Site optimization should be optimized to enhance the thinking and height

second, thought content is king, the chain for emperor’s time for a change. I was also in accordance with the idea of playing the website optimization, website optimization, then the chain Commissioner trick is several. But now you look at the business chain commissioner has become extinct. The main reason from love Shanghai for the chain optimization of several algorithm adjustment, the most obvious manifestation is to reduce the weight of the chain of garbage and on the influence of the rankings, we advocate for the site to do the high quality of the chain. So, no doubt that the requirements for Shanghai dragon Er ability is improved, many will only send the low quality of the chain of Shanghai dragon Er will gradually lose market value, so the optimization of thinking we have to change, content is the core of the user experience optimization will be the main melody of the present and the day after the website optimization.


Finally, the author sum up, The

second, the creation of high-quality content for the web site. Love in Shanghai launched a lot of content optimization algorithm, Mars is the most typical, the search engine has been emphasizing the original, quality time, some copies of low quality content has become the living space is very narrow, now I found that many owners are still the creation of garbage content for the site, which is how to do? Write a lot of content for the website, but when we read the text, full text content is very boring for readers without any help, or even that there is no value. This text is original and how? Is not a form of deception, so if you hold such a perfunctory attitude to update the content for the website, I think it’s better not do.

first, the website must detailed planning before optimization. I found the site before, do not pay attention to the optimization of the site before the planning work, the general production process is the enterprise administrator directly linked network company, explains the tenet of the company and business, and then according to the details of network companies go online to find many similar mould plates, this imitation station on the line, can be said to be a " mechanically " process, but now it is different, the template standing in the moment is difficult to survive, we need to change their own optimization idea, must conduct a detailed planning in the site before, including the analysis of key words, site structure design, the details of the artist’s website after the user experience of the construction. So one of the important thinking is early for site planning is essential.

search engine optimization algorithm with engine upgrade, the optimization has also changed the way, very large as a webmaster, besides the reference to optimize the inherent pattern, but also to in the new environment, in accordance with the new requirements to the sea with website optimization, so, this time to enhance the optimization of thinking it is imperative to. Well, we analyze from the aspects of

, with the development of Web site optimization search engine optimization method are constantly changing, as a webmaster we must reflect their own optimization ideas, for >

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