What is love Shanghai for promotion effect or promotion effect of Shanghai Dragon

keyword is 3, does not limit the number, in the background can be set free promotion Keywords, the number of their control.

The We discuss

3, malicious click our promotion personnel to understand, more than half of the basic auction advertising click are peers and some do sales people consume. But Shanghai dragon ranking is the natural ranking optimization.

is just entering the network marketing industry veteran and rookie, can senior green giant network marketing planning company to communicate and exchange today, is really very honored.

then Shanghai dragon and bidding promotion from where? Green giant network company manager Sun gave a detailed explanation.

2, regardless of the degree of difficulty, no matter how popular keywords, as long as we want to do, can enter the top two or three, or even the first row.

Compared to the

on PPC promotion fell in love with the sea and Shanghai Phoenix website do long-term promotion, which would be better?

Shanghai: love the cost of bidding high cost

2, the coverage of Shanghai Longfeng promotion is for the most professional search engine, our website is not only in Shanghai, Google rankings above. At this time that the major search engines will also enhance our website ranking. Love Shanghai for promotion to achieve this effect must sign the contract and love Shanghai search engine, which is a huge increase in cost.

1, unpredictable, and after Shanghai dragon website ranking optimization is to improve, as long as we continue to increase the promotion personnel quality backlinks number and content update and maintenance, so we left ranking will continue to maintain or even enhance.

4, budget control — love Shanghai for advertising can set up daily advertising budget, the budget we >

love Shanghai PPC advantage:

Shanghai dragon love Shanghai for promotion of the advantages:


1, quick charge money after you can set the price of keywords, we can immediately enter the love of Shanghai top ten position, can be their own control. According to the key words bid to adjust;

According to

as a member of a small business, simply do not know what is the Shanghai dragon, in my concept of inside money make for promotion effect is fast, and the love inside Shanghai and customer service for you. Today, the green giant network marketing planning company, the manager let me know what is called the Shanghai dragon. Shanghai is also called the Dragon website optimization, popular talk is your website appeared in major search engines (like Google, love Shanghai, Youdao, Tencent soso, Bing, etc…. As you go to Shanghai in search of love) "Hulk network marketing plan" of the word, in front of the row is the company’s website, in a word, Shanghai dragon is your site has been ranked in the love of Shanghai, Google and other search engines.

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