According to the different search engine optimization of Shanghai Dragon

3. website content and chain


there are often some students will ask the different search engine optimization work Shanghai Longfeng what is different? In fact, the principle of search engine is the same, then our Shanghai dragon optimization method are the same, just some small details were different. Before a few years ago, the author has done the testing phase, according to the different search engines use different sites and different optimization techniques to operate, such as the Google search engine, will make a special website, to cater to Google’s algorithm. In addition to doing a website dedicated to cater to love Shanghai algorithm, it is behind the test results, the search engine algorithms are almost similar, the ranking algorithm is also more and more similar, so we do not need to take a different search engine optimization techniques in Shanghai Longfeng different. I come from the practice of the conclusion is that as long as the fundamental principle to seize the Shanghai dragon, do website optimization, so our website in any search engine will have good rankings, the gap between the various search engines will not be too big.

The difference of

When fluctuating

for external links the site to compare the value of Google, for the internal elements of the site is not very sensitive, usually ranking in front of the Google website, external links are more, the quality is good.

The weight distribution difference between included in

love Shanghai above is sharply change radically, however, Google is progressive mode, the website ranking will not change radically, will steadily rise or fall, love Shanghai rankings may vanish overnight, Google generally will not happen unless your website cheating is very serious.


4. ranking fluctuations between

Shanghai is the opposite of love, love of Shanghai is paid attention to the quality of internal content of the site, with a good high quality content sites, it is the love website for many external links, and not very concerned about.

Google search engine is more easily included in the new site, only the site has some external links, spiders can crawl included in your site, but Google is a sandbox, included threshold is low, but it is not easy to get good rankings. Love Shanghai, but on the contrary, included more difficult, but the collection will be easier to get good rankings, so the website optimization included before Shanghai optimization is especially important for love.

love for Shanghai to the first page of the weight is relatively high, but Google for all the pages are equal, whether the home page or inside pages, as long as you good optimization, can get good rankings. In Shanghai love above want to get good rankings, usually need to optimize the home page.



two search engines such as the big love Shanghai and Google, they have what difference?

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