When meets the grassroots webmaster brand operation company

station love flow to 94, while taking into account the whole car parking lock index is not high under the premise, the station’s natural love Shanghai traffic is pretty good. In 360, Google and Sogou search engine, find parking lock and lock key, the stations are ranked in the top page.

Below is the

in the optimization of a car parking lock website, keywords competition degree is actually small, when I check a few competitors, found that in addition to a number of manufacturers, there is actually a brand operation company. When the grassroots webmaster met a team of experienced brand operation company, the author is as follows: analysis and planning.

countermeasures: from the site design, the website is the peer competitors out of a street. The website style is simple, the focus is to highlight the brand, the site is from the structure of double navigation design, more abundant products, products and so on questions.

in the parking lock brand operators, the author think site not only the simple analysis of the data of Shanghai dragon. It should be from the design and layout of web traffic to import, word-of-mouth marketing and social marketing analysis etc..

C, Shanghai

A, Shanghai

station of Shanghai to share love for the 765 time, as shown below. From the details, the author will know and meet a very strong competitor. The most general Shanghai dragon is symbolic of the brush love Shanghai share, don’t pay too much attention to social media. From the side also see, the brand operation mechanism and better integration of network marketing.

brand operating company design simple, simple atmosphere, also in line with the high-end parking lock users of the company positioning. In fact, the company has asked people to imitate the station, but only to imitate their skins, can not afford the essence, and finally settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

home page to the navigation structure simple, GIF dynamic banner diagram, company introduction, product introduction and list of news video. From the user experience, the station provides pictures, text, video and PDF data etc.. To meet the many requirements of users. From the website optimization perspective, rich content more to cater to the taste of the search engine.

, a web site overall analysis

2, the basic data of Shanghai dragon

site of the Shanghai dragon data too much, I just here to pick out some important and representative.

1, website design and structure of

The author of the recent share loveThe The structure of the website The

station of Shanghai love chain screenshot, it can be seen from the figure of the station chain showed a steady growth trend. In addition to the Sohu on the news source of the chain, there are a lot of B2B, blog and chain classification. The breadth of the chain are relatively good.

flow of loveThe Shanghai

B, the chain


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