The new site of Shanghai Longfeng 13 points optimization analysis

three, logo


navigation bar

logo the code using this form a "best best, only one tag. The best logo contains three parts of website domain name, brand name, ico.



do not suggest a new chain, because the chain of Shanghai dragon effect gradually weakened, but now the value chain is more and more difficult to do, so do the work within the site chain suggest new sites. The Shanghai dragon is the direct keywords >

website has the best answers to this program, all the user may ask questions on this section, if it is better to classification.

We recommend the website chain There are a lot of new online


slogan is generally placed next to the title or logo, slogan has the best keywords, such as Sohu – China largest portal.


love picture recognition efforts to start strong, all suggest the webmaster put some original pictures on the front page, the picture should be clear, and combined with the theme of the site, the picture is not too big.

Title Description

navigation bar let users want to see content, some do not allow users to allow the user to enter the website, that tell us what are the contents of the navigation bar, do not take the name of some strange and eccentric, the product is the product of news is the news.


, a 301 redirect


Shanghai is now on the spider

four, slogan

optimization tutorial, but that are not detailed enough, I put these years to optimize new experiences to share with everyone, hope can help some owners do not understand the Shanghai dragon.

site title suggested in 2 ways, first, the 1_ 2_ 3_ website keyword keyword keyword name; second, the name of the site – site slogan (services), the words are not more than 30 Chinese characters. If you want to do the brand choice of second suggestions, if you are dependent on search engines, the proposed election first. Write a description of fluent words can describe, although not affect Shanghai Longfeng ranking, but there is a good description can attract users to access the site, but no more than 60 words Chinese characters, do not stack keywords, must be smooth and natural.

website weight is concentrated to the WWW website, which is more conducive to the website ranking. Do not know how to operate the webmaster to consult the server operator, recommended to buy relatively well-known brand service providers, such as network, Western Digital, their FTP management background general functions are complete, support 301.


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