Shanghai dragon five elements of the website structure optimization do you really understand

in the broad sense, website structure mainly includes the physical structure and logical structure of the website; from the narrow concept of Web site is the directory structure and chain structure, because it involves the optimization of the site structure, here mainly from the directory structure and chain structure to explain.

recently started some webmaster asked me what is the website structure? What kind of website structure more friendly to search engine optimization? Site structure should pay attention to those aspects? I want to give you the direct case sharing station optimization, think again put this together to separate out the website structure, to optimize the the website structure, I believe that the webmaster is really just a smattering of, so this article mainly to the webmaster friends to share about the website structure optimization of the wise remark of an experienced person.

directory structure is popular in terms of website, set up the website on the server, the webmaster will find the root directory of servers will generally have a WWW folder, this is not certain, but most are so named, then according to the site planning and layout of the content will have a level the directory based on WWW to build, and each of the following directories will have specific web documents, such as: HTML, shtml, ASPX, PHP and so on, to build such a directory path is formed. URL user access, said URL address is the file storage directory path on the server from another aspect; so even for an entry-level webmaster is also very easy to understand.

mentioned the concept of the directory structure, root directory diffusion into a real file based on the directory path clear not only conducive to the webmaster to manage, the search engine is also very friendly, get it to crawl the page by crawling track a class, if you only have the website topic page a home page, a plurality of column page and extensible and the details page, then the ideal structure of URL server is in accordance with the real file storage location in the building. But often a website is not so simple, the number of sites will have some functional products to do the interaction with the user, to build through the dynamic program >

, a website structure is what?

The structure of URL

two, what kind of website structure of search engine friendly

is popular on the chain structure of the relationship between web pages and pages of the website, webmaster all know, a page in addition to the core content, especially the website homepage, column page or page list will many links, and these page links are formed within the chain structure of the entire site. What form of chain Nene structure more reasonable and more friendly to search in the next one to share the webmaster friends.



in the same block separately, so that owners can perceive web structure more clear how to go around the search engine to deploy.

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