On a single page website content included low causes and coping strategies

the road of innovation, the author thinks that we should start from the content of the site included, many people may ask, single page website on a page, and you can add more content information? I will tell you, bound by the term that you have the sheet page website, although it is a single page website we can also increase, to achieve the content through the implantation of a new template, so as to enrich the website channel, let website become more true to life! The specific content increased, the author from the following three aspects to do

but it is obviously passive, now many site program, to comment on this piece is very strong, the function is quite comprehensive, for those malicious brush poor, can find traces, so as to effectively avoid, you can solve the problem, and for normal bad review, the it means that they should do a good job of products and services, has certain effect and brand effect of the product sales.


two: to increase the single page website comments

now the vast majority of single page websites do not add comments and comments related to plate, plate often is to extend the website operation time, many users continue to pile up the content, so add comment section is included to enhance the effective website content, after adding the comments section, may be a lot of single page website not hurt because of fear, web products, poor effect of constant complaints from users, or because of fear of competitors through the brush poor means to weaken their competitiveness, so a lot of single page website so close the website

a lot of single page website basically describes the effect of the product, as well as a variety of certification authority, and what the authorization information and so on, but after all the information quantity is less, to increase a little help website included, so we need the extension of these contents, such as we are selling slimming products, then they have to produce these weight loss the products of our company are introduced in detail, and then according to the authoritative department authorization are introduced, and according to these products, daily updates, of course, these can be soft diet knowledge, can also be extended through continuous extension of slimming products! On product attributes and related keywords, can quickly increase the content of the web site.

for the content of the product extension !

is now a lot of profits products website, using a single page website operation strategy, the construction of the website is very simple, reproducible strong function, less investment and other characteristics, in the Internet once filled the entire space, as long as the relevant single product keywords love Shanghai home, are able to see the single page website figure, but the time to in 2012, a single page website that seems to run not awesome, many single page website have been closed down, which indicates that there has been a single page, the outbreak of the number of defects is extremely low, so now want to run a single page website like this, will not be able to go back, should take the road of innovation!


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