Analysis of website optimization excessive case

1, took over the site, found that the program is not suitable for SE, and all the space cannot use pseudo static and 301 Gu, I chose an open source program can generate pure static revision.

can be restored because optimization excessive punishment, the following is my operation:

2, after the template change and the home of the head, feet, and us with much home link.

through a week, the website with the appropriate recovery, basically all the keywords ranking rose 50, at present, advertising shirts in 21, T-shirt still over 100, this can not understand… We can see this website main keywords advertising.

, 4, 2 weeks plus ten Links.

website: after 2 weeks, one keyword advertising shirts to love Shanghai home, many adverbs have also to love Shanghai home. In the love of Shanghai lasted about 1 weeks, have a negative impact: all keywords are basically back 50 ranking, guaggu ranking fell to ninth.

1, continue to maintain a daily 2 to 3 copies of the articles…… are directly copying space mood log, slightly in the log with the keyword of the website. The premise is not included in the article love Shanghai.

please believe me, always only to optimize over the station, if your column page is more than 10, more than 10000 of your page, please bypass.

many people will ask, how I have excessive optimization behavior? Here is my way over optimization, we make mistakes.

2, the removal of 2 included extremely slow and just because of server failure and open the Links, also no longer actively looking for Links, people take the initiative to contact Links during the exchange, I promise 2. I Links exchange principle is: a new snapshot, can keep update.

3, the forum is too lazy to go, but no longer refuse chain or continue to send, no way, I only have this way, other water paste replies, but posted below quality sofa.

3, after the line on the website to release a large number of BBS signature of the chain, basically is the webmaster forum, no other chain channel.

in addition to the first outside, the other three are suspected of excessive optimization, then love Shanghai for punishment is in accordance with the points system, then the optimization over can also be in accordance with the points system to carry on the analysis. You have a little over optimization, then give you a, if there are 3 points will give you 3 points deducted. But if 3 is the ultimate love Shanghai’s patience, you will suffer.

today to a enterprise management station as an example, URL: 贵族宝贝[email protected]/

How The most obvious phenomenon of excessive optimization of the website

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