The enterprise website optimization Shanghai + Shanghai dragon dragon diagnosis fine-tuning

: the first web content

enterprise website design is the second big headache, because people do a large gap between the level of enterprise website design, very soon, even a lot of people do as long as you know how to modify the template on the line. The author also made before the enterprise website, so know a lot about this. This leads to a lot of enterprises station code is not standard, such as URL, do not use a lot of standard form and so on, and for an ordinary Shanghai Longfeng staff, the code is a big problem. Shanghai Longfeng personnel so do the enterprise website optimization best will modify the HTML+CSS, pay attention to the use of bread crumbs, H1 tag.

as the name suggests, Shanghai dragon is fine-tuning in the process of optimizing fine-tuning of some optimization details, such as updating frequency of website source code and content adjustment, need to pay attention to is the Shanghai dragon to control the magnitude of fine-tuning. Take the enterprise website optimization for it, what should we do before the Shanghai dragon tune? Yes, we have to first analyze the basic situation of the enterprise website, which is Shanghai dragon diagnosis. About Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, now we are not unfamiliar. The enterprise website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis is not complicated, the main aspects to consider.

fine tune?

Shanghai dragon friends believe will encounter this kind of situation: optimizing a website, whether it is from the chain and content has done very well, the chain of steady growth, the content is basically the original. But the ranking is not a breakthrough, always in a narrow range, is also encountered a bottleneck in the process of optimizing. How to break this bottleneck? This question we must consider, because this situation is very common. Mechanical chain, update the article, seems to have been unable to break this bottleneck, so we need to fine tune what is Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon

to the chain of a web site a comprehensive analysis, mainly from the number of the chain, the quality of the chain, the chain type, the chain growth rate of this several aspects to consider. We all know that the chain is the pursuit of the correlation and universality, secondly is the chain of survival period. The chain type also determines the quality of the chain, for example: text links life cycle is relatively long, but need the original soft soft link. In the chain of each type and each has advantages and disadvantages, see you.

second: website design

third: the construction of the chain

the problem of enterprise web content a commonplace talk of an old scholar, indeed a headache for many industries, business news is very small, the product is not much. Then the site there is no update, from the 628 Shanghai massacre of love. The content of the website should pay more attention to the quality, rather than quantity, in order to point to add a lot of low quality of the included content, it is obvious that The loss outweighs the gain.. It should be more products using methods like the article personal feeling of enterprise website, whether it is included in the user experience or website, are much better than the enterprise news.

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