Shanghai Shanghai dragon love after rectification are also difficult to usher in a bright spring


up to now, the search engine core profit model, or for promotion, including Google, Sogou search or love Shanghai, 360, is so. Moreover, the search for the business model itself is not a problem, can also help many marketing enterprises to a certain extent. At least in the search engine to find a more suitable business model, advertising model will exist in a long period of time. So, we can predict the commercial promotion information search engine will reduce, but will never disappear. We see even love the Shanghai rectification, but the flow of gold area is still a commercial promotion, and its revenue and will have less influence (DU in detail, can refer to the above "love Shanghai rectification search revenue, perhaps the result is not so"). For many companies, compared with the bidding advertising website optimization fast track, Shanghai Longfeng is just an effective supplement.

I hold a negative view of calm and


have uneven in quality optimization industry

for promotion are arbitrary flow gold region

. The change of the times, around the operating environment have changed dramatically, love Shanghai after rectification can indeed be predicted, other search engines will be active or passive follow up. But even so, even if the commercial advertising auction reduced a lot, Shanghai dragon are also difficult to usher in a bright spring.

love Shanghai rectification cheerful thing, perhaps secretly excited Shanghai dragon er. The reason is very simple, business promotion means that the position is reduced, is almost ignored users natural positions or get promoted. While it is true that the original head ten for promotion and three love Shanghai commercial advertising, ranking outside the top thirteen website optimization, again good also seldom. This article has recently seen in the media, most think love Shanghai after rectification, Shanghai dragon will usher in a rebound. But the fact is really the case?

no doubt that search engines love quality website, because the search itself does not produce content, quality content is the key to attract users. According to the official document search engine to interpret, high-quality website must have quality content (at least the Internet is hot search and love content), a large number of high-quality concrete links. This is the "content is king, link the emperor", will become the mantra why Shanghai dragon er who look up to as the standard. But you know a website is the most difficult to do is to enrich the original quality content, construction quality of the chain is also difficult. We now look at some of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners how to do the optimization? Mostly using search spiders and sorting rules loopholes, collecting, pseudo original, buy links, even brush station simulation, search for short ranking cheat. So, let the whole site optimization industry suffered losses, and once lost the trust of customers, but also makes a lot of regular optimization practitioners ". What’s more, although not in accordance with the natural ranking website optimization click billing, but regular duty > optimization

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