Passive and active chain chain

in fact, even if you add in the article URL can also, because many pirates don’t take the time to look, they just copy, and then add their own URL, ten acquisition of them, at least to stay two to three links, this is enough.

first explain the chain and the chain of active passive meaning, it is a way of thinking myself, actually does not have these two definitions of active and passive chain chain, but this is a concept I. We often go the way of the chain is nothing more than a few channels, or blog reply message, or forum text and signature, or purchase link, or exchange Links, or what kind of way, belong to passive link for us, we need to do the chain.

as a webmaster if you discover a kind of phenomenon, there are some articles to be crazy reproduced, appears to be a normal for reprint, reproduced, also carried out simple modifications to the text, and add their own links, but this still left traces of the original, with the the stolen version constantly reproduced, what we are not doing, but gets a lot of the chain, and the chain of all people take the initiative to help us promote our own, do not waste a minute of time to achieve very good results.

in the hair of the chain on the issue, we must use their own thinking, not stubbornly stick to conventions, and compared to other webmaster, you do not have the resources, website is also not popular, and not to exchange Links, want to get outside the chain is very difficult, so we must take the initiative to break through. In the Fifth Day War I movie station, some people continue to collect the website of the plot of a film, but I was unable to stop, then simply counted, do a little of each plot, we might as well try it this way.

if I add the bread in the web site www.mianbaoju贵族宝贝, it is easy to be removed because of piracy, piracy is sensitive to a URL article, but if we add "bread" network, can not easily be found, with more and more articles have been reproduced, someone must go to search for "bread" come to your website, bring traffic to the site, this is a kind of curve type propaganda. As long as we write a little snack, will be able to confuse piracy and acquisition, so that they become our propaganda tool.

if we write a original articles published in his blog, certainly some people will stare at your article, this is no doubt, unless you are not a popular blog. When someone looks at your post, you will begin to pirated articles, modify the false original article, then go to all kinds of BBS to publicity, with soft Wen to promote your website. As long as we in writing, adding some copyright information, others will take the initiative to help us to do publicity, but do not show too obvious trace.

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