Do network promotion is not just so simple to do Shanghai Dragon

has ranked, but now the problem is, the boss often ask why didn’t call, I really have no words to.

contact site optimization for a long time, in the Shanghai dragon in a decoration business now, I can say is the first Shanghai dragon, since then into the network optimization for network optimization in this industry, I still belong to a rise in the dish bird, Shanghai dragon basically understand also, know Shanghai dragon Er every day to do, but by optimizing the energy for the two months, I also see if you want to do network promotion not only do Shanghai Longfeng so simple, Shanghai dragon is just one of the network promotion means. Here I want to talk about my experience, hope for beginners rookie progress together.

when the boss interview is really guilty, although he did not understand, but they do not have a successful case to be able to say all this, but the interview is successful, he began to do the optimization of the corporate website, the company website do feel too lazy, the station layout is messy, can not find the theme, the code is in a complete mess. But it was the site is down right away, ranked 100 also can not find it, according to their own knowledge to analyze the reasons, and then make countermeasures, after two months of time, finally have the website ranking, although not ideal, but at least I have better.

Although The

this is the decoration of the industry competition, before dozens of pages are the main domain name, and the first page of a lot of bidding, I will make a few more stations to the boss suggested that a station group marketing, so that customers click opportunity is relatively large, the exposure rate is high, the corresponding rate of consultation will have this is the rate of consultation, be afraid of no project? But the boss didn’t listen to me, after all, as well, I care about engineering Commission, the old station a lot of things can not be changed, then do a good station, optimization, I can find a simple set of source code to build their own websites and decoration. To optimize the new station in the maintenance of the old station case, learning HTML code had at this time to use this station, now has more than two months, in the site a month has ranked two months with keywords to the home page .

a few months ago, I suddenly heard Shanghai dragon can earn money, did not know what is the Shanghai Shanghai dragon, love it, the original is "search engine optimization", at that time I did not work, then you can Study hard, because the "money", began to find their own data on the Internet, you see the tutorial, no work, no money, no to report what training system of learning, so every day in the Forum on the bubble, almost have studied for several months, and that only Shanghai Longfeng not, but also to understand some of the basic HTML code, then go to the HTML. When you feel okay, learn, want to practice. Was wondering if or not working like this in their station hand, that is not to starve to death, so he came to the decoration companies to work.

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