The search engine also has a role in promoting the awareness on the website optimization

keyword is a website, locate a keyword will set a good website, then your website structure, website content and keywords planning should be based on this focus, let search engines know you are professional. Whether it is the purpose of keywords or long tail keywords, it is very important to bring a large number of keywords; Web site traffic, and the long tail keywords is essential to the survival of a web site, a combination of both, can bring vitality to the ancient site.

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we all know, made important elements of good search engine rankings are: website construction, website content, keyword density, anchor text and user experience. These are the fundamental aspects of search engine identification website, users also distinguish several key sites, that is to say each link of website, we have to treat me like a child at the site. Several factors mentioned above, is the site of the weight, as long as this is done, the search engine will give you a high weight.

stage is the largest civilian network search engine, for me, every day the number of open love Shanghai is not less than 50 times the number of Google is not less than 10 times (this is also in accordance with the people’s habits, the love of Shanghai’s market share reached 76.8%, after Google out of the mainland since the market share dropped sharply to around 10% today) I have reason to believe that there is a large part of the Internet and I like using the search engine has become one of the habits of Internet users on the Internet to do things. The search engine awareness also has positive effect on site optimization, the large flow of local websites from search engines, so, how to make good use of this platform to Shanghai dragon ER, the most important is to understand the relevant circumstances of the search engine, it can make the site visits gradually increased. Only said that the flow of the three Shanghai dragon talent only know the chain, the second Shanghai dragon talent thought content, first-class talents on Shanghai Longfeng explore user effort. Just know how to do the chain to complete a keyword, it is not possible to obtain a great victory, as long as the understanding of the search engine, so that it may enhance the quality of the website as a whole.

search engine to determine whether a page is ultimately the central is the web page of Title, you only need to "Title, then the search engine on the understanding of this page. The content of the page, not only to the user, but also to the search engine, try to put your keywords and content integration, the principle of choosing keywords on the left. When necessary, the keyword or add links to optimize [Key words illustrate the keywords in HTML tags in the writing.


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both external links or internal links to the website ranking is very important, the chain.

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