Shanghai Longfeng occupation career breakthrough

then, further analysis of many Shanghai Longfeng personnel occupation mentality

Hello, I am Liang Lei. A grass root Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, this industry has played for more than two years. Touching something more messy, now looking back on a look, very puzzled. It is the Shanghai dragon can bring what give me a job. But this work has not brought me much income, I love this occupation? The future path to take? Remember when participating in the ZAC interview, there are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners asked this question: "the future of Shanghai dragon road how to go?" recall now also faces this problem, but it seems to me this job if Shanghai Longfeng can make my family, so I will still insist on. At least now I still have confidence in Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon road in Shanghai dragon is nothing more than a business or worked in Shanghai dragon.

is the main service object currently Shanghai dragon industry or small and medium-sized enterprises, so many Shanghai dragon company (in fact, the company’s main business scope is the site of Shanghai Longfeng recruitment) is responsible for the enterprise website optimization, and with the Shanghai dragon service cabbage price, plus the customer gradually to Shanghai dragon of course, many cognitive understanding and cognition, is wrong. Perhaps the ad exaggerated the role of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon’s main goal is to flow. Let’s look at the Shanghai Phoenix staff like author of the work environment, basically stay in the chain and the original level. If you are to work, I guess you have learned very little. May just feel the hair outside the chain, may be only by the supervisor to operate, not according to their own thinking to do Shanghai dragon.


has become impetuous and many of Shanghai Longfeng people’s common fault, of course I also like this, is very simple. Because we are relying on the occupation of family, the station was K is likely to be unemployed. Keyword ranking out possible >

is a small network company working environment is not big, can learn and exchange that is not much. Think about feeling like a frog, others how to do Shanghai Longfeng work environment? So long down, no wonder many new Shanghai dragon feel what I have learned, Shanghai dragon is really a no technical content of occupation. Before the author is so considered, but as long as you have more contact with some of his friends, you will have found someone outside, Knowledge is infinite. Don’t be so Shanghai dragon personnel their own environment by paralysis, especially newcomers to Shanghai dragon to know several birds. In the same environment as colleagues, you think how to break their own? From Shanghai Dragon technology, Shanghai dragon strategy, Shanghai dragon resources of the three aspects of breakthrough yourself.

first, analysis now most of Shanghai Longfeng staff working environment

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