Shanghai Longfeng thinking theory and Application

Yang Xiong said: This is insignificant skill ear, not as strong husband! Shanghai dragon is the same reason, the real marketing experts, operation, master the real entrepreneurs are just the Shanghai dragon as a method and means, Shanghai dragon just for website promotion service in one. Don’t forget the meaning of Shanghai Dragon: website promotion method. "What is the definition of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon? "Inside said, Shanghai dragon is search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization, referred to as the Shanghai dragon)". Refers to the search engine ranking rules and rules, to optimize the site to improve the site in the search engine rankings.

time gone for ever, 2011 yesterday bid farewell to the US, and is a mediocre one year ah, always look back, what was not worth summary. Today is the first day of 2012, hope 2012 can do something meaningful, and I wish all my friends: happy new year, happy

what time you met Ma Yun, Zhang Zhaoyang, Robin Li, Ma Huateng every day of Shanghai dragon skills? Why don’t they study? Because they don’t need to, as long as they can grasp the direction, know the purpose of your site, know the website user demand, then know how to go to the site to meet the needs of users, then a lot of money you can. As for the promotion, publicity and service optimization, these things nature has specific technical and marketing personnel to do. The ancients said: in the twinkling of an eye chaos in Shandong, Liu had not read! Really do great things people are not alone on the details of the drilling, they do the market, is the trend of the times, is the direction and goals.

!As long as

I think it is into the Shanghai dragon learning misunderstanding, to learn and learn Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, like the ancients said the death of reading, reading books dead, ignoring the learning purpose, do not know what finally became Shanghai dragon slave. Read 10000 books is, at ten thousand Shanghai dragon card, rather to do a station. Only you know yourself to be a station, the site before the establishment of the need of planning and preparation, website operation process and details, website profit method, website promotion problems, you will know the use of Shanghai dragon is website promotion, you will have to Shanghai of course and experience of the new dragon understand, but that is the accumulation of experience, must understand the purpose of learning before the key is started to learn Shanghai Longfeng, and not only know the discourse study.

now online and the website of the people, talk Shanghai dragon, motionless on the cheats, the Scriptures, but Madman of Chu found a lot of people learn more and more confused, A the teacher is talking about this, experts say the B is that, two people say there is contradiction, in the end who listen to the? So to continue to look for the apprentice, Shanghai dragon, immersed in study, notes a big, still confused people.

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