The real technology Shanghai Longfeng is actually a good state of mind

can let the site included, "weights and promotion in Shanghai, Google keywords ranking

for the preliminary Shanghai dragon really have a complicated attitude to learning, so it is Shanghai dragon what? Here to have a massive group of Webmaster Station he might think that Shanghai dragon is a very annoying industry, and experienced technicians and has a very unique insights into the Shanghai dragon they generally do not understand this, because they are accustomed to, think Shanghai dragon is actually very simple, the key is to see how their own state of mind, dare to practice the process step by step.

This is my

two): Shanghai dragon

The new ? ? original, update the chain, right

new 10 why

four): write written what the best

To solve the problem of

to update the original, and published Links

what role?Answer:

‘s ten years of experience, because there are thousands of Chinese webmaster you can go beyond one of the two three four? So, if you want to progress, then why not to learn from your competitors and friends, learn it, that each have a progress space. And don’t be afraid to find friends in Shanghai Dragon technology to facilitate the why, Adsense BBS, A5 has tens of thousands of members of technology for you to solve the problem, as long as they are willing to learn, to practice, that sooner or later, your diligent hands bring love Shanghai and Google ranked first in glory for you.


attitude you will succeed

answer: Shanghai dragon is the user experience and content, within the chain, static pages, the chain combination.

industry has strong readability, eye-catching title, innovation is the best bid >

): what is the Shanghai dragon

Shanghai dragon ultimately is a special technique, but patience and perseverance, as long as the two then your website ranking up must be stable, just remember not to change the page content, not to change the title, change the server does not frequent, usually a few days, so they are not affected by the special problem of ranking big. In addition, in the construction site at the same time we must choose the static web page, HTM or HTML, it is not possible to love Shanghai included pseudo static, dynamic web page has a certain bias, so in order to better included in our site at the same time you should pay attention to the details.


because of the time, I only do 10 answers here, do some 98% new questions I believe for the novice is enough.

website not included?Answer: love



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