Site navigation optimization should pay attention to

site navigation planning is the first step of site planning, is also a very important step. Site navigation is a book catalog, is the core content of the site, the first concern is the website users to enter the site when the content of. At the same time, site navigation above if included in the key words, the weights of the keywords also after the website title, description and keywords. This is to remind you: 1000 technology website navigation text not too much is clear, eye-catching, emergent focus.

site navigation is a spider crawling the page, so often, when we were in the station optimization or network promotion must pay attention to the effect, a reasonable set of navigation better let the spider in favor of our website.

site navigation display form optimization

site navigation code optimization


website breadcrumb navigation to the footprint of the way through the path of the user, rendering the web page at the location of the site structure layers of progressive method, so as to provide clear guidance for the user of the website, this website is conducive to users to understand their location, can clearly display the site of the entire directory and navigation the structure, which helps to provide the user experience of the website.


site navigation planning

3, breadcrumb navigation using


site navigation code is one of the more important position of love of spiders in Shanghai. Navigation code optimization well, will certainly make it easier for the website optimization. The application and optimization of code site navigation including the site H tags and DIV+CSS. If the site navigation only one word, the more commonly used H tags, although the weight of the H tag has not so high. But compared with other aspects of weight, the H tag set will give website optimization work to bring great help, especially H1 and H2 tags. If you have two or three navigation, and want to have some special effects. I suggest you use DIV+CSS and JS to achieve, and do not use the JAVA script or other client navigation. If you must use the JAVA script or other client navigation, you can put the static navigation text links added to the web site.

A lot of websites to

are more beautiful love show in the form of pictures, actually do from Shanghai Longfeng optimization perspective, is very wrong. Because of the love of spiders in Shanghai cannot read the picture above information, therefore, it is best to use text display site navigation.

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