Shanghai Longfeng joking it is a normal thing.

1.ZF website

Zhu Weikun?

official website, must be more awesome, their website is everything, as I am a member of GC, where I go, can hang the title to do good! At the same time, to do good with the GC party with the title, you can get the support of many people. Of course, this thing, you can refer to the "most beautiful teacher" event to see.

2. by the Shanghai dragon website

the last 628 events, so many of the original offensive Shanghai dragon friends started shelling Shanghai dragon is not a technology, because the Shanghai dragon in China has not been recognized that institutions and as an academic spread. As everyone knows, like what the program technology are to learn in school, but also professional books, teachers in the teaching, so the moment Shanghai dragon are also pushed in the teeth of the storm.

primary schoolWhen

, the Internet has a crowd to search for


‘s name is Shanghai dragon Chinese, search engine optimization. So, when we are in the rapid development of the Internet, the need to find something, search for "European Cup", then there are a lot of reports about the champions, and the more authoritative website will show more front. Then, the authority to have the following views:

, search engine, will give the authority of the bonus value. Needless to say, all know.

two, Shanghai dragon is knowledge of

although the truth is the same, but it can be seen that the importance of resources, some people say that the Internet is doing so without resources, resources people rely on what? Don’t rely on cohesion? It is more suitable for our small and medium enterprises, is the Shanghai dragon.

tell me that Zhu Weikun Shanghai Longfeng when knowledge of primary school, when you want to scold, you.


so, Zhu Weikun to talk about the views of Shanghai dragon, of course, or to the playful Shanghai Longfeng way to communicate, love can be friends with the exchange, not love friends, just awesome criticism, so as to correct. Then enter the theme, share views:

small and medium enterprises, you need the help of the people are not optimistic about the Shanghai dragon, he usually need to imitate, to go beyond them, put on the best show, go slowly, which can make a web site in home page.

2. large

The official

also has a large website, the official website, but this is state-owned and private feeling, a state-owned enterprises, private enterprises are behind. Large sites, they are linked with ZF, doing more and more of these relationships. Of course, private enterprises to grow, you need to constantly improve their own brand, let users love, which is sticky.

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