On the effect of site template and static of the Shanghai Dragon

said the website optimization, Shanghai dragon, many people think of is the chain construction, content construction factors and so on, still remain in the chain in the emperor king on the concept of chain optimization. As everyone knows, website templates and static website optimization is the latest to consider. Then the static website templates and how to influence Shanghai dragon, sharing optimization experience below I website from the lottery betting software products with you, how from the website template and the two aspects of static website optimization.


1, ZhengZhan template style

2, the static

spider friendly degree of Flash is not very good, so we need to improve on the Flash proper. The picture is too much, will affect the site loading speed, thus affecting the spider crawling, reduce the search engine friendly, so we need the appropriate Shanghai dragon image compression. Optimization in the lottery betting software website, I deeply appreciate the Shanghai dragon is a very complex, in the skill very demanding occupation.

So choose a good >

the Internet is a exquisite resource sharing platform, website template style similarity is very high on the Internet, how do I get the lottery software www.7ien.net sites and other website template cookie cutter style compared to highlight the characteristics of the one and only enterprise stand style, this is my key consideration in the construction site. Although I do not have the ability to design a professional website, but I was in the revision of Web site on my own, which makes good use of their website, to give prominence to the characteristics of their own enterprises, let website and spider crawling more smoothly.

we all know website optimization popular keywords competitiveness is very large, it is difficult to have good rankings. As I do lottery software like word, it is very difficult to make up the ranking website. This hot words are mostly large software download ranking occupy. How to put the hot word ranking optimization. It can not only consider the content of the website, the chain of traditional optimization methods such as ranking, ZhengZhan template style of the site also has a great influence. The designer will not take into account the website search engine optimization problems, programmers do not consider program optimization problem, then we need to do a simple adjustment to optimize the workers on site template style.

my main website optimization experience is for the enterprise products on the website, some information station optimization idea is how, because there is no experience here I will not talk much about it. Enterprise site is the biggest characteristic of the website content is small, less, take my lottery software site, website content is less, the general update some news. Some Shanghai dragon ER is relatively rigid, only the dynamic news release, it is the enterprise’s own function. If there is no good weight, included is very slow. There is a part of Shanghai dragon ER love HTML page to update the article, purely manual updates, affecting the efficiency, the impact of the customer to get ranked effect time.

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