At this stage the Shanghai dragon how to do

first, Links website must have, hoping to obtain.

believes that now Shanghai dragon er the most headaches than the construction of the chain, the chain construction method of love Shanghai, found that basically is that several friends of the chain, Shanghai love products, blog, B2B, information classification, soft wen. Time before the chain for emperor. These methods are really good. The effect is obvious. But now love Shanghai for a variety of chain hit the weight the chain has accounted for very little, so now the Shanghai dragon Er how to get good rankings? I have little talent and less learning, a brief description of your own point of view.

optimization basically is love Shanghai optimization, after all the love Shanghai accounted for 80% of the search engine market share in Shanghai love scene play, must comply with the rules of the people. Love Shanghai webmaster tools has played a very good guide, I do website optimization first step first love love Shanghai Webmaster Tools verify the site, and then tested the page optimization suggestion. Basically is CSS, with JS code, Frame information detection, remove the wrong connection, with the same resources, picture Alt information detection problem. The site some of the standard of the URL, H1, H2 tags, keywords layout of all these problems to deal with. The internal structure optimization is put in place to deal with these details.

first say that the chain to the best of my knowledge, the chain is a double-edged sword, with the right to the website will bring good rankings and flow. But if the method or way is wrong, that is equivalent to their site buried a time bomb, one day suddenly found the site is K or drop right, what you didn’t do illegal things, you must have a long time accumulation of garbage outside the chain of results. But the chain of garbage criteria that link does not produce drainage effect belong to the chain of garbage. In other words, as long as you send the chain can not be seen by the user, even after seeing no drainage effect, the love of Shanghai will think this URL does not have any value, OK, he would think you this is rubbish. Of course, love Shanghai and do not say what he judged the chain of garbage, this is my definition of the chain of garbage! So how to build a high quality of the chain?

website article try to original, like our studio has a special network of editors, so good to be able to grasp the key layout. If no experience do, then do the pseudo original. Don’t just simply change the name check. A month before the best to keep updated daily, the number from three to five. At the same time in the title of the article selected by long tail words, the internal links should also be good. This before with a good website structure, and high quality of the article, so your website can easily go.

1. websiteWe are now doing

internal structure optimization of The quality of


3. on the chain

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