Grassroots webmaster answer for you do outside the chain of micro-blog Tencent

Hello, my experience is the portal webmaster, it is my pleasure to share this article in A5 to everyone, hoping to help some friends do Shanghai dragon, the origin of my essay is to see A5 there was an article about old Adsense how you use micro-blog Tencent to do the chain after seeing this article is to analyze whether the chain operation of micro-blog Tencent. Here entered



the history of micro-blog, we can not talk about, we can test whether today is mainly to increase the chain for the website, through the old webmaster teach you how to use the Tencent micro-blog to do outside the chain of this article, we want to know the result, I read it and immediately to check the old webmaster said is correct, because very early before you have friends to share with this method, but the Shanghai dragon is useful? We can see his pictures, as follows:

in the chain, the old owners say it like you can do Oh, oh, if you are careful will take two pictures to compare, from the comparison we can see that this picture is my hair, not his when included in the time. No no. 30. Many are not, I this picture only seven records, we can use this seven records, only six is his, so we can see the included time, last year, this year is also the latest in August 17th, none of the above share the map in August 30th, and a few hours of recording time, can these comparisons, we have to understand, even if the Tencent micro-blog included, but will be off to love Shanghai.

We can see from figure

we as Shanghai dragon staff, is careful to analyze, do not know how to analysis, learn to endure loneliness. Oh, we can see from the figure, the chain of what he said, included time is August 30th, that is yesterday, you see this figure, is not very happy? Yes or no? Oh, that is the chain and the trouble of the brain’s friend, will think this method is good, we can go to the operation, ha ha, continue to look down, because some things his figure does not allow us to see, there may not be what he said. Here, the first explain, I didn’t mean to attack him, just some personal views, right is right, wrong is wrong, I do not dare to say I must be right, I just express my opinion, say it is wrong, also want you advice, You can pass me the following picture:

read the old webmaster gives six point of view, there are a few points is good, if you love, can go to check his article, here I just put some personal views published, because the website optimization, so that the chain is a lot of new friends in the pursuit of love, Shanghai LEE8 month published many posts said, now to buy links, selling links, is not right.

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