To support the love of Shanghai mobile phone your website search engine optimization


we often go out to a customer that visit, found the address forget or you suddenly received instructions on the leadership in the subway, we often come up with a mobile phone to love Shanghai. But when we use the mobile phone to love Shanghai will often find the results after the Shanghai love you very satisfied, even if you find the product or the business address, but your mobile phone will remind you can never be normal access or not correctly browsing, so you were forced to abandon the site, looking for other help. At the same time, if the site is you, then I believe that when customers visit your website, customers will not because of your personal problems on your website for a minute, unless you fail him, perhaps it can be said on the other, but you can not deny that the mobile phone in the search time is also a great help. Don’t know whether we consider this problem, the mobile terminal platform will also be one of the best tools for website optimization, Beijing website design studio, rattan design has begun to design and optimize working on site.


see on the Internet today, a netizen posted information "love Shanghai" finally shot in the mobile Internet, I feel curious to carefully read, feel very interesting, fall in love with the sea money on mobile platform? We may now also indulge in the green era, and guess what time the arrival of 3 green, but I think we should change the idea to consider the mobile terminal technology.

2, mobile phone: since the love of Shanghai launched a mobile terminal, the future will have more users to pay attention to is to optimize the website, because only the optimization of reading a website, "

Love Shanghai to see the site keywords effect by Now ?

mobile phone to directly access the domain name address: website code needed to support the "normal browse mode, will showcase the full page to the customer, not misplaced or garbled, or your user experience will decline, finally lead to the loss of customers.

website has app application software and platform, but the platform also can not be completely transferred to the user experience of the web page. Today we want to say is not a mobile phone web independent station, nor do the website of a app client. Rattan design today want to talk to you is a smart web platform. Is the web support mobile phone access. Perhaps we will mention intelligent mobile phone now doesn’t support that? Your understanding is wrong, do not know if you love Shanghai search keywords? Then this design take their vines station to tell you.



electronic products with more and more developed, more and more mobile phone updates fast, operating system is becoming more and more popular, believe that friends will take a large screen mobile phone dangling on your side. A good assistant then we will go to consider the mobile phone is actually to optimize your

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