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first of all, in the Internet, especially the mobile Internet era, the cost of food and beverage brand construction has become smaller. You see, the traditional industrial era, a brand, a company from scratch, from small to large, often need to build after ten years, decades, whether it is the world’s top 500 enterprises and domestic well-known brands, to go through such a long process of growth, but, in the Internet era, from abroad shlf1314, Facebook, and then to the domestic Alibaba, Tencent, sh419, millet, 360 and other Internet Co, and the recent rapid development of drops of travel, is in 10 years or even shorter rise time.

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then, for restaurants and entrepreneurs, what are the good opportunities for restaurant start-ups in 2016?

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traditional catering industry boss found that even the year business is good restaurant, to the end of the month, at the end of a deal that does not make money ah, or to the employee to work, or is working for the landlord, three high phenomenon gripping the food industry for a long time, and did not disappear, the cost of rent and labor costs and the cost of raw materials rising trend has not changed, after the food and beverage industry, also let a person do? It is one of the worst times, therefore, we can see that from the beginning of 2015, all appeared a large wave of catering industry closed shop tide, according to big data expert zero meal catering company statistics. North of Guangzhou Shenzhen in 2015 one of the four line of the city closed shop reached 16 million, of which Shanghai more than 60 thousand stores closed, means that taking Shanghai as an example, the average daily number of closed shop reached 350.

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but also a research report, Guangzhou Shenzhen four first-tier cities restaurant opened data reached more than 20, showed strong growth in food market overall, the catering industry overall growth of more than 10%, more detailed market research shows that the catering industry from the format to category in the structural adjustment of the rational, high-end catering to the trend of decline has slowed down, and the public catering, small and beautiful catering projects is growing rapidly, the Internet catering, catering innovation projects continue to emerge. This seems to be one of the best years, we are in a new era of transformation nodes, one does not adapt to the traditional mode in the new era has been eliminated, new opportunities for the new era of the new model, on the other hand, under the constantly being discovered by mining, showing a vibrant scene derived.

food and beverage industry is no exception, the domestic traditional food 100 most experienced more than 20 years, 30>

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for catering entrepreneurs, 2016 is the best of times, but also the worst of times, it’s up to you to judge from what point of view.

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Abstract: for catering entrepreneurs, 2016 is the best of times, but also the worst of times, entirely from what point of view you judge.

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