Shanghai Longfeng complete process is complete website optimization process

with the customer site or your site from

6, re enacting the strategy of

website optimization is including conventional title, keyword and description modify some of the labels, including structural adjustment. Here I want to say is that the internal connection is very important, of course, the content is more important. Novice don’t ignore this part.


site effect detection and flow, we may find some deficiencies, we need to the website optimization strategy has been modified to achieve better results.

when we received a website or to optimize their company website, first on the site to conduct a comprehensive understanding, including the site included, rankings, reverse link number etc.. Then make a complete diagnosis scheme according to the site’s problems.

we developed a diagnostic scheme, and then study on the site keywords and competitors. We can study the situation of competitors, understand some high ranking opponents made by what means better ranking. And then according to their own website problems, to develop a complete optimization scheme and the external connection construction scheme.

4, external construction

5, the effect of

external link building referred to as the construction of the chain, the chain construction is usually to synchronize with the website optimization. External links including Links exchange, forum signature, the third party blog, web bookmarks, love Shanghai quiz and so on, we can carry out the construction of external links according to their own needs.

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! websiteAccording to the analysis of

1, the first step is to understand the website, making diagnosis scheme

of course website of the update is in the optimization scheme, I think the site test results and flow analysis and analysis according to the re enactment of the program flow is the most important. Of course, these

monitoring and traffic analysis

Shanghai dragon also have half the time, some conclusions about the optimization of the project in the first half of this year. To tell you today that the optimization process is a complete website, namely the complete process of Shanghai dragon. Master please skip it, this article hope to help novice

2, the competitors, the scheme of

3, the station optimization

effect, usually after the completion of this station optimization of synchronization. If Shanghai Longfeng accurate testing data, we also need to rival site detection. Analysis of the source traffic is very important.

Including the website ranking, website traffic, and included, rankings, the direction of connection and increase of detection of

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