Shanghai Longfeng reading website four and five do not ban

product line, and then after the revision will delete these pages on the server, this way is extremely inappropriate. If the data is not required, so not on the website display can be deleted directly on the server, no data on file! If the number is too much, it will appear a lot of problems 404. Of course, some of the page quality is very poor, and there is no ranking pages except the need to evaluate the technology of Shanghai dragon.

three: ban file delete

website simply modify the TITLE Title website, said the complex replacement procedure is also called website, sometimes the revision will not be a problem, but sometimes the revision will cause irreparable loss!


early this morning have a client site suddenly asked me: jitter window is not included, ranking also dropped, what happened? I asked her what the website recently made operation? She said: "it is a technology that dynamic link sites are not included, revise the pseudo static link! This effect also affect website ranking?" originally after Shanghai dragon has produced a number of diagnostic website home page ranking, multiple page ranking, after this ordeal, the home page ranking all Not the least trace was found. Today we will talk about matters, reading website, not because of a revision, and put an end to the site.

Some sites do not

has generated a ranking site, originally the site program is good, but because the individual function is not ideal to replace the enterprise website There are plenty of people who the final result basically, 99% are down the right. If it is because the program is too serious to keep up with the rhythm of aging, the need to do the replacement, replacement can not directly do the program, need a good assistant of Shanghai dragon, is strictly prohibited direct rigid

: the prohibition of free replacement program

has just said that the website ranking is good, because the replacement of links to replace lost, this site is not in the minority. URL site links are in construction time fixed, if not seriously affect the search engines, modify the ban. If you must modify, can only make adjustments to individual channels can not link URL of pages changes. Another said that the dynamic link without multiple parameters, does not affect the search engine to crawl.


first we need to understand that what is the website

website has a large part of the site is down right is sustained on the server of the website changes caused by. The modified web page, the spider crawling will the archive, if repeated changes is not need to repeatedly archive website? If related to amendments more, such as a day or more things, need to download the modified files to the local, all modifications completed, unified uploaded to the server.

two: ban URL link to modify

four: ban online change

Some sites such as the above operation!

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