To solve the problem of high bounce rate website optimization scheme

four, the content of the website

some webmaster for the sake of cheap, to some unknown small space service providers to buy. Site space often maintain a maintenance from time to time, some one morning, the site will not open, causing spider user access to the site, the site of injury is great. The brain site server space equivalent to a person, the brain stops working, then you live? So, according to the owners to buy their own actual economic capacity.

a lot of Shanghai dragon to Shanghai Longfeng to website ranking, website content to the search engines do see, not to consider the user experience, and even some in order to allow faster access to website rankings, deliberately with keywords in the content, affect the user reading. The readability of the content is low, and no relevant website key words, not the user wants to see, causing the site jump out rate is very high. So, the quality of website content and user retention time, user >

site layout design

as everyone knows, before love Shanghai CEO Robin Li said to love Shanghai to the user experience in the first place, user experience good site ranking priority. Before a dragon Shanghai friend told me that their company website one day into the home, not happy two days ranking fell down, this is why? Later, according to the data analysis, the website is because the bounce rate is too high, the average monthly website bounce rate as high as 78%, equivalent to 10 per person in the website, 8 of them are seconds back (10 seconds), obviously, is the content of the website is of poor quality, resulting in the rankings off. The Shanghai dragon on Optimization of solving a high bounce rate website optimization scheme.


two, pop ads too many

I have seen the play window is the largest YILIAO website, to the pop-up window let you contact him off and shut, delete and bomb, this annoying popups seriously affect the user experience of the website, even the computer speed is slightly worse, machine possibility is very large, but the industry website is to consult the expert is more direct, or close the pop-up will lose the user. There are some one to enter the site, automatically play video, will also affect the site loading, the user experience is not good, recommended users whether they choose to watch the video. The website linked to too many advertisements also affect the users to read, give a person a kind of website is very chaotic feeling, but also increase the speed of the open web site, suggesting a little unless you put some advertising, website server.

site layout design is also related to the bounce rate site, if the site layout is not reasonable, the navigation bar do not clear, and even some confusion, the flagship product information is not in an important position, the picture is not attractive, color collocation is not good, users in a short time without looking for something that will be closed web browsing a website. So the website layout clear presentation to the page design and should be objective, navigation put their main product, JS placed eye-catching pictures.

, a website space

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