Love is sugar coated bullet suspected abnormal Shanghai algorithm

second: in response to the 360, to retain the hearts of the enterprise

Hello, I am Liang Lei. In recent days the love of Shanghai is not normal, not normal love Shanghai everybody has been used, but the algorithm does make people very surprise, before the audit of the new 1 months in general, new home page was collected, need to wait to release the inside pages about half a month, as to what rank most of the 100, there are a few cases, optimized to do better, keywords competition for small words will give you up to dozens, and now many new sites are just on the line can be released inside pages, and keywords ranking is wrong." The following is an example of the author:

: a keyword ranking

the first point: the maintenance of love Shanghai’s core interests

: a collection of historical data



analysis of figure and figure two, you will find that the author of the new station included began from November 22nd, and just released the inside pages, not like before the first home page, and then check for a period of time to release the inside page. Of course, this is also the content of the web site and other factors, the most surprising is that just a few days on the release of keywords ranking, keyword ranking is part of the first three pages, maybe you will say this is your keyword competition is very small, but rarely before this happens, the pen in the QQ group also this is a common phenomenon that recently. So most of Er are discussed in the Shanghai dragon love Haifa crazy, but if really so that we happy dead. But consider this: love Shanghai so big hearted, why the enterprise stand so generous? This compared with the previous gap to great. Personal feeling love Shanghai in Shanghai dragon er who played "sugar coated bullet", this is to comfort those who before the K enterprise station. That is to say it is a "sugar coated bullet", there are three reasons:

loves Shanghai nature is the core interests of small and medium-sized enterprises bidding, the auction is the core interests of Shanghai love love Shanghai, love Shanghai’s biggest customer is the small and medium-sized enterprises, there are not so many small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai for Shanghai by sex, love what earn more money? In other words, only those small and medium sized enterprises God is love Shanghai. Just imagine, now there are a lot of enterprises have not had sex in Shanghai station competition, there are many websites do not Shanghai Longfeng optimization, and those who haven’t had sex in Shanghai auction business station can be seen as potential customers love Shanghai, but Shanghai has a lot of love K enterprise station, who are K of the station to find people or enterprises do Shanghai dragon, or directly select the sex Shanghai auction.

Figure two

love Shanghai why the recent moves frequently, and is busy upgrading all kinds of webmaster tools, and is busy with revision. One is to deal with 3>


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