Morocco’s demands and position on the conflict. Bourita and other Moroccan officials, including Morocco’s permanent representative at the UN, Omar Hilale, have recalled Morocco’s position as well as the genesis of the regional dispute in numerous meetings.Read Also: Bourita Meets Trump in New York on Eve of SC Meeting on Western SaharaThe most recent call came from Morocco’s Head of Government Saad Eddine El Othmani, who addressed Algeria’s reluctance in his speech before the participants of the UN General Assembly on Tuesday.El Othmani also denounced the “tragic” situations of Sahrawis “held” in the Tindouf camps.Morocco has asserted that no solution in Western Sahara can be found outside Morocco’s sovereignty.Observers in Morocco and elsewhere are wondering why Kohler did not meet with the Moroccan minister in New York. Read Also: Bolton Is Unlikely to Change US Position on Western SaharaAccording to World News co-founder Samir Bennis, Kohler’s meeting with the Algerian and Mauritanian foreign ministers have been a common practice for the past 10 years. He explained that UN personal envoys “traditionally take advantage of the high level of General Assembly to hold meeting with as many stakeholders as possible.” Bennis dismissed the claim that Kohler has snubbed the Moroccan delegation or rejected to hold a meeting with it, since Morocco is the main concerned party and nothing can be achieved without its contribution. One cannot speculate whether Morocco “refused to hold a meeting with the UN envoy or  Kohler did not request a meeting with Minister Nasser Bourita. Moroccan diplomats are the only ones who can know for certain whether there has been an attempt by Kohler to meet with the Moroccan foreign minister or not.”Bennis argued that perhaps because  Kohler knows Morocco’s principled position about the way forward, he did not feel the need to hold another meeting with the Moroccan officials. “Morocco is fully aware that Morocco won’t agree to sit down with Polisario representatives as the separatist group does not have any freedom or independence to make a decision without getting back to Algeria,” he said. Bennis went on to add that it is “common knowledge that it is Algeria that hosts the Polisario, it supports it at the diplomatic, financial and military level. Without this support since 1976, we would not be talking about the Polisario at this juncture.” He added, “Morocco no longer wants to be beating around the bush and wants the UN and the international community to get serious about the Algerian responsibility and its role in prolonging the conflict. Only then can we envision a potential political solution to the conflict.”“If Algeria is just an observer in the conflict, how can one explain its refusal to let UNHCR conduct a census of the population of the Tindouf camps?” Samir concluded. read more

WatchPaying down debt should be a priority for low income workers but

TORONTO — Investment planning can often be seen as a luxury for the financially stable but advisers say that it’s especially important for those who are starting out in their careers or are struggling with debt.“Sometimes people think they’re not earning enough money to go and sit down with a financial adviser or talk to a professional,” said Sara Zollo, an adviser and financial planner with Sun Life Financial.“I think that’s a mistake. I think the sooner you do… the sooner your situation will reverse itself and head into the black faster. Having a plan is valuable.” A quarter of Canadians with home equity lines of credit are paying only the interest on their loans: survey If money doesn’t buy happiness, why are we so obsessed with getting more of it? More people are going broke in Canada as interest rates rise Zollo says her clients range from wealthy individuals with $1 million or more in liquid assets to recent college graduates embarking on their first job to those who are dealing with spending more than they earn.The initial advice she gives all clients is to first work out a budget and do a cash flow analysis that will show whether the client is running a surplus or a deficit each month.While it is vital to reduce debt, Zollo suggests the allocation should be comprised of 80 per cent of available funds being put towards debt, with 20 per cent set aside in a temporary savings account.“Let’s say there is a miscellaneous expense like your car breaks down, then these people are going to use their credit card and add to their debt because they don’t have an emergency fund,” she said. “They end up being like a hamster on a hamster wheel.”It can take four or five years to pay down debt, and to go that long without any savings or financial plan would be a critical mistake, says Zollo.A general rule of thumb is to have three to six months of household expenses set aside in the event of an emergency.Jason Heath, a fee-based financial planner, notes that those with low to moderate incomes may not benefit, and in some cases, even be penalized if they invest in a registered retirement savings plan.“The real benefit of an RRSP is getting a tax deduction when you’re in a high tax bracket and pulling the money out when you’re in a low tax bracket,” he said.“When your income is low to begin with, it’s not inconceivable that you’re putting the money in at a low tax bracket and pulling the money out at a high tax bracket. Sometimes the higher tax in retirement isn’t even necessarily specifically from income tax, it can be from government tax benefits.”In that case, Heath said a tax-free savings account may be a better option, but only if debt has already been paid off.“For someone in a low tax bracket or low income who may have debt, saving money in a TFSA at one per cent (interest) when they have mortgage debt at four per cent, a line of credit at eight per cent or credit card debt at 18 per cent or more doesn’t really make any sense,” he said.“Whether you pay down debt or save, the ultimate goal is to increase your net worth. Debt repayment can be the best investment they can make. The less debt you have, the more you can save for the future.”Laurie Campbell with Credit Canada says the best financial advice for someone with a low income is to ask for help if you need it.“No matter who you are, don’t be embarrassed if you have a financial problem or if you’re struggling financially,” said Campbell, chief executive at the credit counselling agency.“It happens to so many people, but people are so embarrassed and they don’t want to talk about it. They feel shame. Seek credit counselling. It’s confidential, it’s very compassionate and non-judgemental in helping people manage through a very difficult time.” read more

GM going ahead with closure of one of its Oshawa plants by

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email General Motors is going ahead with plans to close its consolidated plant in Oshawa, Ont., in what its union calls a “disgusting” move it says will eliminate 2,000 jobs directly and many thousands more indirectly.“Obviously it’s devastating news,” Chris Buckley, president of Canadian Auto Workers Local 222 said in an interview after the union received confirmation notice Friday of the pending closure.“Over 2,000 GM workers are finding out today that they with lose their job as of June 2013.“And, when you look at the spinoff employment created as a result of auto assembly, there will be more like 18,000 jobs that will be lost as a result of General Motors’ terrible decision today.”Buckley said he’s “absolutely disgusted” with the move, saying in 2009 CAW members, both active and retired, were forced to make significant sacrifices in order to save the company.“And this is GM’s way of rewarding our members,” he said.Besides the consolidated plant, GM also has a flex assembly plant in Oshawa that is getting a share of the production of the new Chevy Impala, which is also being built at GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant in Michigan.The flex line currently employs 2,000 people assembling the Chevy Camaro, Buick Regal and soon, the Cadillac XTS.The consolidated plant, which produces the Chevrolet Impala and the Equinox, was originally scheduled to close 2008. But due to the market demand for the current generation Chevrolet Impala and the subsequent addition of the Equinox shuttle program, it has remained in business.However, beginning in the fourth quarter of this year, the third shift at the plant will be removed, then the second shift in the first quarter of next year, General Motors of Canada Ltd. said Friday.“As previously announced the consolidated line will cease at the end of scheduled life cycle for the current generation Impala. This is currently anticipated to occur in June 2013,” the company said.However, Buckley said the union isn’t giving up on the plant, arguing both the federal and Ontario governments should get involved because they remain major shareholders to the tune of $8 billion as a result of government bailouts of the auto industry.“So I challenge both our federal and provincial governments to join with the Canadian Autos Workers in attempting to reverse GM’s decision,” he said.Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty said while the closure was expected it is “disappointing,” and suggested he’d be willing to work with GM to extend the facility’s lifespan.“It had been originally scheduled to close in 2008. We’ve been very grateful for the extension to this point in time,” McGuinty said in Ottawa.“If there’s any way at all possible that we might work with GM to extend that even further obviously we’d be more than pleased to consider that.”Buckley said the addition of the Impala at the flex plant means that, at best, a third shift would be added, raising employment at the plant to 2,500.“And that would be consumer driven,” he said, meaning any additional work would depend on the vehicle’s popularity.Buckley said the two plants would be “levelled off” based on seniority, meaning that some workers at the consolidated plant will get to keep their jobs and move to flex plant, while some workers at the flex plant will be among those getting layoff notices.“The most senior people stay, the most junior people are forced to the street,” he said.Buckley said it would be the union’s “top priority” to maintain the consolidated plant when it heads into collective bargaining this summer.“I’m not feeling very comfortable as of today that General Motors will entertain our idea of keeping the plant open but we’re not going to stop pressing them,” he added.GM has been scaling back its overall operations in Canada as part of a North American restructuring begun two years ago under bankruptcy court protection. That streamlining led to the loss of tens of thousands of jobs at the company’s Canadian and U.S. operations and the shutdown of several plants.In Canada, GM has already closed a truck plant in Oshawa and a transmission factory in Windsor, Ont.GM Canada currently employs more than 10,000 people across the country. In its heyday, the automaker had more than twice that total and major operations in Windsor, Oshawa and St. Catharines, Ont. GM going ahead with closure of one of its Oshawa plants by June 2013 by Hugh McKenna, The Canadian Press Posted Jun 1, 2012 8:19 pm MDT read more

Video Business report with Mike Eppel Jan 13

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email TSX composite index on a four-day winning streak, senior business editor Mike Eppel explains. business report|tsx by News Staff Posted Jan 13, 2014 5:38 am MDT Video: Business report with Mike Eppel, Jan. 13

Ohio State track brings in best recruiting class in years

When announcing the signings of nine recruits who will be coming to Ohio State as members of the men’s track and field team next season, OSU interim coach Ed Beathea said he believes the future of the team he is coaching is bright. “This is the best recruiting class we have put together in my time at Ohio State,” Beathea said in a press release. OSU will welcome a broad range of recruits in its incoming class. The class includes five athletes from Ohio, but also adds four out-of-state recruits. Among the class are three distance runners, two sprinters, one hurdler, two throwers and one multi-event athlete. Donovan Robertson, a hurdler from Berea, Ohio, headlines the class. Robertson, the 2011 Ohio Gatorade Track and Field Athlete of the Year, has many accomplishments to his name. This year, Robertson set the indoor national record in the 60-meter hurdles, completing the event in 7.57 seconds. Robertson is also the defending state outdoor champion in the 110-meter hurdles and 300-meter hurdles, and was named to the 2011 USA Today All-USA track and field team. Beathea said he recognized the significance of signing Robertson. “Donovan is one of the most talented signees in OSU history,” Beathea said in the press release. “He will have an instant impact on our conference and the country.” The group of in-state recruits is also highlighted by distance runners. Steven Weaver, from Napoleon, was the 2011 Division II state champion in the outdoor mile run and in cross country. The team also added Nicolas Pupino of Copley and Jordan Redd of Fairborn. Jack Kincade from Hilliard is the fifth in-state recruit in the class. Kincade scored 6,243 points in the decathlon last season, which was the sixth-best decathlon score among all high school athletes nationwide in 2011. OSU also lured four recruits from farther east to come west. Champ Page, a sprinter from Marlboro, Md., is a six-time Maryland state champion. Page finished the 2012 indoor season with times that ranked second nationally in the 300-meter dash with 33.93 seconds, third in the 500 meter with 63.71 seconds, and 11th in the 400 meter with 48.28 seconds. Justin Burke, a sprinter from Virginia Beach, Va., is a two-time defending outdoor state champion in the 100-meter dash, as well as in the 200 meter and 400 meter. Two throwers will also come to the Buckeyes from other states. Joseph Velez, from Providence, R.I., is joined by javelin thrower Billy Stanley from South Park, Pa. Assistant coach Kevin Mannon praised both incoming throwers. “(Velez) has the ability to make an immediate impact on the Big Ten and NCAA championships in 2013,” Mannon said in a press release. “Billy has already thrown a mark that can score at the Big Ten championships, so we expect him to be a major player for us in 2013.” read more

Rob Ford stripped of mayoral powers in Toronto

first_img“This (motion) will be precedent-setting and if we move ahead with this, then obviously if someone else steps out of line like I have, it is going to affect councillors and the mayor I think for years to come,” he concluded.“So obviously I cannot support this.”The mayor’s troubles began several weeks ago when a video surfaced that appeared to show him smoking crack.Forced to admit he once smoked crack, he apologized for his many “drunken stupors.”New allegations of misconduct and lewd remarks, disclosed this week, gave another boost to the spiralling scandal.© – AFPRead: Video shows Toronto mayor Rob Ford ‘extremely, extremely inebriated’ >Read: ‘Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine. Am I an addict? No.’ – Toronto Mayor > EMBATTLED TORONTO MAYOR Rob Ford has been stripped of a number of legislative powers as city councillors seek to limit his powers after his latest obscene outburst.In a meeting today, city councillors passed a motion in a vote by 39-3 in favour of limiting the mayor’s executive powers, effectively leaving him as the city’s chief magistrate in name only.Ford, under fire after admitting to having once used crack and allegedly abusing a prescription drug and other misconduct, yesterday drew gasps, giggles and at least one exclamation of “oh, my God” from reporters with remarks yesterday outside his office.He later apologized, but it did little to stem the swelling outrage.At a city council meeting, many councillors turned their backs on Ford when he stood to speak.One chided him for his “disgraceful language” while a former ally said flatly: “Apology not accepted.”Councillor John Fillion said the aim of the motion was to “try to contain the mayor so that he doesn’t bring down the reputation of council or of the city.”“We can’t control his behavior, but certainly we can ensure that city business carries on as usual, perhaps even better,” he said.The motion reduces the mayor’s budget and staff, and strips him of the powers to appoint committee chairs and hire or fire department heads.Mayor Rob Ford reacts at city council members in Toronto on Thursday. (Pic: CP/AP/Nathan Denette)One councillor described the move as an attempt to build a “firewall” around the disgraced mayor.During a morning debate the mayor, who has been alternately defiant and apologetic about his behavior, sat mostly quiet.He asked a few questions, including about how to manage the transition of powers and raising for the first time the possibility of his resigning.At the same time, though, he vowed to challenge any bid to oust him or limit his mayoral powers, saying he has retained a lawyer and was ready for a legal battle that could last until the next election in October 2014.“I have no other options but to challenge this in court,” he said.Ford pointed out also that he could have removed committee chairs who challenged him to resign, but did not.last_img read more

Irelands population has risen this year but more Irish people are leaving

first_img Around 28% of Ireland’s population lives in Dublin. Image: Shutterstock/blvdone 127 Comments By Orla Dwyer Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 32,350 Views Share146 Tweet Email Image: Shutterstock/blvdone The rise in population is due to positive net migration and a rise in births. The net inward migration for Ireland in the year up to April 2019 is 33,700.61,200 babies were born during this period while 30,400 deaths occurred. This resulted in a natural increase in population of 30,800 people. The latest population and migration estimates for 2019 up to April were released by the CSO earlier today.Labour force survey results were also published today by the CSO showing a 2% employment increase and a reduction of 13,600 in the number of unemployed people. Long-term unemployment accounted for over one-third of total employment in the second period of this year.   Ireland’s population has risen this year, but more Irish people are leaving than returning Over 4.9 million people now live in the country. Tuesday 27 Aug 2019, 4:22 PM THE POPULATION OF Ireland has risen by 64,500 in the past year with 4.92 million people now living in the country, according to figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO). The number of Irish nationals who left Ireland between April 2018 and April 2019 was greater than the number of Irish nationals who immigrated to the country during this period. Last year, there was a positive net inflow of 100 Irish people to the country in the same period last year. An estimated 1.4 million people now live in Dublin, accounting for 28.4% of the total population. 88,600 people immigrated to Ireland this year up to April. Nearly 27,000 of these were Irish nationals. This is a decrease of 1.9% from the previous year. 54,900 people who emigrated from Ireland this year up to April, a decrease of 2.5% on the same period last year. Over half (29,000) of this group were estimated to be Irish nationals. An estimated 622,700 non-Irish nationals are living in Ireland, making up 12.7% of the total population. “All regions showed a population increase in the year to April 2019, ranging from 2,600 persons (0.5%) in the Mid-West to 25,100 persons (1.8%) in Dublin,” said CSO statistician James Hegarty. Around 28% of Ireland’s population lives in Dublin. Source: Leo Varadkar/Twitter Short URL Aug 27th 2019, 4:22 PM Ireland’s population now approaching 5 million. More people living, working and raising families in Ireland than at any point since independence. Our people are our greatest strength.— Leo Varadkar (@LeoVaradkar) August 27, 2019last_img read more

Napster founder wanted Ian McKellen to perform his wedding as Gandalf

first_imgRich people sometimes don’t realize how demeaning some of their requests can be. For instance, asking one of your favorite actors to marry you seems reasonable enough at the right price, right? How about asking them to do so in a silly costume? Of course you wouldn’t that, because you’re not an idiot and would realize that asking a stranger to dress up just for your pleasure is one step away from asking them to be your personal jester.Sometimes that’s not clear.Case in point, Sean Parker, Napster founder and Facebook billionaire, who famously wed singer Alexandra Lenas in 2013. Why famously? The 300-person wedding reportedly cost over $10 million and was Lord of the Rings-themed. Now we don’t mean they had a little cake with the fellowship on it and some Gollum balloons. They hired Ngila Dickson, the designer from the trilogy, to design the wardrobe for each of the 300 guests. It’s probably not that much of an expense for the billionaire, but it’s now been said that he wanted even more.via WikimediaReports are coming in that state Sir Ian McKellen was offered one million pounds to attend the wedding… dressed up as Gandalf…. to officiate. Seriously.Sir Ian being, y’know, a LORD, and generally not a douchebag, decided against it.“I was offered one-and- a-half million dollars to marry a very famous couple in California, which I would perhaps have considered doing but I had to go dressed as Gandalf,” said McKellen. “So I said, ‘I am sorry, Gandalf doesn’t do weddings.’”Now Sir Ian did conduct the wedding of his best bud Sir Patrick Stewart and his fiancee Sunny Ozell, but he didn’t have to wear a wig and robe for that role, although who knows what kind of pipe weed he might have smoked.McKellen says he never knew who made the offer, just that the person was very rich. Good for him for having standards, although one wonders if any other actors were approached for Parker’s wedding. There are certainly a few more Lord of the Rings actors you could see officiating at a wedding, although it would certainly change the whole tone if say, Sean Bean were to do it.last_img read more

Historical happenings in Vancouver mark WWI anniversary, Memorial Day

first_imgThe War to End All Wars didn’t. The very idea seems quaint, doesn’t it? But World War I was a profound turning point in world history; some consider its lofty global ideals, and its industrial approach to killing, the real beginning of the “modern times” in all their hope and horror. The 100th anniversary of the war’s end is getting lots of attention and reflection this year. Here in Vancouver, the occasion dovetails with Memorial Day weekend and “a hotbed of historical happenings,” as the Clark County Genealogical Society notes in a statement about its spring seminar. That takes place from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. May 26 at the historic Red Cross Building near the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site; the star of the show is internationally renowned researcher David Allen Lambert, chief genealogist for the New England Historical Genealogical Society. Lambert’s three talks are aimed at serious history buffs and genealogical detectives: “World War I Military Records,” “Settlers and Their Treasures in the Great Migration West,” and “Probate and Deed Records Research.” The price of attendance is $85 for nonmembers; a box lunch costs $15 more. But, Lambert will also be on hand at 7 p.m. May 25 during a gala reception at the Fort Artillery Barracks, 600 E. Hathaway Road, Vancouver; so will Olympia resident Roger Newman, a descendant of Hudson’s Bay Company laborer John McPhail, who will share his ancestor’s tales and artifacts. Admission is $10 at the door for people not attending the weekend seminar.Stitches and songsIf you love local history but not forking over lots of bucks, there’s still plenty to do this weekend. The Fort Vancouver Tapestry is on display from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. though May 28 at the Clark County Genealogical Society, 717 Grand Blvd., Vancouver. It’s a fascinating folk-historical survey of 70 local scenes and stories as portrayed across 108 feet of linen, all pieced together by 57 volunteer stitchers from 1999 to 2005. Because it’s so huge, the tapestry has never found a permanent home, making public displays special occasions. While you’re there, check out the library and resources of the Genealogical Society, which is always eager for new members.last_img read more

Kane the big threat for England – Courtois

first_imgBelgium goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois is expecting Harry Kane to be England’s biggest threat in the World Cup in Russia ahead of their group stage clashThe Red Devils will face off against England in their final game of Group G.Kane, who was recently appointed the new England captain by Gareth Southgate, has scored 108 goals in his 139 Premier League games over the past five seasons after breaking into the Tottenham team.The 24-year-old had his most productive season in front of goal for Spurs this season with 30 league goals and Courtois is well aware that Kane cannot be taken lightly.“England have a team with a lot of individual talent, you’ll have to watch out for several players,” said Courtois, according to Goal.Jadon Sancho, Borussia DortmundCrouch: Liverpool could beat Man United to Jadon Sancho Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Peter Crouch wouldn’t be surprised to see Jadon Sancho end up at Liverpool one day instead of his long-term pursuers Manchester United.“But the one who scores almost 30 goals every year is Harry Kane. He is the most dangerous.”The Chelsea goalkeeper is disappointed by Mohamed Salah’s expected absence in their friendly against Egypt on Wednesday, in what he hopes will provide Belgium with a similar test to what they faced with Tunisia.“It’s a shame we can’t play against the best team [of Egypt] because they will play without their best player,” he said.“I think Egypt has a good team. Obviously, with or without Salah, it’s different.“But it will be a good game and a good test, hopefully a match similar to that against Tunisia.”last_img read more

Defense Spending Bill Advances in House

first_img Dan Cohen AUTHOR The House Appropriations Committee approved a $579 billion defense spending bill on Tuesday after rejecting a Democratic attempt to overturn the measure’s use of DOD’s war account to get around the Budget Control Act spending caps.An amendment offered by Rep. Peter Visclosky (D-Ind.) would have moved $38 billion placed in DOD’s overseas contingency operations account (OCO) to its base budget. The GOP added those funds to the president’s fiscal 2016 budget request for the war account, boosting it to $88 billion.“The overseas contingency fund has exploded beyond any reasonable measure of what a contingency fund should be,” said Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.).Republicans argued, however, that in the absence of a new budget deal relaxing the caps, resorting to the OCO account is the only way to boost funding for the Pentagon while following the law, reported the Hill.“I wish with all my being that we could lift sequestration to some degree,” Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers (R-Ky.) said.“Until the powers that be — White House, leadership in the House and Senate — until those three entities come together and reach some accommodation, some understanding, we’re bound by the Budget Control Act. I wish it were otherwise,” Rogers said.Visclosky’s amendment was rejected by the committee in a 21-30 party-line vote.The underlying FY 2016 defense spending bill would provide a 2.3 percent pay raise for service members instead of the1.3 percent increase recommended by the president. The measure also provides funding to keep the A-10 Warthog in service in opposition to an Air Force plan to retire the ground support aircraft.last_img read more

Spotify Time Capsule Playlist Bottles Your Life In 30 Songs

first_img Email News Facebook Read more Twitter center_img Can Spotify Bottle Your Youth In A Playlist? spotify-time-capsule-playlist-bottles-your-life-30-songs Streaming service’s latest playlist offering promises to transport you back in timeTim McPhateGRAMMYs Sep 28, 2017 – 3:39 pm Never underestimate the power of nostalgia. But can an automatically generated playlist really transport you to your teens or early 20s?Spotify says yes. The streaming service today rolled out “Your Time Capsule,” a playlist function that “gathers the 30 most nostalgic tracks from your teens and early twenties, creating the soundtrack for a trip down memory lane.”Going off my test case, the results are fun and … pretty close.While my automatically generated playlist definitely revealed some unabashed glam-metal and rock favorites of my youth — including Van Halen’s “Panama,” Vinnie Vincent Invasion’s “That Time Of Year,” Heart’s “Alone,” Journey’s “Faithfully,” Ratt’s “Round And Round,” and Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” it also generated a few head-scratchers with the likes of Prince, Enuff Z’Nuff and REO Speedwagon. With due respect to these three artists, they don’t evoke personal teenage memories.The playlist function is available to users in 60 markets. It factors in your age, country and listening patterns to create the playlist — however, those under 16 years of age will have to wait until they amass some nostalgia to try it out.Will “Your Time Capsule” work for you? Give it a whirl by finding the playlist option at the top of your homepage on Spotify, in the Decades section of Browse on Spotify’s mobile apps for iOS and Android, or by visiting 
Amazon Music Mobile App Users Can Now Ask Alexa Spotify: Time Capsule Playlist Bottles Your Life In 30 Songs last_img read more

CES 2019 Blue Ember is a 100 XLR microphone for serious podcasters

first_img All the cool new gadgets at CES 2019 CES 2019 Tags CES Products Post a comment CES 2019: Every story so far: See all of CNET’s coverage of the year’s biggest tech show.CES 2019 schedule: It’s six days of jam-packed events. Here’s what to expect. 0 85 Photos Audio The Blue Ember (tall mic in center). Sarah Tew/CNET Blue has long been a favored microphone among podcasters and YouTubers, thanks to affordable models like the Yeti. But the company also produces XLR models intended for professional and prosumer customers priced at $1,000 and higher. Now, it’s meeting in the middle with the Blue Ember, an XLR mic that will cost only $100 when it debuts in February.The Ember, on display here at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, is a directional mic with what the company calls a “tight cardioid pickup pattern.” In other words, it’s specifically designed to pick up only the voice of the performer, while reducing background noise such as clacking keyboards or other in-studio distractions. And the balanced XLR connector, of course, means that this is for home studios with a more professional bent — anyone with RCA connectors or USB inputs need not apply.The Ember includes the stand mount, too.Check out Blue’s website for complete specs and preorder info. Share your voicelast_img read more

Two wheeler sales June 2017 Hero Motocorp TVS HMSI Royal Enfield report

first_imgMotorcyclists crowd a fuel station to fill up on petrol in Ahmedabad.Reuters fileTwo-wheeler sales witnessed a mixed trend in June, with Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI), TVS Motor Co. and Hero Motocorp reporting growth while Bajaj Auto saw volumes drop. The month saw hectic activity given that companies were dealing with the last month before the goods and services tax (GST) kicked-in, from July 1 across India except for Jammu & Kashmir.In the domestic market, TVS Motor Co. sold 228,518 units last month, up 10.4 percent from 207,012 vehicles sold last June, while exports rose 20.8 percent to 40,120 units, resulting in an overall growth of 11.8 percent. Hero Motocorp sold 6,24,185 units in India, up 14 percent from 5,49,533 sold last June. “The company sold 547,185 units of motorcycles during the month of June, thereby growing by 13 percent over the corresponding month last year. Hero MotoCorp sold 77,000 scooters in June, registering a 22 percent growth over the corresponding month in 2016,” Hero Motocorp said in a statement on Monday.HMSI reported a modest 2 percent growth in domestic sales at 416,498 units from 407,979 vehicles in June 2016, while exports rose 47 percent to 28,215 units and announced price revision.”Starting July 1, Honda is passing on the GST benefit applicable in most of the states to our valued customers who now get significant savings going up to Rs. 5,500 depending on the model and the state of purchase,” Yadvinder Singh Guleria, Senior Vice President – Sales and Marketing, HMSI said.Bajaj Auto’s two-wheeler sales declined 25 percent on to 2,04,667 units in June; the fall in domestic sales was 33 percent while exports took an 8 percent hit. “The company cut the vehicle prices by upto Rs 4,500 a fortnight before the GST implementation despite which the sales have remained weak. We have a neutral rating on the stock,” Shrikant Akolkar, Research Analyst- Auto & Auto Ancillary, Angel Broking,said in a note on Monday.Royal Enfield sales grew 25 percent to 63,160 units as against 50,682 vehicles last June.last_img read more

As New York Probes Business Deals Trump Cries HARASSERS

first_imgBy MICHAEL R. SISAK Associated PressNEW YORK (AP) — New York’s attorney general has opened a civil investigation into President Donald Trump’s business dealings, acting after his former personal lawyer and fixer told Congress that he exaggerated his wealth to obtain loans. Trump tweeted an apparent response Tuesday night, decrying his home state and its governor as “PRESIDENTIAL HARASSERS.”Attorney General Letitia James issued subpoenas Monday to Deutsche Bank and Investors Bank seeking records related to four Trump real estate projects and his failed 2014 bid to buy the NFL’s Buffalo Bills, according to a person familiar with the inquiry.In this Jan. 6, 2019 file photo, Attorney General of New York, Letitia James, smiles during an inauguration ceremony in New York. James has opened a civil investigation into President Donald Trump’s business dealings, taking action after his former lawyer told Congress he exaggerated his wealth to obtain loans. A person familiar with the inquiry said James issued subpoenas Monday, March 11, to Deutsche Bank and Investors Bank seeking records related to four Trump real estate projects and his failed 2014 bid to buy the NFL’s Buffalo Bills. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File)The person wasn’t authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity. The New York Times first reported the subpoenas.Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, told Congress in late February that Trump exaggerated his wealth on financial statements provided to Deutsche Bank when he was trying to obtain financing to buy the Bills.Cohen told a House committee it was common for Trump to overstate his wealth when dealing with the news media or banks and for him to understate it when it came time to pay his taxes.“New York State and its Governor, Andrew Cuomo, are now proud members of the group of PRESIDENTIAL HARASSERS,” Trump tweeted . “No wonder people are fleeing the State in record numbers. The Witch Hunt continues!”Cuomo’s office didn’t immediately respond.Deutsche Bank said in a statement that it remains “committed to cooperating with authorized investigations.” Messages left with New Jersey-based Investors Bank and the Trump Organization were not immediately returned.The subpoenas issued by the attorney general seek loan applications, as well as mortgages, credit lines and other documents related to the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., buildings in Chicago and New York and a golf course in the Miami area.Several Congressional committees have also requested documents from Deutsche Bank. California Rep. Maxine Waters, a Democrat and head of the House Financial Services Committee, said last week that the bank is cooperating.Deutsche Bank has been one of the few major banks willing to regularly lend to Trump, whose past financial troubles scared off large New York banks. Trump’s company borrowed billions of dollars from the German bank over the years.In May, five Democratic members of the House of Representatives sent a letter to Deutsche Bank CEO John Cryan asking the bank to turn in any records relating to Trump’s accounts and any ties to Russia. The bank refused, saying it had to respect legal requirements to keep client data private.James, a Democrat newly elected to office, pledged to look into Trump’s business practices, saying after her victory last November that she’d be “shining a bright light into every dark corner of his real estate dealings and every dealing.”Trump has complained that James is waging a politically motivated vendetta against him. Her office is also overseeing a lawsuit against a Trump charitable foundation. James’ predecessors sued Trump over the operations of Trump University, his real estate school.Previously, a different New York state agency, which regulates insurance companies, launched an inquiry into Cohen’s allegations that Trump also misled insurance companies about his financial worth.Trump has said Cohen is lying to try to get out of a prison sentence for tax evasion, campaign finance violations, making false statements to banks and lying to Congress.__Follow Michael Sisak at read more

Cards Earn NFHCA National Academic Team Honors

first_imgThe Cards posted a 3.517 team GPA during the 2018 season. They posted a 13-6 overall record and finished the year ranked No. 14 in the NFHCA coaches’ poll after earning the No. 3 seed in the 2018 ACC Championship. The University of Louisville Field Hockey team was named to the 2018 ZAG Field Hockey/National Field Hockey Coaches Association National Academic Team Award list. This marks the eighth straight year Louisville has earned the honor.The Division I National Academic Team Award recognizes programs that earned a team grade-point average of 3.0 or higher during the fall semester of the 2018-19 school year.  Print Friendly Version Fans can follow Louisville Field Hockey on Twitter (@ULFieldHockey) at and on Facebook at Story Linkslast_img read more

Watch Aerobatic Helicopter Does Flips and Dives Over NYC

first_img Uber Copter Flights Are Launching in NYC Next MonthNASA’s Mars Helicopter Passes First Test Flight With Flying Colors Stay on target There’s not a lot that can shock New Yorkers, but even the city’s residents were stunned to see an upside-down helicopter flying over the Hudson River and flipping in full view of the Statue of Liberty, Battery Park and alongside the West Side Highway.As a sneak peek for the upcoming Memorial Day Bethpage Air Show, aerobatic helicopter pilot Aaron Fitzgerald performed the incredible aerial maneuvers over New York City during the early morning hours of Saturday, May 18.center_img Flying a Red Bull Helicopter, Fitzgerald — a former U.S. Army Paratrooper in the Airborne Division — flips, barrel rolls, and nose dives using a unique titanium rotor. It allows Fitzgerald to reverse the airflow through the rotor without damaging anything, ensuring he can safely execute the maneuvers.A Medal of Valor recipient, Fitzgerald joined Red Bull’s Flying Bulls aerobatics team in 2017. He has flown utility flying in mountainous terrain and offshore support, in flight test programs for NASA, and performed and filmed for over 100 films and TV shows.Aaron Fitzgerald performs a nose dive in front of the Statue of Liberty on May 18, 2019. (Photo Credit: Predrag Vuckovic / Red Bull Content Pool)The Bethpage Air Show is s staged in the airspace above and off the coast of the Jones Beach State Park in Wantagh, New York, located on Long Island. It will be held on Memorial Day weekend, May 25-26.(Photo Credit: Predrag Vuckovic / Red Bull Content Pool)More on Daredevil Pilot Lands on Wooden PierWatch: ‘Human Meteor’ Streaks Above Los Angeles During the SupermoonNASA’s Mars Helicopter Passes First Flight Test With Flying Colorslast_img read more

7 Uses of Internal Company Videos That Can Boost Productivity and Collaboration

first_img Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global 4 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. By now, most organizations have a firm grasp on how to use video to market their brand, promote their products and connect with customers. But how can businesses leverage the power of video internally?A report from Forrester Research shows that 27 percent of firms planned to launch internally-focused enterprise video in 2013, up from 21 percent in 2010. What’s more, 75 percent of respondents of a video enterprise survey conducted by my company Kaltura said they felt that the integration of video into a company’s tools (email, social business, instant messaging, etc.) would play an important role in the near future.Related: Why Businesses Are Accelerating Investment in Video CommunicationsHere are seven ways to begin using video internally to improve productivity, collaboration and communication:1. Employee onboarding and trainingAbout 64 percent of respondents of the Kaltura survey are currently using video for training and onboarding, and for good reason. Using videos during the onboarding process and to train employees on new tasks can help improve knowledge and engagement while reducing costs.About 80 percent of respondents said that using video could make the onboarding process for new employees simpler, while 87 percent stated that using video helps train employees faster and cheaper.2. Recruiting new talentUsing video to recruit new talent can make the process easier and faster for the company and job-seekers alike. Video interviews help avoid the back and forth of scheduling, as well as travel costs.Video integration can also be used as an attractive selling point for new talent. According to a survey conducted by Cisco, 87 percent of young professionals tracked to become executives said that a company’s investment in video would influence their decision when considering otherwise equal job offers.           3. Internal communicationsA majority of respondents of the Kaltura survey said that video could have a positive impact on internal communications. Using video to make announcements, promote company initiatives and other regular interactions improves relationships between employees and executives and adds personality to stiff organizations, according to 80 percent of the survey participants.As the boundaries of business shift and industries become more global, video can serve as a tool to break down communication barriers with international team members. Among aspiring executives surveyed by Cisco, 94 percent said video can help overcome language barriers.Related: Though Few Have, Now Is the Right Time to Embrace Video Earnings Calls4. Video conferencingVideo conferencing and online meetings can connect team members working from different locations more effectively than the traditional audio conference call.  This is very valuable in today’s workplace where 92 percent of millennials want to work remotely and 87 percent want to work on their own clock, per a study by oDesk.According to 82 percent of respondents from the Kaltura survey, video improves collaboration and productivity among colleagues separated by location. To that end, 76 percent of respondents agreed that video provides a close second to in-person communication, much more so than written communications.The vast majority of respondents also emphasized the value of recording live videos for subsequent viewing on demand, so that, for example, team members won’t miss important information while traveling.5. Knowledge sharingParticipants of the survey said they felt that videos were most valuable for improving knowledge sharing (95 percent of respondents!). Through video, employees can effectively share best practices and how-to tutorials. Sharing employee-generated content not only improves learning, but also boosts creativity, empowers and engages employees, and fosters stronger relationships among team members.6. Event coverageUse live video streaming of events to bring together teams working from different locations, and to build an integrated company culture. Creating an internal video news portal will also help to keep everyone in the loop and to feel connected with executives and the organization as a whole.7. Video social networkAll of the aforementioned video experiences could and should be offered within existing online environments such as corporate portals, blogs, wikis, content-management systems, learning-management systems and social-business platforms. However, 70 percent of the participants of the Kaltura survey also saw value in having a standalone video portal, which would be home for all of the live and on-demand video content that would trickle there from all other environments.Such a portal for contributing, sharing of and consuming video encourages social interaction and networking, and is not surprisingly often referred to as a “CorporateTube.”Related: 7 Mistakes That Could Turn Your Corporate Video Into a Corporate Disaster Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. December 9, 2014 Register Now »last_img read more