The website do not avoid frequent replacement of the site title

Oh, you don’t have to redesign the website page revision ah do not change site title, Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon training site is still not recovered so that the website is very dangerous, do not arbitrarily change, don’t let the website become the head of the Waterloo.


1. website snapshot backwards, the website will generally appear there will be site snapshot backwards without change site title then the site snapshot back will soon return to normal.

5. included crazy website after the reduction, the original station ( sites included in the 3500 revision of the website included directly but dropped to around 300 to 700 not included, extremely unstable.

4. page ranking fell after the website drop right is not only to say the KO ranking is even in the web page ranking is basically are KO.

after the frequent replacement of the site title appear the following situations and give you a warning:

fast SEM marketing team website due to following the cooperation factory installed pipeline in India to Wang Han xianlaiwushi revision, but the website is due to the network speed is too slow to upload many programs he and the Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon training just uploaded WordPress program, so the tragedy did not modify the site after revision half of the month program, site title has been "between Zhengzhou Shanghai – Shanghai – Zhengzhou dragon dragon training website promotion – Zhengzhou website optimization – SEM marketing team" and "quick quick SEM | marketing team and a WordPress blog" the two title changed frequently, the tragedy of Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon now slowly come…

The beheading of

3. website, the website is beheaded we often say is: not in the first home page, usually what weight this problem what website ranking is nonsense, the emergence of such a situation can only slowly change their website weight recovery was collected from waiting for home.

in the new implementation seconds.

2. website weight decreased after revision site weight will certainly reduce the Zhengzhou Website Optimization Website website weight in about four days the weight dropped, originally belonging to the seconds of the station now is the original love Shanghai noble baby is not included, after a half months working site

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