See this article for Shanghai dragon never bitter.

is also not everyone thinks the Shanghai dragon bitter force, you have to listen to the teacher, the teacher only in Zac, said Shanghai Longfeng bitter? I have not heard, truly understand the essence of the Shanghai dragon people will not feel bitter in Shanghai dragon. For example, when you do not send the chain, also can do rankings when you will feel bitter? I’m not kidding, concern WeChat: yxnsem, reply "outside the chain", I will tell you not to send the chain, do not update the real case ranking. Of course, does not rule out some expert will say Shanghai dragon bitter force, but they are more in self, not really bitter.

This picture is

I think that whatever they do, the mentality of one thing will determine success or failure. If you feel that Shanghai dragon bitter, I suggest either leaving the industry, or change your attitude. Do you love, not love not to waste their youth.

, a change of attitudeGeneral

has done a lot of things, work very hard, but the effect is not big, not approved by the leadership.

in order to understand Shanghai Longfeng, then basically every day bubble forum, encounter problems ask colleagues, also go to Taobao to buy a lot of tutorials, also bought a lot of Shanghai dragon books, and later went to participate in training. A lot of the original capital, also spent a lot of time, often stay up late at night to 1 points, each.

some time ago maxed circle of friends, there may be a lot of Shanghai dragon Er like empathy, is a true portrayal of his work. Every day the chain, pseudo original, copy and paste, by all means do rankings. Finally do go up, but also bear the worry ranking drop or K risk. Every day under pressure tired, the boss also believes that you don’t do well, think are stuck, it feels like there is no more than what Shanghai dragon bitter forced the.

I just had to enter the Shanghai dragon industry when a piece of paper, Shanghai dragon is what all don’t understand, can only start from the hair of the chain, but I am very interested in the Shanghai dragon, think this is really fun, then take the initiative to learn. Didn’t want to do this. There is no use, not bitter bitter, there is no future, only thinking about how to do a good job.

no matter what the industry, no matter what, there will be so many people think the work is very bitter. So the question is, how do the Shanghai Dragon don’t bitter? Here I talk about their own views.

said Shanghai dragon bitter man, I think most of them are in such a situation:


there is no goal, no hope, dawdle.

no matter what kind of situation, bitter attitude does not change, what I do not say you know.


: every day doing work, such as the hair of the chain, write pseudo original, for friends of the chain and so on.

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