What are the common tools of Shanghai Dragon

webmaster tools generally need a verification authority to the website owner. Under normal circumstances are: file verification, HTML tags and CNAME verification etc.. We need only according to their own choice to choose their own way to verify. Here we are in the general file validation (Webmaster Platform to love Shanghai as an example), we only need to follow the general Webmaster Platform hints, download the file upload to the root directory of our website, to verify, through verification, we can use these tools to query the data of our website statistics:

as a qualified Shanghai Longfeng optimization practitioners, familiar with the work of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng owners used the auxiliary tools we can to some extent help us develop better. We can make Shanghai Longfeng work more time-saving and labor-saving, clear and orderly. In fact, at present there are many webmaster tools Shanghai dragon, here we only speak Shanghai Longfeng owners used the tool! Before the explanation of this lesson, I first of all, we point out that, whether we use which kinds of Shanghai Longfeng optimization tools, we queried information is just a reference, between may two Shanghai Dragon tools results in some small differences, this is normal, do not worry too much. Let’s look at the specific what Shanghai Longfeng 425kb owners used:

2: Webmaster Platform: Sogou Sogou webmaster tools are given Sitemap submission, logo, domain name, web site changes, grab the pressure feedback, dead link submission, URL submission, citation index and keyword ranking query functions.

: webmaster tools

site data: (index query, keyword analysis, flow analysis, chain management, spider pressure Beta).

two: the site outside the chain query tool

query tool through the web site outside of the chain can effectively query (especially the competitor) chain website, help us optimize more effectively.

1:Yahoo Site Explorer: we all know that the chain query work > Yahoo

site protection: (revision included protection, close protection and site safety inspection station) and other functions…………………

3:360 Webmaster Platform: 360 Webmaster Platform and more than two Webmaster Platform given function is almost the same, mainly include:

The analysis of Our

1: love Shanghai Webmaster Platform: give love Shanghai webmaster tools Sitemap submission, submission, chain site safety testing, URL optimization suggestions, love sea index query functions.

data submitted: (Sitemap, URL, Ping to submit to submit, submit, dead link invalid parameters submitted, the original included).

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