Live broadcast, membership, marketing…… What is the future of unfamiliar streets to make big mon

use news soft Wen promotion Taobao guest shortcomings:

1, this kind of soft Wen is usually based on news site scale, according to the article to billing, so you need to have a certain economic base station, although not the price of each soft Wen can not accept, but the long-term every day according to plan release, still need no small cost.


1, the weight value is high, basically can appear quickly in the home page, do not have to finish the website hard, do website promotion again, and consume a lot of time and energy.

Related news recommended

now the development of the search engine is a comprehensive search, careful webmaster should be found in the search for each word, in search results, in addition to a separate site, there will be a search engine news recommendation, and even the video images in various forms, sometimes take advantage of this trend can be very good to get the flow and transformation of higher quality rate. Is a kind of method of soft news site by Taobao customer said above, this method mainly depends on what There are both advantages and disadvantages., or, if it is about the short-term profit, have a certain economic capacity, can be directly considered soft, but not limited to Taobao customers, and even promote enterprise products are available >

news site due to the high weight of innate, as long as the release of the title of the article over reasonable words, usually in the search engine page is very easy, of course, his appearance is mainly related to the recommended news. Here we come to understand the use of news soft text to promote the advantages of Taobao customers:

2, in the relevant news recommendations, the consumer’s purchase has certain guidance, increase confidence, improve conversion rate.

many people know, in order to improve the site outside the chain of severe or the right method would be adopted to release the soft in the news media sites, but the news media sites are required to pay the press, such as Sina, NetEase, Chinese daily, the central broadcasting network etc.. If you want to release these soft Wen, find a special soft agent, release intermediary or studio, as long as the soft written, links no violations, pay after general through no big problem. And there is a kind of webmaster will directly use the news site soft Wen to release Taobao guest product, careful people should have found, take a look at the following picture, see how these Adsense is using news site to promote.

recently unfamiliar street Q1 earnings release, the quarter net revenue reached $50 million 900 thousand, an increase of 93%; net profit attributable to the unfamiliar street for $12 million 700 thousand, an increase of 35%, two key indicators are superior in concept stocks. I am most concerned about is the change of income structure of Unfamiliar Street: the live service in 2015 each quarter alone did not carry, Q1 reported it generated $15 million 600 thousand in revenue, total revenue accounted for 30.65%, the most powerful source of income in the major broadcast platform is still groping how to live have been realized, for Tang Yan bring real money, the predecessor of unfamiliar street scene business launch time is only half a year, the rapid progress; there is a bright spot, mobile marketing revenue of $12 million 400 thousand, an increase of 104% over the same period last year, the growth rate of only to live.

3, sh419 search news related, there is time, generally 3~4 days or so will not appear in the search rankings, and will only be retained in the news search.

however, if the calculation of mobile marketing revenue in total revenue in the proportion will find that mobile marketing is no longer unfamiliar street "chief" cash cow: 2015 Q1 to Q4, unfamiliar street mobile marketing revenue accounted for 23%, 22%, the score was 29%, 39%, and Q1 this year, mobile marketing revenue accounted for only 24.36%, this data is less than 30.65% of the live broadcast service. Mobile marketing business last year after Q4 short become unfamiliar street income boss, was soon replaced by live broadcast business. Prior to last year, Q4 accounted for the highest percentage of member reservation revenue, while in Q1 it grew slowly, with an increase of only 14%.

3, can quickly capture long tail keywords domain, involving a wide range.

in the five quarter after the listing of the unfamiliar street, street street "chief" has become a cash cow from membership marketing to live, what is it? The unfamiliar street continue to explore new business, strong plasticity, imagination, this is good; the bad side is that income structure unstable mean potential risk. BAT each company has a single stable source of revenue: sh419 and Ali are marketing revenue led, and Tencent is the game behind value-added services based, supplemented by advertising. A single stable source of income is the basic guarantee for enterprises. With blood transfusion, the new world can be safely and boldly sought.

2, sh419 search in real time, or if someone also issued a related theme in other news sites, you will be the original soft top down, or by higher weight site news instead, otherwise called news recommendation.

unfamiliar street is a natural mobile marketing platform

as we all know, the basic business model of the Internet is only two: value-added and marketing. After the advent of the content era, the user oriented charging business model is rising, so there are three basic mobile Internet model: value-added + marketing + charge.

Q1 earnings show that the number of unfamiliar street users has exceeded 200 million, MAU exceeded 70 million, is second only to Tencent’s second largest social platform. Social and marketing have close ties, foreign Facebook, Twitter, domestic Tencent, micro-blog, are relying on social characteristics become mainstream mobile marketing

what is the future cash cow of the unfamiliar street? In my opinion, the answer is: mobile marketing.

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