The three step Combat teach you how to choose keywords search promotion

Key words:

Keywords: follow the principle of selection of

extended words: some words are based on core words extends from, such as synonyms, synonyms, antonyms, key combination, adjust the word order in the keywords, keywords in position before and after the increase of space, attributive auxiliary, etc..

website optimization in natural rankings, or search for the promotion of access for advertising, search engine has become one of the main positions of network marketing companies. In the search box input keywords, is the main way of Internet users to retrieve information, is the main way of the website ranking trigger. Keywords so precise selection is the first step, the search engine marketing is the key. But in reality, because many companies lack professional SEM staff, the choice of keywords or more subjective way. This is not only a waste of a lot of promotion costs, promote the conversion of the effect is greatly reduced. Through years of network marketing analysis, the pilot has the following three steps that baldgood analysis or selection of keywords, can effectively improve the effect of promoting the transformation of.

The first step of Whether it is

show rate due to man-made brush station, some of the data underlying search performance is not very objective. For example, Shanghai love index, search engine search, drop-down box and some popular words must be natural qualifying, careful analysis on.

brand word: it is company or product brands, such as some trading companies will distribution of many commodities, but the brand word is a very good choice. The brand includes its own brand, competing products brand, downstream brand friends.

keyword selection principle three, namely, the degree of competition in a suitable amount of retrieval, show the appropriate rate objective, are described as follows:

regional word: that is to increase the original keywords geographical attributes, such as "Shanghai site construction", "Shanghai company website" is regional >

is an extension word according to a word, or a few words to expand keyword relevance, generally from the following points to:

competition appropriate: any way of marketing, ROI is the primary factor, so the main index is one of the keywords competition degree 2. The fierce competition in the word, will bring increased marketing costs, but the conversion rate is not very high, recommend not overdo sth..

second step: Master keyword extension word method




: refers to the amount of search keywords have certain search to show the amount of retrieval in much of the word search optimization difficulty is too large, or the promotion of commercial bidding cost is too high. Retrieve remote too few words, or the promotion of natural ranking but no one search, less effective.

core word is a word of some of the core industries, such as pilot Bo King’s industry "network marketing" and "brand promotion", "construction site", "web design" and other words.

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