What are the love Shanghai snapshot not update solving skills


B: website title. Why the website title will affect the snapshot? That often change the title will affect a trust search engine for you, as you often change the name, that you are not a trustworthy person than people will, the title is the same, you often change the title, the search engine will think of your site trust, it will lead to your site into a review period, not update, look after you have finished what problem. A check for you. It will cause you to stay in a certain time snapshot not update.

the first question: high weight snapshot must update

second: updated snapshot must update

search to your website, what is the cause of your website snapshot not update

this is my two question here to give you answers, please keep it, you get to the end of this article you will know the answers to these two questions.

A: server stability. If your server is not stable, will lead you to the snapshot not update. Your site is not normal to the spider crawling on your page, this is also a page updated snapshot of a factor.

now has two questions I need to ask you.

The regular

then we first look at the factors which influence the

C: layout >

? snapshot?

Hello, today to share a love of Shanghai: not updated snapshot solving skills. I hope to give everyone a little help. Then I will love Shanghai not updated snapshot solving skills and give you a detailed explanation. Love Shanghai snapshot of this problem believe that every webmaster are very concerned, even sometimes plagued by many webmaster friends. Why stop at that position and snapshot not update? Some webmaster friends will be the question. I believe you after reading this article you will understand. I believe you after reading this article you love Shanghai snapshot will have a re understanding.


said the first point is a site weight. High weight snapshot must update fast? This problem is easier to answer is: not necessarily. Because there are many factors affecting the snapshot. Just a bit of website weight. Why does the website weight will affect the snapshot? Because the search engine information search there are two forms of it. The first is a regular search. That is according to a website rank to search. If your site grade he would regularly on your site search. The other one is to follow the search. It is said that joining some links in other websites on your site, it will follow you this link, in two weeks to a period of time, to crawl your site. It is sent to the site high weight spider is probably two times a day, there may be ten times a day. It would be a long time before.

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