Shanghai dragon ER combat must prevent search engine area

, a website title often changed

three, the site code is a mess, the link of


take this love Shanghai optimization tips, love Shanghai is thinking about, it can shield the search engine optimization? Of course, I’m not sure, can’t deny. It is a good thing, then a strong market, there will be loopholes, as long as there is a loophole, then use this loophole profitable industry will continue to increase. So don’t be afraid, very strong network can be absolutely not very perfect.

for Shanghai Longfeng work on the search engine algorithm is that each Shanghai dragon ER the only way which must be passed. How to study this depends on the Shanghai dragon ER itself to the search engine to understand how much of Shanghai Dragon Technology application. The algorithm is dead, thinking is alive. I believe that we have learned from a foreign media reports: pwn20wn hacking contest, break the Chrome browser, Google provides $1 million as under prize. So attracted to the numbers. Every industry has loopholes, mainly depends on people’s thinking ability, whether can be applied flexibly, and this is the most important.

is too long.

refers to the accumulation of keywords in the page of the website appears frequently too high. Don’t an article for a head out in four to five words, if this is the case, then punished likely. Now there are many pseudo forbidden words, keywords appear frequently are quite high, of course, the same words so quickly, and also to die quickly. If you are the new words, do the optimization, as far as possible don’t too obvious optimization.

search engine optimization, the less the site without the search engine spiders crawl. As some station opened the front page is the code, click on the page in the suffix a long. I took the A5 to make an example, such as: www.admin5贵族宝贝/kjd..kjd.asp… Of course I made several is such, which few companies do this web site, that I will not here show 11. This verified the static page, suitable for the optimization of Shanghai dragon said. Because it is easy to included, the spider climb not tired. In this way, the search engine will often come crawling.

we do this line of Shanghai dragon as long as do Shanghai Longfeng job, search engine box can be avoided. The following is my personal summary of the points, is mainly illustrated love Shanghai search engine taboo:

website is optimized in Shanghai Longfeng, is not completely stable, it is best not to frequent to modify the title, because it is still in love Shanghai assessment stage, you frequently modified, Shanghai love is not love, so, in going to do is to think of all these problems in the optimization of the early otherwise, once the website online, often change, which is bad for the web site.

two, website main keywords accumulation


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