The essence of the new interpretation of the weights of the website and the common mistakes

new website snapshot does not represent the weight of high site, only that the site updated more frequently and regularly in a certain period of time, love the formation of Shanghai regular update habits. In fact, often encounter such a situation, many love Shanghai a few weeks or months before the site keywords ranking in the first case that this love Shanghai beyond count, snapshots are not the key factors reflect the website weight, but does not exclude the snapshot time with the website weight is very big.

, a snapshot update is high weight

produce misunderstanding

two, included more than page weight is high

website weight is very important, Dongfeng dream that Shanghai dragon really bluntly the whole process from first to last is around " to enhance the user experience of " and " enhance the website weight " two aspects, is the key to obtain weight site keywords ranking factors and the only proper course to take, so every true meaning and value owners need a profound understanding of the weights of the website. There are many on the weights of the website topics and articles on the web now, Dongfeng dream that there are many views do not know the place and one-sided understanding of misunderstanding, so at the time of writing this article I very stressful and very upset, because I can view the website weight and previous opinions have differences and conflicts, but the network I that the greatest value lies in the exchange and discussion, which is an open environment, we should view so adamant about the contention of a hundred schools of thought, confidence and courage to decide to write this article. I often buy in the Taobao platform Ali slightly chain, for judging their own opinions and views the website weight, is also one of this article to share and exchange of content. How about their website weight, believe that they know, but more often we need to know the weight of others site, such as the study of the competitors in the same industry website, especially in the purchase of the chain is usually used, following many webmaster site weight in four aspects:

website operation only included a home page, but every day can get about 8000 IP from love Shanghai, recent attention to several single page web site included is similar, one of which is the Taobao navigation station, this site is very violent and great, only included a home page, but has received dozens of target keywords and long tail keywords ranking of the top three, the order data viewing this website from Taobao special cooperation website a few minutes updates every day wow Lara order too many to count. Through these examples included less the website weight is low, also included many also does not represent the high weight, when I was in the purchase of the chain often see many types of collection sites included few tens or hundreds of thousands of pages, but the web site ALEXA ranking is included in the 8 million outside, but too much weight is too low. These sites and not from the search engine to obtain the import flow, as can be imagined this site only see included many have bought the chain, who bought who suffer, so.

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