The new site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization should pay attention to these five questions

search engine in the climb up to take the most attention is the content of Web site content is high quality, one might think the search engine is not, how can it be my judge whether the content of high quality, although the search engine is not a person, but it is very intelligent and has its own set of rules for judging your website whether the content of high quality, the proposed site as far as possible to increase the number of original high quality content, and regular release, which is conducive to increase the site, will let the search engine spiders habit in a certain period of time often visit your site.

with the rapid development of the Internet, will set up a number of websites every day, but because the site keywords lead to some of the station made out of Shanghai Longfeng lack of knowledge of the rankings, included user experience, the effect is not ideal, today Xiaobian and share some matters when the new website has set up the need to pay attention, can to help you avoid some errors.

2, to ensure that the site of high quality

, a web site may not be all included, and although there is no clear search engine will give what level of website how many number included, but it will certainly have a general rule, don’t expect your website for each channel, each page is also included, by indexing, get good the rankings, so financial Xiaobian think you can put in the page ranking will focus on key construction.

1, URL website to have the law and stability of

some Shanghai dragon optimization staff in order to attract users to click on the title of the party will learn, write a very attractive title, but the title and content is far, this is not desirable. When writing the title must stand in the perspective of the user the user will focus on what kind of content, and then to write, such as users want to know the financial benefits of the project is how much.

3, written appeal to users of Title

for just beginning a lot of people do, because of the initial condition of the function and performance of the website are not too clear, will certainly change after, even before the site is understood after may be revised or some other changes in the operation of URL, the search engine spider climb site and record only the identification code is URL, so no matter what the situation is to ensure the stability of URL, 1, if you need revision by love Shanghai Webmaster Platform "revision tool" revision rules tell love Shanghai. 2, if the original page is no longer in use but jump to a new page by 301 redirection to do. 3, if the company is a large topic often held as a new year’s topic, you can put the filing date in previous years has no use plus or special markers, and let the thematic link unchanged, thematic content can be updated to the new, so that can keep the weight of the web page and all the pages before the work, to avoid the annual new links, and then to repeat the work before, so you can avoid a lot of useless.

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