Shanghai Longfeng do a few months, there is no ranking site or long-term what reason

? went through channels.

a lot of friends in the optimization of the site, often from a user perspective, filling content according to user needs, according to user needs to optimize the website experience, every step of the operation is in line with the requirements of the search engine operation, yes, this case will save a lot of friends by step class mechanical operation, that is to say in the the operation is probably no problem, but there is a serious problem in the operation of the user demand went through channels, and user experience and content are not what competitive.

normally, some friends think website has been a few months, all for such a long time, even a keyword ranking did not even worry about people, think to do so much, but also hard to boil for so long, what rewards are not, even a long tail keywords is not, in this case, it is possible for love the Shanghai cycle understanding, judgment and keywords are a problem, some of my friends think that two months should be spent site assessment period, in fact, assessment period is closely related to the corresponding operation according to the keyword of the website and website, that is to say if the site once the improper operation, so a short time without timely adjustment then, the search engine will extend the corresponding assessment period, it is not only to avoid illegal operation behavior, but also remind webmaster, to do a good job To do something, rather than waiting for the.


site from a line to optimize the operation to the ranking, soon a few months later, but some friends said, the site did not rank, but also for such a long time, is very anxious, what reason is this

An important factor in the stability of the

of self media according to the following simple instructions, for reference only.

2. some friends think to buy a cheap hosting, website ranking up, traffic to buy a good host, which is consistent with a certain logic, but it may start is destined to the site is not possible to rank, you want to host the day I am afraid it is difficult to achieve.


servers also affect the site ranking, if the site in the server, the web browsing speed can also be found on the web, but each have several unstable phenomenon, is into the site timeout phenomenon, then the server is not enough.


3. server stability

1. server

long. Misjudgment server problemsThe quality of

if the server is not from the beginning, then the website will be no good, this is the webmaster in website optimization of taboo, that is just to save cost and pursue low price and choose a Cheap Host, while loading access problems need two to three seconds, then the search engines, and browse the website is unfavorable.


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