Shanghai dragon Er novice learning Shanghai Longfeng early to lay the foundation for the practice sh

as everyone knows Shanghai dragon road is not a smooth road, a lot of people at the beginning to enter this field, will often be misled by some veterans, such as the forum often see some people say that Shanghai is the content of dragon hair of the chain, the premise of this framework is good, but people just entering the industry, just parroting that would inevitably biased, I believe that a new us to enter a new field and industry systems must be used for the entire industry to learn the basic knowledge, Great oaks from little acorns grow., even a website are not very understanding of the code does not modify the webmaster, webmaster want this on the road to go further I think is wrong, learn from the exploration of Shanghai dragon to thinking to summarize the final effect of monitoring this is an organic Whole。 A complete learning experience I believe that knowledge can not be ignored. Well we gossip short continued access to today’s topic, the basic knowledge of their own experience and to share learning Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon must be familiar with the.

code, the basic cognitive ability is the foundation.

The first

website a lot of enterprises using ASP or PHP to develop their own procedures in the observation with F type structure and T type structure are shown in F type >

second, analysis of layout structure of the website.

The general structure of

has a lot of friends now think of a larger piece of open source, dedecms, WP, ZB and so on are numerous, the basic code you say necessary? Well you ask very well, according to their usual optimization problems encountered in the process and do you share, the site of several Dede ASP of course, there are PHP, as in the case of Dede, the current Taobao off the popular one, single page optimization is the most preferred guest, once the word do go up, the conversion rate is very good, of course, is a single page single page optimization based web page is a single making, including table layout, style and so on embedded css. The most basic style CSS is not very familiar with your time but at least the table layout of the most basic knowledge should be mastered. A single page you want to ask, I think my face would go. Secondly, the author maintains a lot of business enterprises to ASP station, station site for example, most of the time to call back home news code such as home news originally showed 5 now the boss makes change 8, which shows 5 pictures now to display 6, actually understand basic code students know, but in the background of the select statement calls that will change the number of very easy, imagine you do not understand this code problem directly asked the program, the programmer will laugh at you. Many companies such as my company a multitasker, program, PS, the editor is a person I do not know other people you say are you looking to go, ask the boss? So, I think this is the basic code regardless of veteran or novice to master.


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