Shanghai Longfeng optimization promotion video port into focus in the future

optimization! ! !

of course, out of love of Shanghai products, we search in some of the entertainment news, entertainment programs, in addition to the text, some video content will appear in Shanghai love home, compare the text and video content, the latter is more rich and colorful one, in Chinese faster speed today, the rapid development of block the video of the speed is not what obstacles, watching video is like watching TV programs as smooth, but also on the kind of casual look at the time, from this trend is not difficult to see, there will be more and more viewers flocked to the network, video will become an important position in Shanghai Dragon


universal player appeared again love Shanghai Nora video, familiar with the two player webmaster nature that these two tools from whom. Some people say that search engine optimization is the most difficult of the optimization of Shanghai dragon guess search tool mind, especially like love Shanghai ten days a small change rule, a modified January rules, more elusive. With the tragedy is some once Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology in the revision of rules into the clouds, if a love Shanghai mind to grasp the latest developments, search engine spiders recorded the rules, for bitter Shanghai Longfeng optimization workers is the largest gospel, however, this is not too expensive as a good voice professor Wang Feng’s words: "what is your dream!" says

video is not just a love of Shanghai, but also from the network video share rate, the love of Shanghai is not the biggest, but last year after the merger of Youku potatoes, nor the formation of a dominant form. "The second quarter" The Voice of China network broadcast copyright not on Iqiyi, nor Youku, but Zhang Zhaoyang’s Sohu took the video search video, investment of 100 million won the "The Voice of China" network copyright, Zhang Zhaoyang said that this year the Sohu video drama, drama and homemade drama together, to invest one hundred million buy "The Voice of China" as an example, has been through advertising to recover the cost, thus the video market strong profit space


will be good at analysis of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners to a series of actions in love in Shanghai, found that subtle changes, which at the same time, also need to enrich the Shanghai dragon network knowledge and experience in the promotion of the network, otherwise, little change would not aware of. Our love and Shanghai media within two years of God, let us find the master user search the core data of love in Shanghai, through a series of analysis, found that many users are keen to see the video on the Internet, hao123 also recently revised directly appear in the home video content, from Iqiyi, Nora, Shanghai love video…… Love Shanghai is quietly expanding its influence in the field of video, and gradually increase the intensity of visible, online video users in a large proportion of Internet users, and these users increased year by year in

waves in the video market surging competition, the ultimate goal is to win customers, and then profit from. So, Shanghai dragon optimization promotion should be carried out from what? Video to teach.

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