Another way to grab 360 search promotion love Shanghai Market

here to report about MM from the mouth of 360 search promotion, because it is from the agent know, does not guarantee that the information is true and accurate.

I put a

love Shanghai more precisely should be called love Shanghai auction, it means more money who who up at the front (of course, the new phoenix nest system has decided the price not only is the only factor to determine the ranking of the love of Shanghai promotion), apparently 360 certainly can not copy the love Shanghai, he had shown his out of the ordinary and another way, so his search promotion is such to do: at present the natural ranking of each keyword on the left side of the front of the only three promotional content, each keyword charges 18000, giving two words, is to promote enterprise, allow enterprises to choose keywords, if there are no other companies to do the word, then you can row prior to three, and then give you another two related words, the three promotion before and after the order is on a first come first on the principle, if your keywords being already Jie Prior to, so you have to replace the other word.

360 search engine service in August last year by 360, a low-key launch, the industry believes that this common in 360 as the background of the powerful Internet browser entrance will make 360 search for a good share of the search market, but also create a certain influence in the industry, such a search engine should be worthy of our attention to the webmaster a.


‘s chance to learn about some of the 360 search, I was browsing on the A5 group purchase articles, the phone rang, it is called an information technology company in Yangzhou MM phone, asked one of the original is to sell 360 search promotion. Because before we have helped a local generator manufacturing company engaged in the promotion and promotion of Shanghai dragon love Shanghai, may cause the last telephone also stay online, so MM found me, I also heard this topic to the interest, will listen to the 360 search promotion is how to operate, compared with what is the difference with the love of Shanghai.

MM mouth Zhang, called strange feel shy, after all, is not what, in order to chat to get some information from the MM. With the MM, I also did not say, here only with MM to say sorry, of course, afterwards with MM explained.

I listen to this promotion is really fresh, how many products, many enterprises, how many keywords, this cake is great, but if you can win must establish share in the 360 search market is increasing, the browser in 360 with the aid of it can still retain many users the. But here I said, this is a new way to promote the 360, but I feel a little bit cold pot hot new rice taste, after all, the way I used in a call of a multi what e-commerce platform to see, believe that intentional webmaster must know, here is not fine.

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