Liu Shanghai Dragon a week to recover the K website with violence

mixed connection. Plainly, in addition we do the optimization of the site URL is fixed, any other connection address, all connection address disrupted in any blog, forum, classified information, station group, the cause of these things is not a person or a company responsible for the maintenance and optimization. For example, you can go to the Sina blog collection release your sent messages to other Forum blog information classification information station group information, this is the first step of mixing is your a station not only on the B station to put all of the content of the site. For example, a blog plus A with B, and then add a sina page. Let the information released by the random chain wheel, do not order links, search engine to avoid fiddling.

first, the website is the cause of the K analysis. Www.917cl贵族宝贝 the station love Shanghai outside the chain of a large number of blog links should be a blog group, I said to my cousin, really is. Done a lot of blog group, stop suddenly, cause love Shanghai found that the site is abnormal, Shuntengmogua, found the site to do a lot of black hat, directly drop right K off.

A call

it is a case of the K, if the site is K how to solve? Liu gives the following scheme, suitable for any reason the site was K, called hybrid cross links to violence with violence.

today received a cousin, said the website was in love with the sea down to K home page, has a month or no response, and asked me how to get. I looked at the site, love Shanghai snapshot of April 27th, which included 1 papers, 1000 backlinks, and Google included 3740 articles compared is really a heaven in an underground. In view of the fact that many people have a clue to the site was K, so do the following tutorial, for everyone to share.

is a high power hybrid cross site blog to do cross (six days before the do two days before the blog), here is that a group of stations, all stations are more drops, so in the cross to the attention of a very important issue, every separate blog two days before, not two of your own site, only to do cross cross blog, instead of the site to do cross, I explained why not use the site to do cross, if the site to do cross it, it’s easy to die, some words except 80% stations. The word will be because of a number of separate blog sites of similar words appear to multiple cases caused by group k >

Step one:

. Step one release of history is very important, the remaining two days just toss post history, connect the history, how a toss method? Re registration steps 15 times more than the blog group, released the historical link with a post published step, into the anchor text form, and then after two it depends on the classification of information and other things on forum 4 days before the record, do not think of even more round, can not find the law better, as far as possible randomization.

Step two: cross link

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