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long tail keywords

I believe that the webmaster friends are not unfamiliar to the website keywords, after all, we set up a website for our website to choose some appropriate keywords. But the author and some new friends, they often asked such a question: "our website should be how to choose keywords", it seems that some novice website keyword selection is not very well, so I hope here to share with you in the selection of key words some experience, I hope useful for everyone, if you feel what is good, but also hope that welcome paizhuan.

key word: a website the most important keywords, such as the core of our company website keyword is the webmaster encyclopedia, mainly for Adsense service Encyclopedia website. But a lot of new friends in the choice of keywords this ambition ha, choose some of the more popular keyword as the core keywords, such as "computer", these words of coverage, the optimization is difficult, and the front occupied by some high authority website, we can choose what brand of computer or computer maintenance "similar to this the optimization is relatively easy to point that. These words are from our own initiative to choose, basically do not need to use what tools.

related keyword is associated with the core keywords, here we can use some tools to search, such as love and love of the Shanghai Shanghai index. When our core key word set, we must also refer to the relevant keywords to choose the core keyword. Because our website must also need navigation and classification program, we can be related to key words to use to navigation or category, it can highlight related keywords, is beneficial to the optimization of search engine, improve the weight of related keywords and ranking. For example, we search "website promotion" in Shanghai, fell in love with the submarine appeared related search, such as website promotion skills, site promotion plan, these can be used as the key word to the website.

long tail theory I believe we should have heard, so here I don’t have too much to emphasize. Sometimes the long tail keywords while visiting the user may be what we really need users, so it is necessary to our website to determine some long tail keywords. What is the long tail keywords, is actually very simple, just.

, a core keyword


related keywordsKeywords

site keywords can be divided into many categories, mainly the core keywords, keywords, long tail keywords, keywords, keywords and uncommon error. In general we choose words mainly focus on the core keywords, keywords and long tail keywords, and the rest of the wrong keywords and uncommon keywords I rarely used, so the author mainly aims at the front of the three shows, the ADO, we get.


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