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for example, we opened a restaurant as a chef, so we should prepare what food? If the dishes are ready today, customers do not eat, and customer favorite dishes are basically not ready. Then I believe second days, only a few client. We do website optimization is the same. If our keywords even page layout, can not produce value to the users. So this is a failure of the station structure.

for production enterprises station home products not too much. The general user will put all the products to buy finished browsing. Take home products put less and put more refined products better, to increase the user’s click rate.

and these sketches is to meet most of the needs of users. "Epilepsy" as an example, the user search keywords, should be most concerned about the "treatment of epilepsy", followed by "epilepsy hospital", then we can put these two words as the two section of our website to set. And put in the front position. So we must according to the characteristics of their industry, according to user needs analysis, to develop a reasonable sketch template.

site structure is a core part of the authority and. Because we are in the process of optimization, structure and layout of the station, most still remain in the imitation degree, see other sites such as well, just copying the template or directly to the other templates used, rather than through their own distribution to obtain a good site structure. This is the wrong way, how a subject is widely used, is directly to search engine drop right.

page to open the general rate of more than 6 seconds on the pass, of course, each industry’s needs are not the same, which a user to a strange website of 6 seconds? Especially in the fierce competition in the industry, customers who are watching the site, you have no you are the same, in such a work efficiency evaluation to the Internet era, choose products as time consuming, it needs to prospective customers from every little bit your potential customers consider.


1) the layout of

1, set the template sketch (home page and directory page and directory) rendering home page and inside pages layout sketch

2, the content of how to fill the

site in the end to fill what? Or that we fill what is valuable? So we should how to carry the content according to the needs of users of the

then someone said, I use someone else’s template, but the content with their own. Can this be? The answer is no, because the template itself has set the page layout. Unless you modify or set, otherwise we do not recommend using. So how to set up a reasonable structure of the

set? > site navigation

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